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This is the absolute worst company I have ever had experience with. After processing my payment, they accuse me of fraud and suspend my account! They ignored every single request for help on their site. They hide their email address and phone number making it impossible to contact them any other way. Even my credit card and the payment processor could not figure out how to email these scammers! I was not given any opportunity to respond to their accusations. In the end they blamed me for using a proxy ... (ok according to their help site) and deleted my account! More Less

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A previous co-worker was a Patreon user and when they left her emails were forwarded to me. I can't unsubscribe from the Patreon emails because they do not provide an unsubscribe link in them but instead make you login to a settings page. So I'm stuck getting an onslaught of annoying emails to mark as spam. I really hate it when websites keep email subscription configuration behind an authentication.

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Went to the Patreon website to support an artist I like. Never signed up, because I could not find information about which payment methods were accepted. In fact, I found more information about Patreon's preferred payment here in these reviews than at the website itself.

I guess I'm old-fashioned expecting to have a clear explanation of terms of use and which payment methods are accepted up front without divulging any of my personal information first. The Payment FAQ in their unhelpful help center section, only says they don't take Bitcoin. Okay, Patreon, ... so you don't take Bitcoin, but WHAT DO YOU TAKE AND WHERE IS IT LISTED?! It's nowhere that I could find. I tried reaching out to them on their Twitter about payment information and to encourage them to make it plain in their FAQ, but it's been more than 24 hours and no one bothered to answer me. From what I gathered from search engines, they also have a history of being hacked. That and having to sign up before being given the full details of the website --it doesn't exactly inspire my confidence. If anything, I feel sorry for the artists I want to support who must use a flash-in-the-pan, slickly designed but weak on security and customer service website such as this. Too bad. More Less

0 votes

The Patreon website is buggy, which is very bad for a website you trust with your credit card. When you make a pledge, you get no confirmation of that, nor when you change or delete a pledge. So when their system screws up, it's your word against theirs. Guess who gets to decide the outcome? I'll give you a hint—IT'S NOT YOU.

In this day and age with online fraud rampant and credit card numbers getting stolen right and left, do you want to give your credit ... card number to a buggy website? I sure as heck don't! More Less

1 votes

Patreon has potential, but unsafe and flawed. It's neat for on going projects and people can offer donations like a subscription towards supporting their favorite creator. The better the perks the creators offer, the more people will donate. There's a lot of hype of successful careers patreons, but reality a lot of creators get burnt out, or fade. Most people end up working countless hours for free. Patreon is a glorified tip jar that takes about a 5% cut, with tech support that can't really help creators at times.

There many ... loop holes and exploits that been around for over a year, but Patreon but hasn't fixed them. Example: Bogus sponsors can delete their donations at last minute, yet still take the rewards, and creators receives no alert until it's too late. Repeat offenders go unpunished or simply make another account. There is no ban button or proper history tab or rating system for suspicious sponsors. Sure you can hide your rewards or lessen them to stop thieves, but then your honest sponsors suffer. It's lose, lose situation that could be fixed by charging sponsors before they get access to rewards. Creators get discourage and quit because of that. There's many more issues but those are the main ones. More Less

0 votes

Back in the day, writers and artists were often supported by wealthy patrons. Patreon has adapted patronage to the crowdfunding model. Payments are made through PayPal and Stripe for U.S. based artists and through Payoneer for artists everywhere else.

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