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If you are thinking of using Care One for any reason, don't. You would be better off using a non profit service. All Care One did is make my situation worse. Can't understand how they could still be in business.

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I paid Care One $1000 a month to pay down my debt and pay off my credit cards at a reduced rate. After a year nothing was done. Everytime I tried to speak to my assigned attorney he was unavailable. We recieved a notice that one of the credit card companies filed a lein on our house. Worst company ever!

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The founder of CareOne Debt Relief Services claimes that he was himself deeply in debt, and founded the company based on lessons he learned the hard way in getting himself out of debt. CareOne offers two major services to its clients: debt management for individuals who can afford to make monthly payments to pay off their financial obligations in full and debt settlement for customers who wish to obtain partial relief from their debts but who can afford to pay at least 50 percent of what they owe through ... monthly payments. CareOne is a for-profit enterprise rather than a nonprofit agency, and while an initial consultation is offered for no charge, you should expect to pay for most services. Pricing is based on individual circumstances. Along with its credit related services, CareOne offers a prepaid credit card, referrals for legal services and discount programs for restaurants and groceries. CareOne is properly licensed and offers a six-month, no-questions-asked 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services provided by CareOne Debt Relief. More Less

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Care One has the worst customer service i have ever dealt with. They do not communicate and did nothing to help my situation. I am in worst shape then I was before I contacted them. Do anything you can to avoid this company.

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For more than two decades, CareOne Debt Relief Services has assisted five million people climb out of debt. With the help of trained credit counselors, customers are given individualized options for dealing with the excessive debt that has made their financial lives unmanageable.

CareOne's many years of experience means the company has built a relationship with more than 263,000 creditors, allowing them to consistently negotiate effective debt consolidation plans for their customers. This relationship with a large list of creditors means CareOne representatives are able to successfully advocate on your behalf ... and negotiate favorable debt settlements and repayment terms, including reduced interest rates, waived late fees and lowered monthly payments—even for multiple debts.

Range of services

CareOne is a one-stop shop for debt relief. They provide individualized plans, rather than cookie-cutter formats that may not fit your needs. A Debt Management Plan (DMP) with CareOne involves their securing you more favorable terms with your creditors and includes stopping late fees and lowering interest rates. Their Debt Settlement Plan (DSP) requires that you fund an escrow account that is then used to pay off creditors with whom CareOne has negotiated an overall reduced payment.

Knowledgeable assistance

The fact that CareOne's founder, Bernie Dancel, and many of his employees once also struggled with debt means that you receive understanding support and assistance grounded in reality. Unlike some debt relief service companies that insist that solutions are a quick or easy fix, CareOne is quick to point out that debt consolidation is a lengthy process that takes commitment on your part. They also warn that a Debt Settlement Plan can negatively affect your credit rating.

Online Tools

Once you are a client, your My CareOne tab allows you to manage all aspects of your account. You can track progress and access plenty of educational materials designed to help you succeed at debt reduction. The website also regularly features the stories of CareOne graduates, who have broken free from debt's chains, and there are forums where you can commiserate with others in situations similar to yours.

How Does CareOne Make Money?

When you become a client at CareOne, you are responsible for paying the company a 30 percent “success fee.” This means that they collect 30 percent of whatever they save you when negotiating your debt situation. So if you walk in their doors $20,000 in debt, and they negotiate that amount down to $10,000, you owe them $3,000. While it sounds like a lot, you are still saving $7,000 from your original debt, and you have a definite plan for paying off your debt. CareOne also features a six-month money back guarantee.


The fact that CareOne offers individualized debt management and settlement plans puts them at the top of debt relief service companies. Considering CareOne's track record with more than two decades of success helping customers with debt relief and their vast network of creditors with whom they routinely cut through the red tape and negotiate decreased debt payments, the company offers a solid, potentially successful plan for climbing out of debt.Their empathetic, knowledgeable credit counselors make them a viable choice for debt relief assistance.

The 30 percent success fee CareOne charges is hefty, but satisfied customers report that the relief of successful debt reduction is well worth the price.
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I used Care One because I lost my job and was unable to pay my extensive medical bills. After paying thousands to a collections agency they sold my account to another company and disappeared. Care One continued to send money to that company and that money did not go towards my debt. It has been a complete nightmare.

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Great program - I've started with $25k+ in credit card debts, now that CareOne had reduced my interest rates I'm down to less than $5k and will be debt free in about 12 months!

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