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Can I Get Medicare at Age 62?

Published 09/23/2023 by Laura Strecker

Most people will not be eligible for Medicare coverage until age 65. If you retire at age 62, you will have to consider the need for (and the additional cost of) alternative health insurance coverage until you qualify for Medicare.

If you’ve been in a car accident, the value of your car will go down even if you make all the necessary repairs to bring your vehicle back to its original condition. To file a diminished value claim with the auto insurer and recover the loss of your car’s value, you’ll need to know the 17c diminished value formula used to calculate diminished value.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Laminate Flooring?

Published 07/13/2023 by Laura Strecker

Laminate flooring is popular due to its durability, low cost, ease of installation, and ability to emulate more expensive materials like hardwood and stone. The average cost to install laminate flooring ranges from $6 to $14 per square foot, including materials and labor.

How To Buy OpenAI Stock In 2024?

Published 07/03/2023 by Laura Strecker

OpenAI is still a private company, so it’s not currently possible to invest directly in its stocks. However, there are ways to gain indirect exposure to OpenAI via a publicly traded company like Microsoft or Nvidia. Read on to see how.

How to Get Paid for Writing Amazon Reviews

Published 06/09/2023 by Laura Strecker

If you do a lot of online shopping and enjoy sharing your honest opinion with others, you could be making money reviewing Amazon products. But it’s important to first understand the legalities involved with writing reviews. Once you’ve built credibility by writing good Amazon reviews, you may be able to join legitimate paid review programs.

Does Costco Take EBT Cards (SNAP) or Food Stamps?

Published 05/23/2023 by Laura Strecker

While EBT cards are accepted at wholesale clubs like Costco, there are some limitations. Before you buy a Costco membership with the intention of using your SNAP benefits there, you’ll want to calculate the cost and consider the advantages and disadvantages of using your EBT card at Costco.

Do You Get Paid To Live in Alaska (and How Much)?

Published 04/11/2023 by Laura Strecker

The rumors are true: Alaska does pay you to move there! Over the past seven years, eligible Alaska residents have received between $1,000 and $3,000 annually. However, before you move there, it’s worth carefully considering all the perks and drawbacks of living in Alaska.

How Many Citizenships Can You Have?

Published 03/27/2023 by Laura Strecker

There is no hard limit to the number of citizenships that an individual can have. Your ability to obtain multiple citizenships will depend on the citizenship laws of each country you wish to obtain a passport for, since not all countries allow dual citizenship. Before diversifying your passport portfolio, consider the benefits and drawbacks of citizenship in each country, as well as your personal reasons for wanting more than one passport.

Can You Expect an Inflation Check?

Published 02/26/2023 by Laura Strecker

As of early 2023, some states have already sent payments in the form of a refund, direct deposit, or debit card to offset the increasing costs of living. A few other states are still in the process of sending payments or are trying to get relief programs approved. However, these checks offer only short-term relief and do not address the root causes of inflation. In order to successfully navigate difficult financial times, it is wise to take steps to reduce expenses and increase income.

Best 10 Jobs With Housing Included (2024 Update)

Published 02/24/2023 by Laura Strecker

Some of the best jobs that offer housing include seasonal resort worker, cruise ship employee, live-in nanny or au pair, camp counselor, and ranch hand. While there are many advantages to jobs that provide free housing and paid utilities, there are also a few drawbacks.

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