Check Into Cash provides payday loans and title loans online and at over 1,000 store locations. The company is based in Cleveland, Tennessee. In cases where a borrower doesn't meet Check Into Cash Check Into Cash's lending criteria, it matches customers with other lenders that do service that demographic within its network.

How Does Check Into Cash Work?

Check Into Cash provides loans online and at its brick and mortar locations. Online applications can take as little as Customers can apply online or at one of Check Into Cash's stores. The online application takes as little as five minutes to finish; and if you're approved, Check Into Cash will transfer the money within a day. Borrowers who apply in person at one of their stores can walk out with their money within minutes of completing the application.   

What Are The Interest Rates?

Check Into Cash's interest rates vary from 260.71% to 782.14% on a 14-day loan depending on which state you live in. Check Into Cash doesn't charge a regular interest rate. Instead, it charges a flat fee per loan. For instance, in Utah borrowers must pay $75 for a $300 payday loan, while in Illinois the same loan has a fee of $46.50. The equivalent APR on payday loans varies depending on the term of the payday loan. The shorter the loan, the higher the equivalent APR will be.

How Much Money Can I Borrow from Check Into Cash?

Maximum loan amounts vary from $100 to $1,500. Your maximum loan amount will vary depending on your state laws.

Which States Does Check Into Cash Operate In?

Check Into Cash doesn't operate in  Arkansas, North Carolina, West Virginia, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

There are no in-store loans available in Oregon, and there are no online loans in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Georgia. All other states have both online and in-store loans.

What Is Check Into Cash's Application Process Like?

As with most payday lenders, Check Into Cahs's application process is fast and easy to complete. Approved borrowers can receive their loan with 24 hours, for online borrowers, and within minutes for in-store applicants. Borrowers must provide proof of income and identity. Bring pay stubs, bank statements, your Social Security Number and any other type of identification you wish to use. Borrowers must have a monthly income of at least $1,000 to qualify.

How Is It Better Than Other Lenders?

Check Into Cash offers the flexibility of in-store and online loans. If you live in an area where Check Into Cash has stores, it can mean getting cash in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Interest rates are high, but they are still competitive when compared to other payday lenders. Unlike many other lenders, Check Into Cash is licensed in all the states where its loans are available.


  • Loan Amount
    $100 - $1500
  • APR
    261% - 782%
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 700
  • Immigration Status Considered
    • U.S. Citizen
    • U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Military Status
  • Minimum Income
  • Minimum Monthly Income
  • Supported Income Types
    • 1099 Misc. Income
    • Cash / Other
    • Direct Deposit (W2, SSA, SSDI)
    • Payroll Check or Prepaid Card
  • Loan Fee
    $15 - $79
  • Direct Deposit
  • Instant Decision
  • Online Application
  • Max Loan Term (days)
  • No Credit Check
  • Funding Time
    Same day
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0 votes

Never had a hard credit check with them before - but now they have done it and were not forth coming about the process!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not worth it to have my credit dinged with a hard check overtime I need a few extra dollars!!!!!!!!! There are other options!!!!!!!!!!

0 votes

I was told they would not do a hard credit check because I was an existing long time customer and that was a lie. I now have a hard inquiry on my credit report. I ask them about it and they will not give me any answers, Never again will I get a loan from them! I have fair credit and will not allow them to lower my score over a $300 dollar payday loan.

0 votes

Taking out a payday loan with this business will negatively impact your credit score because they do hard inquiries not just initially but every 60 days. Absolutely not worth doing business with them when there are plenty of other flex loan & payday lenders who don't ever check your credit.

0 votes

I wouldnt recommend them to anyone we need to borrow money to get a new car and the man told us every two weeks they would take 17.50 out our account until we finish paying it some how they started taking over a 100 every 2 weeks then when we call them we would be up there and pay in person they put our bank account and the neagatives after we told them not to this is the worst company and we will not be going back everyone who ask ... me about them i tell them take there business else where More Less

0 votes

I can into the Woodruff Ave location in Long Beach to pay off a loan, and had noticed that there were some notices posted about the store beginning to do credit checks. If they deny me after faithfully paying them back because of this, I will never come back here.

0 votes

My late mother was a frequent borrower from Check Into Cash and I thought to myself, "I never want to have to resort to that" but when my husband and I came into some financial problems I mentioned Check Into Cash and we went in and received enough money to get us out of the situation we were in. After paying off this one, would definitely do the Payday Loan at Check Into Cash again!

0 votes

This place is a joke they are slow as hell and have this teenager that is completely lost on the computer. Asking me my SS,number out loud in front of customers. And even though I was here and the more experienced lady has helped 2 other people in front of me. When I pay them back in 2 weeks never ever coming here again. Also a man walked out after he saw they didnt know wtf they were doing.

0 votes

Bad place , was late wasnt going to give me another loan , first wouldnt take my woodforest bank account, south bend or mishawaka stores. Rude customer service, lack of employees. I will tell who ever i can do go somewhere else.

0 votes

Nobody likes having to go to one of these places, but when you need some money for a short-term solution it's great to have a friendly, reliable, legitimate place to go. After trying one of those "check cashing places" that wanted to actually call my boss and speak with them, I tried Check Into Cash. They did not need to actually speak to my boss, although they did take their name & telephone number down. They take the money out late in the day of your paycheck and ... I've never had a timing problem with them. They don't make you feel bad about needing some cash either. More Less

0 votes

this place suck azz i never do business with them again you miss one payment and they ready to pay take ur stuff man they suck badly

0 votes

Refused to take a payment over the phone as I can wanted to use a different this once. She said it was a hassle to change accounts back and forth and that I had to come in to pay. Paid them off because of that, never again.

0 votes

I applied online and was instantly approved for $500. Both customer service reps I dealt with were friendly and professional. Cant say enough good things. They really saved me

0 votes

You fill out the entire application with even banking information on this to be turned down. The application was an entire waste of my time.

0 votes

Horrible. U feel out the app and denied no matter what. Never ever ever again. U guys need to fix your issues if u want businees

0 votes

The only reason why I tried it's because the ad said loans from $500 - $3,000 false advertisement when you talk to them they will tell you that they do not offer loans up to 3000

0 votes

I like the option of either completing the application on line or going into a store in person. They are a good company when you need help in a pinch, but they sure do cost a lot of money for that help.

0 votes

This company is somewhat frustrating to me. A few years back, I ran into some hard times and took out a loan. I paid off the loan in full, with all payments made on time. I didn't have any issues, and the application process couldn't have been easier. Basically, over a year after paying off the loan, I received a call stating that I owed money. The next day, I received another, even more harassing call. I tried explaining that this loan was from a year earlier, and that it ... HAD been paid. After a few weeks of speaking with debt collecting agencies, the calls stopped. I'm not sure if I'm off the hook, or what's going on. Nevertheless, I'm happy they've stopped calling. More Less

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