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Last updated 04/01/2024 by

Mani Karthik

Our readers are looking for tax debt relief services

Nearly half a million people use our site each month to get financial help and make smart decisions about money. SuperMoney publishes detailed but accessible articles on a wide variety of financial topics, ranging from personal finance to investment tips. Tax relief programs and answers to tax related questions are among our main themes.
Our tax relief focused content is catered to people who have major tax liabilities and are seeking help. Our readers often find themselves on the SuperMoney website after searching for tax relief and tax settlement related keywords.
For example, we give advice on what to do after receiving a lien notice. We also address readers who just got the news about an IRS audit. As a follow-up to the advice in the articles, we collect readers’ contact information and provide tailored recommendations for their particular situation.

Tax relief leads primed for a sale

SuperMoney delivers qualified tax relief leads that actually convert. With SuperMoney, you’ll reach the right people precisely when they’re searching for the services that you offer. Our organic lead generation process will warm up potential clients to your services and prime them for a sale. All without deceptive and ineffective advertising tricks, just old-fashioned customer service with a side of cutting-edge data analytics.
Prospects who complete a SuperMoney lead form:
– Have a basic understanding of how tax debt relief works
– Know they are inquiring about a fee-based service
– Have realistic expectations of what tax settlement programs can and can’t do
For example, in “How to Avoid a Business Tax Audit” published on August 8, our staff analyst Andrew Latham explains the triggers of tax audits; offers practical steps to avoid IRS red flags; and provides recommendations on how best to communicate with IRS. As a bonus, the article explains when and how to hire a tax attorney. It also includes a form to submit information to multiple tax relief companies at once.
Our data shows that providing detailed articles that answer the questions readers are looking for attracts high-intent customers organically. This, in turn, provides a natural context to recommend the services of our affiliate partners.

Leads are validated and prequalified to your specs and sent in real time to your CRM or call center

SuperMoney uses a real-time phone validation API to filter out invalid and disconnected phone numbers. We also use Brightverify email validation to invalidate any fake emails prior to lead submission. This helps to maintain your email sender reputation and keep your sales emails landing in prospects’ inboxes. Of course, these efforts also help ensure high contact rates.
SuperMoney filters leads by the scope of their tax problem, geography, and demographics to ensure they match the services you provide. If you are targeting certain types of customers, our filters will help you reach them.
Integrated with your CRM or call center
SuperMoney can post leads directly to your CRM on a cost-per-lead basis or transfer call-ins to your call center on a pay-per-call basis.

Detailed reports show the volume and quality of your leads

As part of the service, SuperMoney gives access to HasOffers reporting platform. HasOffers platform offers near real-time analytics for volume and performance monitoring. As a financial technology company, we live and breathe data. So we know the value of accurate data when making informed decisions. We want you to see the performance and quality of our traffic for yourself.

Partner with SuperMoney today

Ready to start generating tax resolution leads with SuperMoney? The next step is to sign up as an advertiser at our partner portal.
Have a few more questions first? Talk to a SuperMoney Marketing Partner – we’ll be happy to connect with you today.

Mani Karthik

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