Here’s the Most Amazing Wheel of Fortune Solve in History

There was $45,000 on the line but only two letters on the board. When the category is “thing,” the answer could have been anything at all, but somehow, by some stroke of luck, contestant Emil blurted out a guess which put him in the league of some of the greatest Wheel of Fortune players ever.

How could anyone go from N-E to a game winning solve? Emil De Leon is a nursing student from San Francisco, and happened to be studying pediatrics while the show was being filmed. Needless to say, he had babies on the mind.

Still, the solve shocked Pat Sajak into a quick frisk to see if Emil was hiding any wires. It was, after all, the best solve the host has seen in 30 years.

So what will he do with his winnings? Some to his college degree, and some to a vacation. Let hope some of it makes it into savings!

Here’s Pat Sajak’s tweet.



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