How Does Consolidating Student Loans Affect Your Credit

If you have student loan debt, you’ve probably been offered the option to consolidate your loans with the promise of lower interest rates and monthly payments. But how does consolidating student loans affect your credit? Americans have amassed over $1.4 Trillion in higher education debt. It’s no wonder there is a rising number of companies […]

Hot tub guide

This hot tub guide makes it easy to compare the price and maintenance costs of hot tubs by type. Hot tubs are almost as American as hot dogs and a summer BBQ. And they’re the perfect complement to a backyard grill-fest featuring both of those things. Many people consider having a hot tub a kind […]

Pros and cons of a wedding loan

In 2016, the national average cost for a wedding was a whopping $35,329. Many couples don’t have that kind of money lying around to afford their dream wedding. Because of that, nearly ⅓ of couples choose to go into debt to pay for their weddings using credit cards and/or personal loans. If you’re considering paying […]

Scott Brothers house flipping tips

These days, a house is no longer just a place to live. If you’ve been paying attention to channels like HGTV, Bravo, A&E or even Spike, you’ve seen a massive upsurge in shows about house flipping — the day trading of real estate. Big profits are driving the house flipping trend. In 2016, the average […]

Best working capital loans

As the old saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money”. That means you need to have working capital on hand to pay the operating costs of your business so it can keep generating revenue. Working capital pays for operational costs. Examples are such as rent, employee payroll, and short-term debt payments (such […]