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Julie Bawden-Davis

Julie Bawden-Davis is a widely published journalist specializing in personal finance and small business. She has written 10 books and more than 2,500 articles for a wide variety of national and international publications, including, where she has a weekly column. In addition to contributing to SuperMoney, her work has appeared in publications such as American Express OPEN Forum, The Hartford and Forbes.

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What Does Under Contract Mean in Real Estate?

Published 05/12/2022 by Julie Bawden-Davis

During your search for a home, you may discover properties that are “under contract.” This means that another buyer has made an offer and the seller has accepted. Several steps must be taken before such loans close. During this time, the sales may fall through and the homes become available again.

How Much Do I Owe the IRS? Find Out If You Owe Back Taxes

Published 04/23/2020 by Julie Bawden-Davis

If you’re wondering “how much do I owe the IRS?” you’re not alone. In 2018, Americans owed more than $128.2 billion in back taxes. But this includes penalties and interest, and few people are good at keeping a running balance of their total tax debt. That same year, the IRS assessed $13 billion in additional taxes and collected more than $1.4 billion with delinquent returns.

Coronavirus Medical Costs: What Are The Average Fees?

Published 03/20/2020 by Julie Bawden-Davis

Estimated cost of a severe case of COVID-19 without major complications.

How Realtors Get Paid: Real Estate Commissions Explained

Published 02/12/2020 by Julie Bawden-Davis

If you’re buying or selling a home, you may wonder about additional costs beyond the price. The question many people ask is, “how do realtors get paid?” If you’re a homebuyer, you can relax, because buyers usually don’t pay realtor fees. It’s generally the responsibility of home sellers to pay realtor fees. So if you’re selling your home, keep reading to understand the process better.

Excess Flood Insurance: How To Find Out If You’re Covered

Published 03/02/2019 by Julie Bawden-Davis

If you live in a flood-prone area and have standard flood insurance, the coverage may not be enough. You may need excess flood coverage.

IRS Penalties Explained: How To Get Tax Penalties Waived

Published 01/31/2019 by Julie Bawden-Davis

Reasons the IRS can charge you a penalty.

What are Loan Origination Fees? Plus 4 Ways to Lower the Cost

Published 01/07/2019 by Julie Bawden-Davis

Interest rates are often the first thing people look at when applying for a loan. And while it’s important to know how much you’ll pay in interest, there’s another equally important factor that you shouldn’t ignore: loan origination fees.

Are Home Improvement Loans Tax Deductible?

Published 06/15/2018 by Julie Bawden-Davis

Looking to spruce up your digs with a little remodeling? You’re part of a growing trend.

Looking for a shortcut to paying off your student loans? (Who isn’t, right?) Achieving that goal starts with reducing your interest rate.

Credit Union Student Loans: Find Your Lowest Rate

Published 03/01/2018 by Julie Bawden-Davis

If you’re considering a private student loan to finance your education, check out credit union student loans. Unlike traditional banks, credit unions are nonprofit organizations, which could mean a lower interest rate for you.

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