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0 votes

I've had nothing but problems dealing with TD Ameritrade. Their online service was great and then it was gone, with nobody able to offer any explanation as to how to get back into my account.

0 votes

I thought this was a good company until I got hit with all the hidden fees that you don't see advertised. Be careful with any company you use, and always look into the service as much as you can before you go handing over your hard-earned dollars.

0 votes

I've read all of these horrible reviews about TD Ameritrade, but honestly I have had nothing but positive experiences. It could be due to the fact that I have an awesome agent, but overall I am very happy.

0 votes

It's no wonder they have so many bad reviews! I tried using this service for a few months, trying to have an open mind, and now I can promise I will never go back! Beware!!!

0 votes

Everybody has such unrealistic expectations of these companies - you get what you pay for! This is a good company with good reps and decent pricing. What more do you want?

0 votes

If they ever got their act together with all the glitches in their system, TD could actually be one of the best in the business. Unfortunately they haven't gotten it figured out yet and therefore their platform sucks.

0 votes

TD Ameritrade have one of the best online trading platform in the industry. Their commission per trade is competitive. I would recommend TD Ameritrade for day traders and pure cyber traders.

0 votes

This firm is great for new investors because it offers a nice assortment of educational tools for less experienced traders. Their rates are a little on the higher end but still reasonable, and they offer both online and traditional branch service. Another benefit is I can access my account on my iPad and iPhone.

0 votes

I've been using Ameritrade for my various IRAs for at least 10 years. Overall, the service is excellent and the choices I have in terms of investments are vast. Generally, the customer service is good, although every once in awhile I'll get a person who talks above my head and continues to do so even when I explain that I don't understand. In that case, I say thank you and hang up and call again and usually get a more helpful person. Other than that, I've been very pleased. Their ... services and products are varied and all-encompassing for my needs. More Less

0 votes

TD Ameritrade is an online broker that provides a host of services including trading stocks, long-term investing and retirement planning.

Trading tools: Top notch, easy to use

After setting up your free account, which takes less than 15 minutes, you can access one of three well-designed trading platforms: the basic web platform, the advanced Trade Architect or the powerful ThinkorSwim for more professional traders. You can also trade via a mobile platform that is available for smartphone and tablet applications (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows and Android). One of the two powerful apps ... available, the TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader, actually allows you to try out your trading strategies with a virtual account before you put down real money. You can also view real-time quotes from CNBC for free.

Higher costs, but you get what you pay for

TD Ameritrade's costs are slightly high compared to other brokers, with a $9.99 flat fee commission per online trade of stocks and options and $49.99 for mutual funds. However, unlike most other online brokers, you won't incur any surcharge fees for large orders or extended hour trading, and there is no maintenance or inactivity fee for account balances. TD Ameritrade also does not charge any setup or annual fees for IRA accounts.

For your money, you do also get access to a wide range of customer service in the form 24 hour phone support by knowledgeable experts, automated client support online (currently the only broker with this feature) and 100 office branches located across the country. And also significant is the extensive selection of educational resources to help you boost your knowledge and investor strategy, including webcasts, articles, online courses and videos on investing for all levels of investors: new, intermediate, advanced and expert.


TD Ameritrade is one of the largest and most well-established brokers with a pretty strong reputation. The firm's trading tools have been given a 5-star rating by SmartMoney magazine, and Barron's named the them the #1 broker for both beginning investors and long term investments. Indeed, if you are new to the trading game or are interested mostly in long term investments and won't be making frequent transactions, TD Ameritrade is an excellent company to have on your side despite the slightly higher fees. Just be sure to check out the special offer page on the TD Ameritrade website to view all current promotions before you sign up.
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