Zip19 is an online payday lender that is owned by the Lac Courte Oreilles Lake Superior Band of Chippewa Indians. This allows them to circumvent certain lender regulations and limits the claims you can assert against the company. Zip19 offers larger loans than most payday lenders wont even consider, once it has established a borrower is a reliable customer.

How Does Zip19 Work?

Applicants only need to complete a one-minute application form to see how much money they qualify to borrow. Once the amount is selected and applicants submit the next two dates on which they receive their income, the money is sent to their bank account. The entire process can be done by the next business day.

What Are The Interest Rates?

As with most payday lenders, Zip19 charges a one-time flat fee for every $100 borrowed instead of an ongoing interest rate. Zip19 charges $22.98 for every $100 borrowed. This is the equivalent of a 599.12% APR.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

First-time borrowers qualify for a maximum of $300. However, return customers who have a good payment history can qualify for loans of up to $1,500. To illustrate, a 14-day payday loan of $1,500, would cost $344.70 in fees.

Which States Does Zip19 Operate In?

Zip19 operates in all 50 states.

What Is the Application Process Like?

Applying for a Zip19 loan is fast and easy. To qualify, applicants must have a verifiable source of income, have access to an open checking account, and be at least 18 years old and a United States citizen. The monthly income must be a minimum of $1,334 and be regularly deposited into their checking account. Borrowers who meet this requirements will qualify instantly for a loan and could receive their cash within 24 hours.

How Is Zip19 Better Than Other Lenders?

Zip19 offers loans to people with all types of credit. Although it starts with a maximum loan amount of $300, it offers loans of up to $1,500 for customers who have a proven record of regular payments. The application process is easy and fast and successful applicants can receive their cash within 24 hours.

Zip19 does not offer rollovers on any of its loan, which limits the total cost of a loan. It also provides a flat-fee per $100 borrowed, which makes it simple to calculate the cost of borrowing. Notice that certain states, such as the State of Washington, have consumer alerts on Zip19 for doing business without a license.

  • Advance Fee APR
    599.12% - 599.12%
  • Desired Loan Amount
    $100 - $1500
  • No Credit Check
  • Min Monthly Income
  • No Other Outstanding Loans
  • Direct Deposit
  • Instant Decision
  • Online Application
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0 votes

Funds always on time and no hassle on payback, interest is a bit high but in a pinch it was always there for me.wish it was still up and running

0 votes

I applied for a loan with Zip 19 and they told me i wwoul recieve it in 3 days. On the 4th day i still didn't recieve it. i called and it turned out they had the wrong account #. I told them to just stop the process. Now they want me to pay back a loan i never recieved.

0 votes

I have used payday loan places before in the past, and I just recently moved. The only place I could find around here was a company called zip 19. They offered super short-term loans, however what I needed they could not offer me because they offer such small caps. I think I'll find an online payday loan place can offer me some more

0 votes

I needed some quick cash because my car was recently impounded for parking in a tow zone, and I didn't have enough cash on hand to get my car out of the yard. I went to zip 19, and try to take out alone for $450 and it got approved. I'm happy they could bail me out of jam and my car

0 votes

I had been paying on my balance of 1368.64 - 150.00 a month since nov 2013. I had 3 payments left - only owe 450.00. They used Ecare as their collection agency. Today, 6/19/2014 I get a call from Midwest fidelity saying I owe 1400.00. I told them I have been paying another company. Then I contacted Zip 19 and they tried to scam me out of 1400.00 also. So I am contacting the BBB and local police -- not going to be a victim of pay loan fraud. I ... paid 900.00 out of 1300.00 for 7 months and now they are trying to rip me off - NOT PAYING FRAUDULENT SCAMS. More Less

0 votes

I have use this company a few times in the past, and I love how they don't let you borrow too much money. It really helps me when I'm no I need just enough cash and I can't get any more than what I really need. If I could borrow what I wanted inset of what I needed I would get myself in a lot of trouble.

0 votes

I needed a loan because my dog was hit by a car and ended up in the vet needing surgery. I needed a lot more than what was offered a zip19 so I went elsewhere. They only give you a small amount but you can pay back easily on your next paycheck. There is not a whole lot of long-term leverage with this company.

0 votes

I thought they were okay, I guess. They aren't like any payday loan place I have used before. They want you to pay the loan in full back by your next paycheck, so they don't really let you borrow too much money. They only let you borrow what they can see you can afford to pay back on your next paycheck.

0 votes

My son recently broke his arm, and I live in a place that doesnt really have good medical facilities. I had him transported to the nearest quality hospital. My job and budget do not really allow for unexpected time off, so I took out a payday loan with zip 19. I got a small short term loan. I am satisfied, I just wish my little boy didnt think he was superman

0 votes

I went to zip19 because I heard that they don't let you borrow enough to get in any kind of financial problems as far as paying back the loan goes. That's just what I need because I have had some issues with paying back money in the past. I got just enough for what I needed was able to pay back my following paycheck, and everything worked out

0 votes

This place is kind of funky and I never heard of it before I applied. I got the amount I asked for but I expect there to be more of a payment plan than a one time payoff deal. I'm not sure how it's going to go but will update when it's all over.

0 votes

Zip19 was okay I guess, I only got enough money barely to pay what I needed, but I'm glad they were there to help. The application was easy and the people are very friendly. My interest is fairly competitive, they just don't offer a whole lot of buffer cash.

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