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5 Sources of Retirement Income

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When you retire, it becomes important to have reliable sources of income. As many people found out during the recession following the financial crisis, relying solely on what’s in your retirement investment account can be a scary thing. And, while Social Security is around for now, what happens if you end up with the short end of the stick, with benefits likely to be cut in the future?
Here are 5 ideas for sources of retirement income that can provide you with some steady income:

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1. Business Income

Now is a great time to cultivate income from a business. This can provide a steady stream of income during retirement. If you start now, building a business online and working to bring in affiliate and ad income, you can get some income down the road. You can also build up an offline business, and sell it down the road. Some sort of rental business can also provide income down the road.

2. Bonds

You can include these in your retirement account if you like. But, if you are maxed out but still want a source of income, bond investing can provide what you are looking for. You receive interest payments since you are essentially lending money to an organization or government. You can get higher yields with riskier bonds from corporations or other countries, or you can stick with relatively safe Treasury bonds.

3. Dividend-Paying Stocks

Like bonds, these can be used to boost your retirement account. These stocks pay dividends regularly, which means that you get a portion of the company profits — just for being a shareholder. If you hold them in your retirement account, you might be able to have the dividends automatically reinvested. If you have them outside a retirement account, you can still have them automatically reinvested, but many people like to receive the payments and use it as income.

4. Immediate Annuity

If you get to retirement with a substantial nest egg, and are worried about its value, you can use the money to purchase an immediate annuity. This guarantees you an income stream for a set period of time, and the payments begin almost as soon as you purchase the annuity. Be careful, though; not all annuities are a good deal. You’ll need to understand the tax implications as well.

5. Part Time Job

Finally, if all else fails, you can earn an income — and keep yourself busy — with the help of a part time job. This can be a great way to supplement an ailing retirement account. There are also payday loans from companies such as Wonga. Wonga are well known for their fast little loans which is good if you are in need short term finance. Look for something you enjoy if possible. In many cases, there is no need to make a great deal, especially if you are just supplementing.
All this is well and good but remember to enjoy your golden years.

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