Here’s Why Jackie Chan’s Son Will Get None Of His $130M Fortune

Kids who live a lavish lifestyle courtesy of their rich parents can usually count on future financial security, and a continued life of luxury. One potential heir who will not benefit from such inherited wealth is Jaycee Chan, son of iconic action movie star Jackie Chan. Negating an earlier pledge to leave only half his fortune to charity, the elder Chan revealed in October 2012 that he instead intended to give his entire fortune to charity, totally disinheriting his offspring or other family members. But why?

He believes in hard work

“If he (Jaycee) is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money.” – Jackie Chan

Coming from parents that were Chinese Civil War refugees, Jackie Chan began training in drama and martial arts as a small child, and started his career at age 5. He grew to become an award-winning action choreographer, stunt performer, comedian, and entrepreneur, and has worked with the legendary Bruce Lee. He’s now world-famous for international hits such as Shanghai Noon and the Rush Hour franchise, has amassed a net worth of approximately $130 million and has appeared in over 150 films. He truly started from the bottom, worked hard, and became famous on his own skill and dedication. (Wikipedia)

He’s nice, but not that nice

Jaycee Chan

Although Chan has disinherited his family, his offspring have benefitted from the largesse of the elder Chan. For instance, his son Jaycee, now in his early 30s, spent his early life living in magnificent mansions, enjoying lavish vacations, receiving an excellent education and even the financial support of his famous father in attempting to launch a movie career. But while Jackie Chan can point to a string of hits, the younger Chan’s 20 starring movie roles have largely been associated with flops. Among the most spectacular failures was a movie co-starring his father, 2012’s Double Trouble, which grossed a paltry $9,000 in ticket sales, despite heavy promotion.

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In spite of his past generosity toward his son, Chan expressed a determination to stick to his decision disinherit him upon his death. According to Chan, if his son was successful in capitalizing on the advantages he has enjoyed throughout his life, he would not need an inheritance. On the other hand, if his son failed to make a success of himself, the elder Chan stated that any money he inherited would be wasted.

Jackie has been frustrated with Jaycee’s expensive lifestyle and financial troubles for a long time, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t trust him with $130 million.

Like others, he believes inherited money is a “curse”

Jaycee and Jackie Chan

Chan is not alone among celebrities who have declined to pass along their fortunes to their offspring. Gloria Vanderbilt, who inherited her wealth from railroad and shipping mogul Cornelius Vanderbilt, declared in April 2014 that her son, newsman Anderson Cooper, will inherit nothing from approximately $200 million fortune her upon her death. Gloria Vanderbilt, the classic “poor little rich girl,” stated that inheriting money was a “curse.” Her son Anderson is not suffering financially; reportedly earning $11 million annually from his contract with cable network CNN.

“Who has inherited a lot of money that has gone on to do things in their own life? From the time I was growing up, if I felt that there was some pot of gold waiting for me, I don’t know that I would’ve been so motivated.” – Anderson Cooper

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, baseball and cable mogul Ted Turner, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, super-investor Warren Buffet and Microsoft founder Bill Gates have also announced that their children will not gain inherited wealth from them. Gates has stated that his children would be able to obtain a first-class education as well as the financial means to deal with any medical issues, but that they would be expected to work for their income just like the majority of Americans.

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He is known for his philanthropy

Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda and investor Buffet have taken their resolve a step further, forming an exclusive affiliation of billionaires in an association known as the Giving Pledge. Members of the Giving Pledge, which include Turner, Bloomberg and Lucas, make a public declaration to donate at least half of their total wealth to charity and philanthropy while they are living along with leaving charitable legacies after they die.

Chan, who is only a multi-millionaire, is not affiliated with the Giving Pledge, but admires Gates and Buffet. Even before disinheriting his family, he pledged to donate half his wealth to charity upon his death. He is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, campaigns against animal abuse, for conservation, and founded the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in 1988 to provide aid to victims of natural disasters and illness.

The hard work Jackie put into his craft and career is amazing, and his generosity towards the disadvantaged is well-recognized. It’s no wonder why Chan isn’t giving his fortune to his son–for a now 31-year-old man to depend on his father for anything could be considered comical.

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  • I see this is a trend now. Hmm….

  • If I worked that hard to build up my fortune, my kid had better be deserving of it before I left any of it to him or her. Just reading about him, Jaycee doesn’t seem deserving of it…

  • Guest

    jaycee deserves at least 20 million dollars, in my opinion

    • DuckHeadJackie

      Jaycee deserve all what his father made for him. Stupid ego from jackie.

      • ImThatNigga95′

        I didn’t see jaycee perform those stunts did you?

        • Charlotte Colzie

          AMEN !

      • Ricky Raheel Hakeem

        its exactly anti ego concept for jackie. to kill that ego or your kids will grow up to be like TRUMP

        • Charlotte Colzie


      • Charlotte Colzie


    • Charlotte Colzie


  • The Wizard

    So, you better pray your parents are not too rich to disinheriting one who can be you …….

  • Richh Kuok Tiongf

    … leave half your wealth to your heirs but must train them from kindergarten stage on the value of being self-supporting and importance of managing the family’s wealth & heritage … they should double their effort to multiply the family’s wealth as their mission …

  • Darren

    For ‘Trust Fund Kids’ to refuse to pass on their wealth to their own, in my opinion, is not fair. I understand the reasons for not lavishing them with multi. multi millions/billions in one fell swoop, but why can they not set up a trust fund that pays them a monthly sum, equivalent to a decent wage? They could then tie in larger chunks for when they achieve certain goals, perhaps setting up a successful charitable fund themselves etc.

    • Quincy

      the point is the initial trust fund kid already received something that was unfair, and that conceivably damaged their lives.

      to perpetuate unfairness is unfair, to damage your children in the same way you have been damaged is also unfair, their refusal makes sense. They aren’t spiting their children opportunity, education, health, support, medical, or anything else. They just want to see them self direct and self achieve

  • TheEmperorOfWorlds

    You decide to pursue a career making a fortune while neglecting proper rearing of your kids and then complaining about how irresponsible your kids have become is indicative of bad parenting!

    If your kids are going to squander their inheritance then that’s a testament to the whole world that you failed as a parent. Disinheriting your own seed to spare your so-called legacy is an even worse testament! If anything there should be certain conditions attached to their inheritance such as getting a business degree, or some other higher form of education that instructs on proper money handling! Giving your money to charity over your own family isn’t necessarily money well spent either!

    • Quincy

      He’s 31, he can certainly afford a counselor, free moneys from daddy isn’t the answer.

      Why the belief you’re entitled to something beyond your dna after your parents death? Sort of petty, no?

      • TheEmperorOfWorlds

        Your kids didn’t ask you to birth them in a white supremacists ran world full of death hate and violence, and occasional true love! Parents have no right to be bring kids into this world and throw em to the wolves or put any other kind of burden on them! Perhaps a heavy yolk should be put on these parents’ backs who feel that they have a right to do it to their kids!

        • DuckHeadJackie

          Jackie chan is sick, he need to consult my dick.

      • DuckHeadJackie

        Jaycee deserve all what his father made for him.

        • Charlotte Colzie

          MADE FOR HIM ? WHAT A JOKE !

  • D Harlo

    Leave it in a manged trust with instructions to only give your children money for health reasons and a small monthly stipend. Leave a clause that says “when you earn $100,000 of your own money, you get $100,000 from the trust” etc…But I could not leave my family with nothing. Too cruel.

  • he is not going to cut out his son 100%, more like 98% so if the kid gets a job at McDonalds then he won’t worry about paying his utilities in that penthouse he got from his daddy.

  • Sound in Chains

    Guys, look up Jaycee Chan’s net worth. It’s around $2 million. Not extravagantly wealthy like his father, but still wealthier than average and if he continues to make money and makes wise choices he’ll be fine.

  • The Silent Lord

    In third-world countries, the charity money usually goes to the pockets of the politicians.

  • TheEmperorOfWorlds

    Your kids didn’t ask you to birth them into a white supremacists ran world full of death, hate, and violence, and occasional true love! Parents have no right to bring kids into this world and throw em to the wolves or put any other kind of burden on them! Perhaps a heavy yolk should be placed on these parents’ backs who feel that they have a right to do it to their kids!

    Our Creator’s orders are for each of us to be fruitful and to multiply! Good fruit produce good trees, but trees struggling to grow, bears struggling fruit! King Solomon was born into royalty but he was the wisest man alive second to Christ Jesus! Because he was taught in the right ways of living early! So, if parents haven’t reared their kids in the good ways early then it’s to their own failures in how their kids turned out before they leave from under their roofs! Damage control starts early!

    I say since these parents out here want to put a heavy yolk on their kids’ necks. Those kids should succeed and change their last names to one of their own liking. Suitable to one who did it without a father’s, and or, a mother’s support! Now how bout them apples! You won’t have a legacy, your last name ends with you! Now how bout them apples!

  • • тℓ ηαв •

    at least leave your son something that he can fall back on. if he has some hard times.. nothing wrong with that.

  • Rob Roy

    There should be an allowance as a little portion of total wealth, no children will be born lazy, or want to be useless. Unless, the kid is a crook, give him nothing. When children grows, parents guide them, when they grow up, the parents should be fair. Giving nothing is up to individual, giving to charity is very noble. But, there is no wrong for children to inherit, while the parents must evaluate how much allowance to give depending on situation. god bless.

  • Caleb Chang

    In these comments : Bunch of untested and immature young adults who feel a strange sense of entitlement based on DNA LOL smh
    I 100% support Jackie’s decision- why the fuck are people complaining when’s he’s giving it to charity and people that will do something with the money ? It’s not like he’s throwing it down the drain …

  • donny

    Jaycee is only son from his legal wife. He should get some of Jacky’s money. Maybe 10%. For the reason of love and to avoid bitternes from Jacyee because Jacky Chan already spend many of time on his carrier in movie, small quality of time near his son.

  • Peter

    This is a weird move by Chan. It’s one thing to expect hard work and discipline from someone who was basically forced to it by his background and it’s quite another to expect it from someone who lived in luxury his entire life.

    His son has no chance of being as hard-working and industrious exactly because of Chan’s earnings and his money. To raise a child in such an environment, with all the negative effects it has on his self-reliance and then to decide to leave him nothing when the child is grown-up…Makes little sense really.

  • David Kim

    These kids are getting free rides to the world’s top schools, they never have to worry about basic needs or healthcare, and regardless of what they inherit, they will benefit heavily from various levels of nepotism and the doors their family names will open for them.

  • Richard Woody Jr.

    I look at it this way Jackie has earned the money that he’s built his Empire to he has given his children opportunity by providing them a good home and a great education to be able to succeed in the world on their own there are many kids out there that are not so fortunate even have that kids that have to pay for their own College to try and make a good life for their self and then they have student debt afterwards and not from the best colleges whereas he has made his children available to all the good education that they can get to to be able to succeed in this world because what would happen if he were to suddenly lose his fortune at least they have an education and the means to be able to take and succeed on their own people should not be down on him for not giving everything to his children I’m sure if his children could prove to him while he is alive that they are successful and can try and succeed in life he would probably be more apt to leave them something does anybody agree with this because there are some people that can’t even afford College to be able to get a good education and to succeed in the world that’s why those people are working for minimum wage which can’t even support nobody

  • Tim Hansen

    My father is not a millionaire, but if he refuse to leave anything behind, I will be pissed. He was a narcissistic tyrant when I grew up, and today we have no contact (for obvious reasons). If he leaves something behind, that would be at least some compensation. If he does not, and gives it all to his gold digger wife, it will be a double slap in the face.