debt collectors tax refund

Article Summary: If you have outstanding debts, you may worry that a debt collector could take your tax refund. Depending on the debt and to whom you owe it, you could have good cause to worry. This article will tell you when and how your tax refund might get taken to cover your debts. It […]

get out of credit card debt fast

Article Summary If you find yourself already staring at a mountain of credit card debt, you need a plan of attack to stop the bleeding. Without one, credit card balances will continue to accrue interest and cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest. Consider that a $10,000 balance with an APR of […]

can paying off your car improve your credit score

Article Summary Are you going to be seeking a loan or new credit in the foreseeable future, or do you need to raise a mediocre credit score? This article explains how credit scores are calculated and gives 10 straightforward tips for boosting your credit score by 100 points. It also includes a convenient FAQ section […]

Is it possible to get a loan after bankruptcy

How To Avoid Bankruptcy

Are you considering declaring bankruptcy? In certain circumstances, bankruptcy can be a useful tool to wipe your slate clean. But it also comes with serious consequences. Before you declare bankruptcy, consider that there may be a better way forward. Read on to learn how you can avoid bankruptcy. Why Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy If you […]

What credit score do you need for a Walmart credit card

How to Avoid Credit Card Debt

The use of credit cards is a customary way of borrowing and spending money for most Americans. Although they get a bad rap, paying with credit cards has numerous benefits when done properly. If you pay your balance in full every month, they can help improve your credit score, give you valuable perks, protect your […]