About EastSide Lenders

EastSide Lenders is an online lender based in Dover, Delaware. It was established in 2005 and has a D rating with BBB. Although EastSide Lenders has an office in in Delaware, it has its corporate headquarters in the British Virgin Islands and all transactions and loans are issued from there. Moreover, one of the requirements to obtain a loan with EastSide Lenders is to agree that all claims and disputes are governed by British Virgin Islands laws.

How Do EastSide Lenders Work?

EastSide Lenders is an online payday lender. Interest rates are high and payment is due by the next payday but borrowers of all credit types can qualify for a loan. No collateral is required and funds can be withdrawn by the next business day. The application process is entirely online and clients receive instant notice of approval.

What Are EastSide Lenders Interest Rates?

Instead of charging ongoing interest rates, EastSide Lenders charges a one-time finance fee. Borrowing $50 costs $15, a $100 has a $30 charge and so on. This is the equivalent of 360% to 782% APR depending on whether a client repays the loan within 14 or 30 days.

How Much Money Can I Borrow from EastSide Lenders?

EastSide Lenders' clients can borrow up to $1,000 depending on their income and other eligibility requirements. First time clients can only borrow up to $700 but return customers with a good payment history can qualify for up to $1,000. To illustrate the cost of borrowing with EastSide Lenders, a $1,000 loan with a 14-day or 30-day period will cost $300.

Which States Do Eastside Lenders Operate In?

EastSide Lenders operates in all 50 states.

What Is the Application Process Like for EastSide Lenders?

The application process is fast and easy to complete. The form only takes two minutes to finish and the approval or denial decision is instant. There is no need to fax or mail documents. The entire process is performed online. The form does require borrowers to provide two references, income level and bank account details.

How Is EastSide Lenders Better Than Other Lenders?

EastSide Lenders offers larger loans than most payday lenders. Its interest rates are high but they're competitive when compared to other payday lenders and they are made available to borrowers with all kinds of credit. Approval response is instant and funds can be deposited by the very next business day. EastSide Lenders rewards return customers by offering them a higher loan limit and there is never any need for collateral.

  • No Credit Check
  • Lend To Military?
  • Funding Time
  • No Other Outstanding Loans
  • Direct Deposit
  • Instant Decision
  • Online Application
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0 votes

Eventhough I have really bad credit and they did offer me a payday loan, their rates are horrible and their terms are near impossible to meet. What a joke!

0 votes

All I have to say is do your research, and when you do I am sure you will find that this company has more complaints and bad reviews than most others. Buyer beware!

0 votes

Easy online application and I had my money the next day. When it came time to pay though, they made it almost immpossible to close my account. I wanted to pay them off and they kept trying to talk me into extending for another two weeks. Now I see how they stay in business.

0 votes

I needed them in a hurry, and they were there for me, My car broke down the day after I started my new job. If it weren't for their help I would have lost that opportunity for sure.

0 votes

My new years resolution was to work out more, but who's isnt? I signed up for the gym membership just fine, but for personal training sessions for only 8 weeks, they wanteed $780 paid in full! I better look like Cindy Crawford after 8 weeks. I took out a loan that I can pay back reasonably from eastside lenders. It was way easier than this whole gym deal

0 votes

I live in the country and my son and I love to go hunting. Well Christmas is coming up and I thought he should have a rifle of his own. I cant really afford a nice peice of equipment in one swift payment, so I applied at a few places online, and decided on eastside lenders. They were the fastest and easiest to deal with. Very happy

0 votes

I had a few projects going on around the house, and as usual, nothing goes as perfectly as planned. So i needed a little buffer to cover the extra home depot runs. I applied online at eastside and got the money without waiting in a line at some shady credit union or payday place.

0 votes

I went to eastside lenders online because I heard the approval was fast and it was all handled online. I needed some quick cash to pay for plane tickets to Hawaii for a trip in the Spring. There was a killer deal online that I didnt want to miss by waiting till payday for my check. I got the money deposited into my account in about 12 hours. Aloha!

0 votes

I contacted eastside lenders online because I was getting constant calls from a collection agency regarding library books that my slacker daughter failed to return for three years. $380! What kind of books are these? anyway, I dont have that much money laying around for an overdue book budget. Paid off the library collector and there are no more annoying calls about Tuesdays with Maurie, whatever that means

0 votes

My son recently signed up for a local junior's hocky league. I didnt realize how expensive all the equipment was! Skates, pads, helmet, uniform, trip costs, the list goes on... But he loves it and is actually really good at it, so its worth taking out a loan for the start up costs of a good hobby. I went online to eastside and got approved in minutes and the money in my account that day

0 votes

My wife recently got a job transfer to the big island of Hawaii. Super exciting opprotunity for us and our kids. The company is covering a majority of our move costs, but I didnt factor in the cost of shipping my car on the slow boat to Hawaii. I needed about half the cost of the shipping, so I got a short term loan online at eastside. And i was able to have the check clear because they deposit the money directly to your account

0 votes

I needed some quick cash to pay for a traffic citation that was due inconveniently at the same time as all my other monthly bills. I live simply enough to not be able to afford any extra things. I got the cash in my bank the same day I applied into my account and Im now still staying afloat. Now I just have to pay the loan back

0 votes

My work from home business is all based on my ability to have access to a computer, so when my computer crashed, I was in a panic. I went to the local library and applied for a quick loan deposit from eastside and got the money for a new computer in less than a day. Im happy to be writing this review from my new computer thanks to eastside

0 votes

Love this loan company! So freakin' easy to get online and answer a few questions, and hear back within an hour if approved. The customer service peeps were very helpful and knowlegable. And the interest rate was very competative. Plus they will deposit the money straight to your account within a day or two

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