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What is TCF Bank’s Routing Number 2024?

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Discover how to find your TCF Bank routing number and understand its significance in financial transactions. Learn about TCF Bank’s state-specific routing numbers and get answers to frequently asked questions about routing numbers.
TCF National Bank, a subsidiary of TCF Financial Corp, operates over 500 branches primarily across Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and other Midwestern and Western states. Do TCF branches have multiple routing numbers? Let’s delve into the details.

What is the TCF Bank routing number?

The routing number for TCF Bank is 291070001.

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What is the TCF bank routing number?

TCF Bank’s most common routing number is 291070001, but the specific routing number you use depends on the state where you opened your account. Here’s a breakdown of TCF Bank’s routing numbers by state:

TCF bank routing numbers by state

  • Arizona: 122106183
  • Colorado: 107006444
  • Illinois: 271972572
  • Indiana: 271972572
  • Michigan: 272471548
  • Minnesota: 291070001
  • South Dakota: 291070001
  • Wisconsin: 275071385
It’s crucial to keep track of the routing number associated with your account, even if you relocate to another state.

Understanding routing numbers

Routing numbers, comprising nine digits, are security codes used by banks for wire transfers and identifying check processing endpoints. Initially introduced by the American Bankers Association in 1910, routing numbers have expanded to facilitate direct deposits and online payments.

Can banks have multiple routing numbers?

Yes, larger banks like TCF may have various routing numbers, with each serving different states or transaction types. For instance, while TCF Bank uses different routing numbers for different states, some banks may utilize one routing number for multiple states.

How to find your routing number

You can locate your routing number on the bottom left corner of your check, adjacent to your account number.

Routing number for international transfers

While TCF Bank doesn’t have a SWIFT code for international transfers, you can still receive international funds through correspondent banks.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find a TCF bank branch or ATM near me?

To locate the nearest TCF Bank branch or ATM, use the branch locator tool on TCF Bank’s website or mobile app by entering your zip code or city and state.

What options are available for customer support at TCF bank?

TCF Bank offers various customer support options, including phone assistance, in-person visits to local branches, and live chat through their website or mobile app.

Can I set up account alerts with TCF bank?

Yes, TCF Bank allows you to set up and manage account alerts for balance updates, transactions, and significant activities through online banking or their mobile app.

How do I sign up for TCF bank online banking?

To enroll in TCF Bank online banking, visit their website and follow the ‘Sign Up for Online Banking’ option, providing your account number and Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number.

Does TCF bank offer mobile check deposit?

Yes, TCF Bank provides mobile check deposit functionality through their banking app, allowing you to deposit checks conveniently by capturing photos of both sides.

What should I do if I lose my TCF bank debit or credit card?

In case of a lost TCF Bank debit or credit card, report it immediately through the mobile app, online banking, or by contacting customer service to secure your account and request a replacement card.

How can I stay updated on TCF bank’s latest offers and promotions?

Stay informed about TCF Bank’s current offers and promotions by checking their website, subscribing to newsletters, following their social media accounts, or inquiring at your local branch.

Key takeaways

  • TCF Bank utilizes state-specific routing numbers for efficient financial transactions.
  • Each TCF Bank routing number corresponds to a particular state where the account was opened.
  • Routing numbers play a vital role in wire transfers and identifying check processing endpoints within the banking system.

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