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Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes

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Some of the most expensive Nike shoes include the Nike Mag, the Nike solid gold OVO, and the waffle racing flat “Moon Shoe.” The growth of sneaker culture has made Nike shoes a sought-after collectible. The increasing demand for exclusive sneakers has contributed to the high prices of certain Nike shoes.
Nike is one of the most iconic and influential brands in the global athletic footwear market. Since its launch in 1971, the company has continuously pushed the boundaries of design, technology, and cultural impact.
Ultimately, the company released a wide range of iconic sneakers that became highly sought-after, with some fetching truly staggering prices on the secondary market. Today, we’ll take a look at the most expensive and unique Nike shoes as well as what makes them coveted collector’s items.

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Why are these shoes so expensive?

Considering the average price of Nike shoes was $110 in 2021, it may seem a little absurd to see sneakers sell for millions of dollars. However, just as with LEGO sets, the exclusivity and rarity of certain shoes make them worth far more than the average pair.
A little history research into the shoes on this list will dig up names like Kanye West, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Drake, Chicago Bulls, and the Olympics attached to them. Because of the big names attached to these shoes — either as the designer, signer, or wearer — these are the most expensive Nike shoes around.

The 10 most expensive Nike shoes

It says a lot that we’re starting the most expensive Nike shoes list at over $100,000. So while you review the list below, keep in mind there are several expensive Nike shoes that couldn’t make the list. This includes the Air Jordan silver shoe, which sold for $60,000 in 2012.

10. 1997 Air Jordan 12 Flu Game — $105,000

The 1997 Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” is one of the most iconic and highly sought-after Air Jordan sneakers. The shoes got their nickname from the game in which Michael Jordan wore them, Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. That night, Jordan suffered from flu-like symptoms but still managed to score 38 points and lead the Bulls to a crucial victory.
The shoes worn by Jordan on that night were given as a gift to a ball boy from the Utah Jazz team, Preston Truman. Truman sold the shoes in 2013 for a world record fee. Since then, these game-worn red and black shoes that feature Jordan’s autograph have gained significant value and have become a cult status.
If you can’t afford the 1997 model, you can still get the Jordan Air 12 Retro for a much more affordable price.

9. 1992 Olympic-worn Air Jordan 7 — $113,000

The 1992 Olympic “Dream Team,” widely considered one of the best sports teams ever, featured Michael Jordan, who wore these shoes during the team’s gold-medal-winning performance at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. The team set a record by winning their games by an average of 44 points.
Jordan personally signed the shoes and gave them as a gift to a member of the team’s staff.
These Jordan 7 Retro were not around in 1992 (nor were they signed by Michael Jordan) but they are also 1000x cheaper.

8. Nike Mag — $200,000

The most expensive pair of Nike Mag ever sold was a pair auctioned off in 2016 for a staggering $200,000. The Nike Mag is a limited-edition shoe Nike first released in 2011. The shoe was designed to be a replica of the “Mag” shoes worn by Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly, in the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II.
With only 89 pairs ever made, the shoes were sold at a charity auction that donated all the proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. This pair of Nike Mags is considered a highly valuable collector’s item for its rarity and association with the iconic film.

7. Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 Low — $350,000

On February 9th, Sotheby’s auctioned off a pair of Louis Vuitton and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers in a U.S. size five. Along with a Louis Vuitton pilot case, the combination sold for $350,000.
The auction, which lasted for two weeks and featured 200 pairs of AF1s, set a new record for the highest-known public sale of a fashion and sneaker auction. The shoe was made of monogrammed calf leather and was the last design created by Virgil Abloh for Nike, which likely contributed to the high price.

6. Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe” — $437,000

An integral part of Nike’s history, the “Moon Shoe” was designed by founder Bill Bowerman, who created the iconic waffle sole traction pattern with his wife’s waffle iron. The Nike “Moon Shoe” received its moniker because the waffle-shaped impressions it left on the ground resembled the footprints of the 1969 astronauts.
The shoes were specially designed for Olympic runners during the 1972 trials and only 12 were produced. They were sold at a Sotheby’s auction on July 23, 2019, for an impressive $437,500.

5. Nike Air Jordan 1 — $560,000

The Nike Air Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. One of the most iconic features of the Air Jordan 1 is the colorway options. The original release featured the iconic “Chicago” colorway, paying homage to Michael Jordan’s team at the time.
Jordan’s signing with Nike marked the first time in history a brand picked up a player’s signature line. Over the years, the Air Jordan 1s have become a cultural phenomenon, with a dedicated following of sneakerheads and collectors.
The Air Jordan 1, originally worn and signed by Jordan, sold for $560,000 in 2020.

4. Air Jordan Retro “Kobe Pack” — $800,000

The Air Jordan ⅜ Retro “Kobe Pack” is a limited edition shoe that was only given to friends and family in 2016. It was created as a tribute to the basketball player Kobe Bryant and is a replica of the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 8.
Made to commemorate Bryant’s 20th year in the NBA, the shoes feature a white leather upper with purple and gold accents representing the LA Lakers.

3. The Nike Air Ship 1984 — $1.47 million

Before the Air Jordan 1, there was the Nike Air Ship. Michael Jordan wore these for his fifth game with the Chicago Bulls in the first season. And they became iconic, both on and off the court.
The Nike Air Ship sneakers featured a sleek and simple design with a white leather upper and the iconic Nike swoosh in red. The shoe’s most notable feature was the Air cushioning unit in the heel, which provided superior comfort and support for the wearer. The Air Ship was also the first shoe to feature the “Nike Air” branding on the heel, which has since become a staple in the sneaker industry.
Designed by Bruce Kilgore, this was the first Nike shoe worn by Jordan as a professional NBA player. The pair was later gifted to the Denver Nuggets Ballboy Lewis following a bulls game on November 1. The pair sold for $1.47 million in 2021.

2. Kanye West x Nike Air Yeezy 1 — $1.8 Million

During the 50th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in 2008, Kanye West wore a pair of Nike sneakers that marked the first collaboration between Nike and Ye’s soon-to-be Yeezy empire. The shoe’s upper part was made from soft black leather with perforated designs, and the heel featured a tonal swoosh. A strap was added to the front of the shoe for added detail, and a bright pink “Y” medallion representing Yeezy was placed on the lace locks.
The Air Yeezy 1 was highly sought-after by sneaker enthusiasts and sold out quickly. It has since become a highly sought-after collector’s item, with some pairs selling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market. And the pair that started it all, the Grammy-worn pairs, sold for a whopping $1.8 million when it was sold to benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

1. Drake OVO x Nike Air Jordan 12 — $2 million

At the top, we have something literally made out of solid gold. In 2016, Rapper Drake collaborated with Nike’s sub-brand Jordan for a pair of Air Jordan 10s, but with a little twist. These were made out of solid 24-karat gold.
Drake reported these weighed about 100 pounds and were custom-made for him. These unique sneakers cost around $2 million and have every minute detail the original AJ 10 has. The shoes have the “OVO” (Drake’s record label October’s Very Own) lettering on the bottom as well as the iconic Jumpman on the heel.
The Solid Gold OVO x Nike Air Jordan is a testament to the power of collaboration, exclusivity, and luxury in the sneaker industry.


What is the world’s most expensive pair of shoes?

Sadly, the combined prices of the top 10 most expensive Nike shoes can’t reach the Moon Star shoes by Antonio Vietri. This pair of heels is valued at nearly $20 million and is made of solid gold, diamonds weighing 30 carats, and a piece of meteorite from 1576.

What is the most luxurious shoe brand?

There are a few different luxurious shoe brands that cost a pretty penny. While we can’t narrow it down to a single name, the following are all highly expensive and luxurious shoe brands:
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Manolo Blahnik
  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Hermès
  • Roger Vivier
  • Miu Miu
  • Saint Laurent

What was Nike’s first shoe?

Nike’s “Moon Shoe” was the brand’s first shoe. Though now known for its variety of Air Jordans, Nike started with a simple waffle-print design found on the Moon Shoes.

What is America’s favorite shoe?

As of 2021, America’s favorite shoe was still the Nike Air Jordan 1, with roughly more than 10 million pairs sold each year.

Key Takeaways

  • The rise of sneaker culture and the increasing demand for exclusive sneakers has contributed to the high prices of certain Nike shoes.
  • These Nike shoes are highly prized collectibles in part because of their exclusivity but also because of who signed, designed, or wore these shoes.
  • The most expensive pair of Nike sneakers is the Drake OVO x Nike Air Jordan 12, which sold for $2 million.

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