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Audrey Henderson

Audrey Henderson is a Chicagoland-based writer and researcher. She holds advanced degrees in sociology and law from Northwestern University. Her writing specialties are sustainable development in the built environment, policy related to arts and popular culture, socially and ecologically responsible travel, civic tech and personal finance.

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Personal Loan Vs. Line Of Credit: Which Is Better?

Published 06/10/2016 by Audrey Henderson

No matter if it’s for planned home repairs, consolidating high interest loans, or for one of life’s many unexpected events, taking out a loan can be a great option. However, a little research will go a long way in helping you find the best choice for you.

The Essential Elements of a Valid Contract

Published 06/10/2016 by Audrey Henderson

When most people hear the word contract, they think of ponderous parchment documents stuffed with legal mumbo-jumbo. In reality, a valid contract doesn’t need to be complicated. It only requires an offer by one entity and acceptance by another. As long as each side negotiates in good faith, many straightforward exchanges of goods or services can often be covered by less formal agreements. A valid contract is comprised of five simple elements:

Once you have successfully navigated the booby-trap laden path to be approved for disability benefit programs (Supplemental Security Income, SSI, or Social Security Disability Income, SSDI), the last thing you want to do is endanger your benefits in any way. At the same time, you may not want to spend the rest of your life knitting sweaters or tinkering around the house. You have skills that are valued in the workforce, and you want to use them, if only in a limited capacity. Is that even possible?

Top 15 Best Credit Card Offers

Published 06/06/2016 by Audrey Henderson

With so many credit cards to choose from, it is easy to feel like you’re getting sucked into a plastic rabbit hole and all offers blur together. This post highlights 15 credit card offers that should be on your shortlist. You’re seeking the best credit card offers available, and you know what you want: generous rewards programs, low APRs, and low or no annual fees. If you have excellent or even good credit, chances are you’ll find one or more credit cards that deliver everything you are seeking. If your credit is fair or poor, your choices are more limited, but you still have options. Students and small business owners can also take advantage of great credit card offers. The credit cards listed below feature benefits that rank among the best of the best for consumers of all credit profiles.

Your Fashion Dollars: Where to Save, Where to Splurge

Published 06/02/2016 by Audrey Henderson

After a long, frigid winter of wearing bulky coats, heavy boots, and hair-flattening hats, you are SO done with cold weather gear. You’re ready for flowers, sunshine, and balmy evening breezes. But most of all, you’re ready for bright, colorful spring and summer fashion. But before you whip out that debit or credit card or your checkbook, take a moment to strategize about precisely how and where you will spend your fashion dollars. With careful planning, you will be able to enjoy the lift that refreshing your wardrobe can provide – without blowing a hole in your budget.

If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, you are likely, sooner or later, to encounter a foreign customer or client. Such is the global financial village we live in. While working with an international company or client can represent an exciting opportunity to expand your business, it also raises questions. How will you be paid? In what currency? What about currency transfer fees? Find out how freelancers and entrepreneurs can “go international” without sacrificing profit margins to transfer and currency exchange fees.

The 25 Most Expensive Pens in the World

Published 05/21/2016 by Audrey Henderson

Our list of the 25 most expensive pens in the world includes everything from pens made from materials reclaimed from the Titanic to a fountain pen with a thousand black diamonds.

Can I Use a Personal Loan to Fund My Small Business?

Published 05/21/2016 by Audrey Henderson

The quick answer is yes. Personal loans can and are often used to fund small businesses, but there are some important caveats to consider. While some lenders don’t care what you use the money for, others will deny loan applications from entrepreneurs looking for startup capital. Read SuperMoney’s expert and consumer reviews to find the best option for your business.

The Top 10 Tax Secrets You Need To Know

Published 05/06/2016 by Audrey Henderson

Leona Helmsley, the so-called Queen of Mean, once boasted that only little people pay taxes. She paid for that remark and the accompanying arrogance that led her to flout tax laws by serving time in prison.

How Do Personal Loans Help Build Your Credit Score?

Published 04/18/2016 by Audrey Henderson

It’s hard to overstate the importance of good credit. Whether you’re a college student, a working professional, a parent or a widower, building and maintaining good credit is vital. Big life decisions, such as buying a house, a car, leasing an apartment, or even getting a job, could depend on your good credit history. While there are many factors that affect your credit score, obtaining a personal loan can help you build or repair your credit. Here is how it works.

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