20 Things the Ultra-Organized Do Everyday

Do you have visions of being so organized that you can produce a requested fact or object within mere seconds? If you think the answer to being super put together is having all of the right organizational tools at your fingertips—that’s only part of the secret.

The truth is being organized takes a certain mindset. In order to stay motivated to live an orderly life, the ultra-organized tell themselves the following.

1. Knowing where everything saves money.

Rifling through closets for misplaced objects costs money when you have to replace them. Knowing where everything prevents you from buying duplicates.

2. Finding things quickly saves time… and time is money.

3. Being organized makes people trust you.

What kind of person do you look up to as a leader? The person who can’t find anything, isn’t prepared, and is always late? Or the person who’s on time, on track, and ready to work?

4. Staying organized requires regular maintenance. 

It’s not one and done here, being organized demands that you regularly put everything in its place and audit your methods. Spring cleaning only once a year might work for your house, but not when staying organized year-round as a professional.

5. Keeping things in order requires the best organizational tools.

Ultra-organized people know that it’s important to take advantage of time-savers whenever possible, like online programs and apps like Evernote. There’s a reason Evernote’s slogan is “Remember Everything.”

6. Being organized means you have time to catch up with the special people in your life.

How much of your life is spent looking for things, or working round the clock to keep up with your To Dos? When you’re organized, you have more time to spend with your family and friends.

7. Having your financial documents in order makes tax season a snap.

Being able to gather all of your necessary information within minutes rather than hours makes filing your taxes less painful and time-consuming.

8. Being organized prevents food waste.

When you can quickly find items in your refrigerator, and have planned your meals in advance, you avoid unnecessarily throwing expired food away.

9. Having things in order prevents identity theft.

Keeping tabs on important financial information like passwords and purchases helps avoid your information falling into the wrong hands–and you not knowing if it does.

10. Ultra-organization conserves space.

It’s easy to save space when everything has its own place. The items in a messy closet take up three to four times the space of the items in an organized one.

11. Being organized makes you a good adult influence.

When the kids in your life see how organized you are, they are more likely to emulate you—or at least pick up their room before you enter.

12. An organized life is a simple, fulfilling one.

One of our favorite blogs is zenhabits from Leo Babauta. It’s about finding simplicity in the midst of the chaos, cutting out the negative, and uncluttering our space and mind.

13. Tidiness ensures that you don’t miss life’s little wonders.

If all is in its place and how it should be, you’re more likely to notice the little things, like a fantastic sunset or the state of the flowers on your windowsill.

14. Being organized means you are more levelheaded and happy.

Knowing that you know where everything is and aren’t worried about finding things makes for a more content life.

15. Good organization makes you more likely to adapt to change.

Those who lead an organized life and have an organized mind tend to embrace change more readily, without panic.

16. Being ultra-organized gives you more self-confidence.

It’s a lot easier to strut into a challenging conversation or meeting knowing that you have all of your proverbial ducks in order and there’s no missing links.

17. Having things in order allows you to be your authentic self.

The confidence of knowing that everything is where it should be makes it easier show the world the real you, and not a flustered, scrambling mess.

18. Living a tidy life will make your parents proud.

Mom and dad will feel like the thousands of times they told you to clean up your room finally paid off.

19. Living an orderly life means not having to say you’re sorry.

When you live a haphazard life, you’re more likely to have to apologize for not being able to find important documentation or for being late to a meeting or appointment.

20. Being organized makes you successful.

Face it. You’re not likely to find a successful CEO who can’t find critical information. When you are organized, you are likely to do very well in your career and life in general.

As you can see, there is no organization fairy waving a magic wand over certain people. Practice good organizational self-talk—and then act on it—and you’ll soon find yourself a proud member of the ultra-organized club.

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