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Teresa Ambord

Teresa Ambord is a former accountant and a former Enrolled Agent with the IRS. Now she writes for various publications, specializing in B2B and personal finance articles. She lives in rural far northern California, and is a fully owned and operated by her posse of small dogs.

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9 Steps to Reduce the Threat of Foreclosure

Published 12/17/2013 by Teresa Ambord

Fears of foreclosure are more real than ever. If it hasn’t affected you personally, you likely know someone who has been impacted. For those people, it’s tempting to be angry with your lender. But the fact is, the bank does not want your house because they are not in the real estate business. Generally, mortgage lenders are motivated to help you rearrange your financing so you can remain in your house and continue making your payments.

Beware of Ghosting Identity Theft Scams

Published 10/30/2013 by Teresa Ambord

Not even death can stop a determined thief. That is, the death of a targeted person. In fact, death is what the thieves are waiting for. It’s called “ghosting,” and it happens when a thief uses the identity of someone who has died to obtain credit and/or benefits and rack up bills. It is a growing problem, but not a new one.