credit card secrets you need to know

It’s no secret that credit cards can be a consumer’s best friend or worst enemy. You can build credit and earn rewards or cash back if you manage the card properly. However, irresponsible use can wreck your credit score and finances. Read on for insider secrets to help you maximize the plastic in your wallet: […]

Puzzle pieces used to symbolize consolidation of credit card debt into a single loan

Are you drowning in credit card debt? Even if you’re making the minimum payments each month, chances are the balances aren’t decreasing as fast as you’d like them to. And if money’s tight, it may be tough to ramp up debt-payoff efforts. So, you decide to look into consolidating your credit card debt. But is […]

small business grants minorities

You need money to grow your business but can’t get a loan from the bank. Sound familiar? Maybe you have less than perfect credit. Or perhaps you haven’t been in business long enough. Either way, one thing’s for certain: not having access to capital can hinder you from growing your company and increasing profit margins. […]

buy or lease a car

Are you in the market for a new ride? Getting a car loan isn’t the only way to get into the driver’s seat; you also have the option to lease a car. If you own a business but don’t drive many miles, a lease may be best. But if you have kids and dogs and […]


You have managed to scrimp and save a couple thousand dollars and want to buy a reliable, used car that gives you the most bang for the buck. Especially because you’re paying cash, it’s possible to find a good deal. But you may have to compromise on the make and model and do a little […]

Credit Cards for Foreign Students and Immigrants

Are you an international student or immigrant living in the U.S.? Are you planning on staying in the U.S.? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions and you’re finding it difficult to qualify for a credit card, you’re not alone. We have rounded up the best credit cards for foreign students and immigrants […]


Selecting a credit card that best suits your needs can be tricky. There are so many options to choose from, but Discover it and Chase Freedom Unlimited are two cards that stand out from the pack if you’re looking for a rewards card with no annual fee. Discover it Rewards: 5% cash back on rotating […]


Do you travel or dine out often and want to earn points for your spending? The Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve may be worth considering. Both cards have high earning potential and several enticing incentives, particularly for travelers. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of each card, and the details […]


Are credit card rewards important to you or would you prefer a basic credit card? You’ll need to ask yourself this question as you’re scoping out your options. Both the Citi Double Cash and Citi Simplicity are credit cards with no frills. But one offers a cash back rewards program while the other one doesn’t offer a rewards program […]

what is a credit builder loan 1

Are you looking to build or repair your credit? A credit-builder loan may be worth considering since it’s designed to build your credit profile or increase your credit score. They’re ideal for credit newbies and those looking for a fresh start. Credit-builder loans also work for cash-strapped consumers since they don’t require a security deposit. […]