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25+ Free Spreadsheet Templates To Manage Your Daily Finances Effectively!

Last updated 03/14/2024 by

Mani Karthik
The best way to get in control of your personal finances is to keep track of them on daily basis and have all the data in front of you, to make calculated decisions. Yes, its tough. That’s why you have personal finance apps. But hey, we get it. Most of them are difficult to figure out. Sometimes, you got to go the good old way of doing it manually on spreadsheets.
Successful people always keep track of even the little expenses to manage money effectively, automated or not. If you want to do the same, and get in control of your daily finances, here are 25 Free spreadsheet templates that will help you do it.

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1. Personal Finance Template To Manage Daily Expenses

This is an easy-to-use personal finance spreadsheet, but with some categorization and summary features that will allow you understand how you spend your money. It also includes a script which can synchronize all scheduled financial transactions to a specified Google Calendar attached to your Google account.

2. Mortgage Interest Savings Calculator

Basic mortgage / loan calculator and amortization spreadsheet with a few extras. Get monthly updated: 1) payoff amounts, 2) principal reduction and 3) interest charged, along with interest savings and number of eliminated payments when extra amounts are applied towards the principal of your loan.

SuperMoney may receive compensation from some or all of the companies featured, and the order of results are influenced by advertising bids, with exception for mortgage and home lending related products. Learn more

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3. Dave Ramsey Monthly Budget Templates

Template created based off of the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover program, to manage monthly budgets.

4. Home Renovation or Building Costs Budget Tracker

For the DIY-er. Track construction spending over weeks or months. Compare the running total to the original estimate. Suggested categories for trades & materials. Prints on one landscape page.

5. Online Sales Tracker Template

Track your online sales in one convenient place. Easily keep a detailed financial register of all transactions. Built in calculators to estimate gross and net profit with deductions for shipping costs, listing fees, value fees, and Paypal fees.

6. Final Price Sheet

Price Book , Price Comparison , Stockpile Inventory & Coupon Savings Tracker

7. Budget v2.0

A very simple income vs. expense template. Shows you your net monthly income (after expenses (bills) are paid.) Set for weekly-paycheck schedule. It can be easily modified to accommodate a different pay-schedule. Great first step in getting a budget going if you’ve ever had spending or saving issues (which I had, and what led me to create this simple sheet. It helped a lot and kept me from going negative in my bank account due to spending more than I thought I had.) Feedback is welcome!

8. Investments

A spreadsheet to little investors control their assets month-by-month.

9. Compact Mid-Year Planner

Covers 12 months from July to June. May suit Financial/Fiscal/School Calendar. Designed to print on one Landscape page, or expand monthly columns for more space for notes.

10. Stock Portfolio Tracker

Stock Portfolio Tracker helps the user track their long term portfolio by transactions.Your Buy,Sell, Dividend, Stock Splits, Bonus Issues and Rights Issues can be keyed in. The stock portfolio prices are automatically updated using Yahoo Finance prices. It works on all International Stock Quotes that you can find in Yahoo Finance including Germany, London, Singapore and Malaysia Exchanges The sample data is my current portfolio. Follow the first page instructions.

11. Current Personal Financial Statement

Personal finance statement according to Robert Kiyosaki.

12. Individual Budget Forecast

Individual Accounting System: Budget & Actual.

13. Price Sheet Template

A basic spreadsheet used to track prices (could be grocery, cosmetics, etc.) that will then calculate the best price from data that you have entered, generate the store at which that item is lowest priced, and what the unit price of that item is.

14. Cash Flow Manager

Project your future personal cash flow to keep your accounts in balance.

15. Monthly Personal Budget Template

A personal Monthly Budget. The user designates a percentage of all deposits in their checking and savings accounts that is allocated into a specific budget of their choosing.

16. Savings Calculator

Estimate the future value of your savings account. Include regularly scheduled deposits as well as extra annual deposits. This savings calculator also creates a yearly summary and graphs the balance over time.

17. Bank Account Ledger

Want to keep track of your checking account without purchasing separate software? You can tracking your bank account deposits and withdrawals, and it automatically calculates the current balance after you enter each transaction.

18. Mortgage Payoff Calculator

This version has some very minor additions geared towards those who already have a loan and would like to know how much of a difference their extra payments are making. A new heading at the top will show the amount of interest that will be saved over the life of the loan (this amount may be off by a few dollars due to some issues with getting the formula to round numbers correctly) and the amount that the loan term has been shortened by extra payments. Adding the first payment date will automatically fill in the rest of the payment dates.

19. Mortgage, Down Payment, and Affordability Calculator

Use this spreadsheet if you own a home and are looking to move. This assumes that you’ll sell your current home and then buy another home, not have two mortgages at once. Many items will be calculated, including how much you’ll be left with after the sale and purchase, how much more you will need for the down payment than what you would currently have if you sold and bought right now. Three different options are show for mortgages as well, allowing you to compare mortgage options.

20. Weekly Cash Flow

A simple set of worksheets to lay out daily expenses and see when you go into the red. A negative balance SHOULD turn red. This spreadsheet was created with the intent of modelling a month’s cash flow to find times where cash runs out because businesses (especially new ones) can be profitable but unable to operate without cash.

21. Loan Payment Chart

Use this invoice template to bill your clients. Enter your products or services, the overall price and tax along with your payment details. It’s as easy as that.

22. Minimum Monthly Credit Card Payment Calculator

Spreadsheet to calculate the Minimum Monthly payment of a Credit Card. Calculates Payment number, Payment Amount, Payment Interest, Principle, and Balance.

23. Personal Budget Template

A personal budget with the added functionality of separating personal ‘free spending’ and basic major payment cataloguing. Also contains a help document.

24. Household Budget Worksheet

Household budget spreadsheet that can be used to keep track of a personal or family budget. Simply fill in the yellow cells and add or modify expenses to meet your needs.

25. Family Budget Planner

Basic Budget Planner for family – Can be modified to fit your family needs.
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SuperMoney may receive compensation from some or all of the companies featured, and the order of results are influenced by advertising bids, with exception for mortgage and home lending related products. Learn more

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Mani Karthik

In the pursuit of getting better with money management, personal finance and everything in between. These are my learnings along the way.

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