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Are You A Fashionista? Here Are 10+ Ways You Can Make Money

Last updated 11/02/2022 by

Brandhyze Stanley
Whether it’s for shopping, seeing the world, or paying off some nagging debt — let’s face it, we could all use a little extra cash to do more of the things we want and love. Am I right?
But now with the ever-growing reach of social media, and the advancements of technology, there are more ways than ever before to allow your passion for fashion to be a solution to your need for making money. Ready to start raking it in? Here are 10 ways to take your fine tuned fashion savviness and turn it into cold hard cash:

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1. Become A Personal Shopper

When it comes to style, some people have it…and well…others wish they did and just pay someone else to help them look like it! So, if you’re that girl (or guy) who is always getting asked where you scored your latest find, then you may want to consider becoming a personal shopper (or stylist for bigger productions) for extra cash. You can start out by personal shopping for friends and family, and quickly begin to get referrals and repeat business. While it takes a little time – because sometimes the best finds require scouring multiple stores and going online to find the best deals for your clients — it’s a fun and rewarding way to make upwards of $300-$700 (depending on a client’s closet and organizational needs). Plus you get to help someone feel good by looking good.

2. Thrift And Consign

Sometimes when you go thrift shopping at those bulk-buy sales, you can find some amazing pieces for only $1 or less. But that doesn’t mean that it will fit you, or anyone you know for that matter. But it is so hard to just pass them up because of their possible income earning potential! Go ahead and snatch them up, make sure they look their best (i.e. stitch up an inconspicuous hole, remove any pilling on things like sweaters), box them up and send them to places like the luxury consignment shop, eDropoff — they will pick your box up for free if you have 10 qualifying items. From there they do all the work: take all the pictures, list the items on eBay, ship them to the winning bidder, and then mail you a check for 60% of the profits. This method can bring you a huge return on your investment if you find the right items.

3. Start An Ebay Store

Not keen on giving up any of the profits on the items you have to sell? Well, you may want to consider starting your own eBay store. While this method can definitely work, it does require a certain level of patience –- not only do you have to take well lit photos, but you also have to list detailed descriptions of each item, be available to answer prospective buyer questions, package things up nicely (after all, it’s like a brand new gift to the recipient), and mail them off in a timely fashion. But if you have some great pieces in your closet that you will simply never wear again, you can stand to make between 30-70% of what you originally paid for the item.

4. DIY And Sell Online

Are you a crafty person who is always putting your own spin on clothing or making your own jewelry and accessories? Well, after testing out your most popular (and durable) pieces on your family and friends, try taking the show on the virtual “road” and selling your goods on Etsy — a marketplace for unique goods from around the world.

5. Become A Sales Rep For A Reputable Company

Don’t have anything of your own to make or sell? Well you can always take your awesome people skills and keen fashion sense out into the world by joining the sales force of reputable companies like Stella and Dot. By hosting in-home parties and selling their amazing accessories that are known the world over (even by your favorite celebs), you can stand to make anywhere between 25-35% commission off of your sales. You can also get some amazing pieces for your own collection, for free.

6. Start A Review Site With Affiliate Links

Love to give your opinion on stuff like the latest products you’ve tried? Well, you just might make some extra dough by creating a site where you review things and get paid through affiliate links (a popular one is Amazon). Now it is important to note that compared to some of the other options listed in thi article, this option isn’t exactly an easy feat — you have to spend a great deal of time building an audience, and gaining a reputation for being honest about a product, even if said brand has given you some swag in return for your review. But with a bit of work and a lot of creativity, you can soon find your way making money in your sleep for suggesting items that you already use and love.

7. YouTube Videos And DIY’s

Creating video tutorials and posting them to YouTube is a medium that just keeps continuing to grow year after year. From her partnership with Lancome to her national commercial for YouTube, vloggers and makeup enthusiasts like Michelle Phan are continuing to show the limitless opportunities available to bloggers who possess a mega fan base (though you can make money even on a smaller scale). Starting with some pretty simple videos showing how to do basic makeup application like: overall foundation and the perfect smokey eye, Michelle has parlayed her own personal brand into one that’s estimated to be worth a million bucks — not bad for getting up and doing something she loves everyday.

8. Monetize Your Blog

Try making money off of all your hard work by monetizing your blog. Now there are several ways you can go about doing this, including:
  • Having sponsored banners (where you can make between $25 and $500/month depending upon your blogs monthly visitors). These allow a brand to upload their image to your site.
  • Implement Google AdSense into your site. AdSense is especially great if you don’t have a blog where you list affiliate links for readers to purchase items you’ve worn — it’s hands free and it affords most bloggers the opportunity to make a few hundred bucks every few months (again, depending on your traffic).

9. Turn Your Blog Into A Book

Got loads of material and even some extra to boot? Try turning your blog into a book — that’s exactly what Lesley Ware from The Creative Cookie, and Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, did. After conducting countless workshops, teaching, and working tirelessly on her blog; Lesley poured all of her creative juices into her 1st book entitled, “Sew Fab” – a guide about style and sewing for girls.
Tiffany on the other hand went the do-it-yourself route and self-published her book, “The One Week Budget” through Amazon, where she has been ranked #1 for Business & Investing. Both options are viable means of getting your work out there and making some money off of it in the process, you just have to decide which route is best for you.

10. Freelance Your Writing Expertise

Starting your own blog and creating content consistently is one of the best things you can do to establish credibility as a writer. Many of us have written papers in college, but imagine being given the opportunity to write for large publications and get paid for it. After creating a well-rounded archive of content, you can begin to put your feelers out for freelance writing opportunities. You would be surprised how many huge companies are looking for freelance writers and the pay is not too bad – usually anywhere from $50-450 per article (depending on research required and word count). Once you are in with some of these larger organizations, you never know where that may lead.

Brandhyze Stanley

Brandhyze Stanley is the chief voice of the award winning blog,; a platform designed to share with women how to live and look fabulous on a dime. A DIY girl at heart—Brandhyze has been featured on The View, The Early Show, The Today Show, InStyle Magazine, Essence Magazine, and MTVStyle. A Wilhelmina Model for over a decade, with a Business Degree from Loyola University Chicago, Brandhyze  has been a contributor for the Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, Manilla, Good Housekeeping, and Newsday Westchester, to name a few.

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