This Is How Famous Start-Ups Began

Everyone has a great idea. As more and more start-ups pop up in around the country, being an entrepreneur has never been easier. While some start-ups flounder from the get-go, some rise to the top and become billion dollar ideas. Here’s how some of the most famous start-ups began, in poster form done by Anna Vital.

People become entrepreneurs for different reasons

CB4VGMeVEAASaZo.jpg largeSource: Anna Vital

To be a true entrepreneur you need to have a certain self confidence in yourself. You need to believe in your idea and not be afraid of failure to have a chance for your start-up to be successful.

Had enough of school? Some of the greatest entrepreneurs quit school to make their dream a reality, or because they couldn’t handle it. Here are the ones who dropped out and became great influences!

entrepreneurs-who-dropped-out-infographicIf you’re having trouble with student loans,here are some reviews that will help you.

Source: Funders and Founders

Interested in being an entrepreneur and starting your own company? Here’s how:

how-to-start-a-startup-as-told-by-PG-infographicSource: Funders and Founders

Heard of Angry Birds? Here is how one of the most popular mobile games started:

angry birdsSource: Funders and Founders

That famous company that lets you rent a place for a night, but doesn’t actually OWN anything… Here’s how AirBNB started:

airbnbSource: Funders and Founders

The photo application on your phone that doesn’t own any photos? Here’s Instagram’s model:

instagramSource: Funders and Founders

How Ben from Pinterest just would not quit:


Source: Funders and Founders

Want to get into the start-up life but don’t know how? Here’s some tips to lead you in the right direction:

succeedSource: Funders and Founders

Some may feel it’s too late to get into the start-up craze… this isn’t true. New start-ups are beginning daily. It’s never too late to get into the game, do it now!

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