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Suchi Rudra

Suchi Rudra is an avid traveler and freelance writer from Texas who covers personal finance, travel, green building, tech, and entrepreneurship.  Her work can be found in VICE, The Guardian, Vice, American Way, BBC Travel, Fodor's, Transitions Abroad,,,, The Writer and India Currents and many other publications.

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20 Amazing Life Hacks That Can Save You Up to $100 Every Month

Published 06/11/2014 by Suchi Rudra

Tired of wondering where your hard-earned money disappears to all the time? Sometimes, paying yourself first doesn’t work if you are still broke by the end of the month. Combine several of the life hacks below and you’ll save $100s every month.

30 Things You Must Do Before Turning 40

Published 06/06/2014 by Suchi Rudra

Everyone has a bucket list nowadays. But this is a list of things to do at least ONCE before turning 40—and there’s no reason to stop working on it (or stop adding to it!) after you hit decade number four.

As Expedia is considered one of the world’s largest online travel agencies, it’s become a trusted source for booking flights, hotels and rental cars for any destination. You can sometimes find flight deals (especially the multi-city fares) on Expedia that you won’t find on other sites.

Sometimes, it takes more than the latest best-selling novel or inspirational blog post to get yourself pumped to tackle every day like it’s your last. And really, who has the time?

If you’ve ever fasted before, if you participate in Lent, if you’ve ever gone on a diet—consider a spending detox the financial version of all those things.

When you’re going it on your own, it helps to have a little advice from others. So why not pick up some words of wisdom from those who have been there, done that and lived to tell the tale? We’re talking about books of course!

8 Reasons Why It’s Cheaper to Work From Home

Published 03/10/2014 by Suchi Rudra

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a telecommuting trend taking over the nation. Getting to work from home sounds cool, but it doesn’t mean you’re just hanging around in your pajamas and eating cereal all day with the TV on. Although technically you could if you wanted to…

10 Uncommon Hacks For Cheaper Airfare

Published 02/25/2014 by Suchi Rudra

Searching for a cheap flight for your next vacation? You already know that you should be flexible with your dates and try to only pack a carry-on bag. But is there anything else you can do to lower the ticket price? Why yes there is… However, several of these tips and tricks are counter-intuitive, which is why they are so clever.

Sadly, we mostly fail.

Clever Money Saving Apps

Published 10/16/2013 by Suchi Rudra

If the ungodly cost of the latest, fanciest smartphone has got you down, here’s something to cheer you up.

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