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Easiest Country To Get Citizenship – 2024 Update

Published 01/25/2023 by Laura Strecker

Having dual citizenship, complete with a second passport, comes with multiple benefits. In addition to the more traditional ways by which countries grant citizenship — such as by birth, naturalization, or marriage — several countries also offer citizenship by investment or by descent. The easiest countries to get citizenship include Malta, Portugal, Turkey, Vanuatu, Ireland, Spain, Israel, and nations in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom.

Easiest Countries To Move To From The USA

Published 12/20/2022 by Laura Strecker

Some of the easiest countries to relocate to as a U.S. citizen include Canada, Ecuador, Greece, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain. The best country to move to for one person may not be the same as for another; which country will best meet your personal needs and wants depends on your financial means, as well as your priorities and goals in moving abroad.

13 Best Paying Jobs in Finance (2024 Update)

Published 12/08/2022 by Laura Strecker

Some of the best-paying finance jobs include chief financial officer, financial manager, financial software developer, and actuary. Most jobs in the financial services industry require a bachelor’s degree, while others require higher education.

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