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Best Dental Loans

July 2024

Dental loans can be a lifesaver when you either don't have insurance or your policy won't cover the dental procedure you want. However, personal loans for dental work are just one of the financing options available. Read on to see the top-rated dental loans available and alternative ways to finance your dental work.
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Dental loans allow many to get the care they need when money is tight. The cost of dental work is so high, millions of Americans can't afford to get the care they need. Without insurance many struggle to afford regular cleanings, not to mention crowns and root canals. Even those that do have insurance can't always afford the copays and deductibles.
Dental loans are just one option -- here are some alternatives to consider -- but they provide a useful tool for people who don't have the cash to pay out-of-pocket. Here is our list of the best personal loans for dental work.
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SuperMoney's list of the best dental dental financing options is based on the qualitative recommendations of our community members and the quantitative recommendations of our ranking algorithms. We analyzed more than 100 lenders and focused on lenders that provide fast funding at competitive rates.

What is a dental loan?

A dental loan is exactly what it sounds like -- a personal loan you use to pay for dental work. However, it is mainly a marketing term, because most, if not all, personal loans can be used to pay for dental procedures.

What are the best interest rates for dental loans?

The rates and terms for dental financing options change all the time, but -- currently -- the best APRs in our list of best dental loans range from 7.99% to 35.99%. The rate you are offered will depend on several factors, such as your credit score, income, and debt levels.
APR7.99% - 35.99%
Remember, the lowest interest rates are only available to high-income borrowers with excellent credit. Compare at least three lenders from the list above to find the best loan offer available for your credit profile. You will need to get preapproved to determine what your personal rate is. SuperMoney's loan offer engine simplifies the application process and allows you to get multiple loan offers with one secure form. There are no strings attached and it won't hurt your credit.

What are the pros and cons of dental loans

Here is a list of the benefits and the drawbacks to consider.
  • Fast access to money.
  • No need to use your assets as collateral.
  • Fixed interest rates and predictable monthly payments.
  • Can offer lower interest rates than regular credit cards.
  • Best rates require excellent credit and high incomes.
  • Higher rates than secured loans or a 0% APR credit card.

Common Question About Dental Loans

What do you do if you can't afford a dentist visit?

If you're struggling to pay for dental bills, you are not alone. About 1 in 3 respondents of a recent poll by the University of Michigan didn't have dental insurance and 1 in 2 only get dental care for serious problems. There are several options you can pursue if you don't have the cash to pay for dental work and your insurance won't cover it.
First, you can ask your dentist if they will accept a payment plan. Some dental practices provide zero- or -low-interest installment loans to patients.
You can also use a medical credit card or leverage the equity in your home and pay with a HELOC (home equity line of credit), a home equity loan, or a shared equity agreement.
Personal loans are another good option if you can meet the eligibility requirements of the top lenders. Whatever you choose, make sure you compare at least three lenders. SuperMoney's loan offer engine allows you to check your rates and terms with leading lenders without hurting your credit.

Do dental schools give free dental work?

Yes, dental schools can be a good option for low-income patients who live close to a dentistry teaching facility. Most dental schools have clinics that allow students to get experience treating patients while offering care at a reduced cost. However, reduced rarely means free. You may still need a dental loan if you require more than a cleaning or a tooth extraction.

What is the best way to finance dental work?

The answer depends on your circumstances and what dental financing options you qualify for. If your dentist offers interest-free installments, go with that. If you have a credit card that offers 0% APR on new purchases, that could be the next best option. Just make sure you can repay the total amount within the introductory period or it could get expensive fast. The lenders in our list of best dental loans are another excellent place to start. The key is to check multiple lenders and compare the total cost of each offer.

Can I get dental loans for bad credit?

The short answer is yes. Even if you have bad credit, you can still qualify for dental loans. Of course, your rates and terms will not be as favorable as if you had good credit, so a personal loan may not be your best option if you have bad credit. But, there are other alternatives, such as borrowing from your 401(k) or tapping into your home equity with a HELOC or home equity loan. If you have equity but you can´t afford additional monthly payments, consider getting a shared equity agreement. They allow you to cash out your home equity without getting into more debt or having to make monthly payments.

Can you get a loan for dental implants?

Yes, dental implants are an excellent candidate for dental loans because they are expensive and many insurance policies don't cover them. Just one dental implant can cost from $500 to $6,000, depending on the material used, the experience of the dentist, and the additional work (e.g., bone grafting, teeth extraction) required. The fixed rates and monthly payments of a dental loan will allow you more flexibility when shopping for a dentist and selecting the best implants for you.

What credit score is needed for dental loans?

The minimum credit score for personal loans for dental work varies by lender. Some lenders will consider borrowers with bad credit, but they also charge high interest rates. To qualify for the best interest rates, you typically need a good credit history and a score of 720 or more. Alternatively, you can also qualify for competitive rates if you apply with a cosigner who has great credit.

When are dental loans a good idea?

Personal loans for dental work can be a good way to pay for dental expenses. They provide fixed terms, relatively large loan amounts, and competitive interest rates. However, dental loans are not always the cheapest way to pay for these expenses. Only consider them after exhausting other options, such as negotiating directly with medical providers, requesting a payment plan, or paying with 0% APR credit cards.
If you're struggling to pay for your dental expenses and considering a personal loan, check what rates you qualify for before you make a decision. It's important to compare several financing options, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal possible. SuperMoney's loan offer engine allows you to compare the rates and terms of leading lenders without hurting your credit.

How to find the best dental loans?

The list of lenders above is a great place to start. However, you will need to prequalify for a loan offer before you know exactly what rates and terms you can get. We recommend you prequalify with at least three lenders so that you can compare rates, terms, and origination fees.
SuperMoney's personal loan offer engine allows you to receive prequalified offers from leading lenders without hurting your credit.

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