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Erin Gobler

Erin Gobler is a Wisconsin-based personal finance writer with experience writing about mortgages, investing, taxes, personal loans, and insurance. Her work has been published in major outlets, such as SuperMoney, Fox Business, and

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Pay Yourself First: What It Means & How To Do It

Published 03/24/2023 by Erin Gobler

Paying yourself first means prioritizing savings over spending in your budget. It can help you reach your financial goals and build positive financial habits.

7 States That Pay You to Move There

Published 03/23/2023 by Erin Gobler

Many cities and states around the country offer financial incentives to people who move there. Requirements often include buying a home or being a remote worker.

Even if you don’t have cash on hand and your account is overdrawn, it’s still important to deposit money to make your account balance positive as quickly as possible. You may also be able to have your fees waived by calling your bank.

Wholesaling real estate is an investment strategy that involves acting as the middle person in a transaction, going into a contract on a home, and finding a different buyer without ever owning the property yourself.

How Is Forex Trading Taxed?

Published 03/07/2023 by Erin Gobler

Forex trading is the practice of exchanging foreign currency to generate a profit. Forex gains are either subject to long-term capital gains tax or are taxed as ordinary income, depending on the types of contracts you trade.

What are Property Taxes on a Condo By State in 2024?

Published 02/23/2023 by Erin Gobler

Property taxes on condos are generally similar to the taxes on single-family homes. However, the amount you’ll pay depends on your location and the value of your condo.

7 Credit Card Debt Forgiveness Options

Published 02/21/2023 by Erin Gobler

Credit card debt can be fully or partially forgiven by negotiating with your credit issuer, enlisting the help of a debt settlement company, or filing for bankruptcy. There are also several alternatives that can help you manage your debt without having it forgiven.

How to Remove Someone From a Mortgage

Published 02/12/2023 by Erin Gobler

It’s possible to remove one co-borrower from a mortgage, but in most cases, it will require refinancing the loan with only the other borrower’s name.

What is Credit and How Does Credit Work?

Published 01/24/2023 by Erin Gobler

Credit is your ability to borrow money, usually based on how responsibly you’ve used debt in the past. It can also refer to a loan agreement between a lender and a borrower.

House hunting can be overwhelming, especially during a tumultuous real estate market. To ensure you find your dream home, make sure you know how much house you can afford, get pre-approved, and start scanning housing market apps to get a better idea of home prices.

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