Best Plastic Surgery Loans | November 2020

Plastic surgery loans are one way to pay for cosmetic surgery. However, they are not the only option available. Find out which lenders offer the best plastic surgery loans and what other alternatives are available.

We all want to look as good as possible, and a little help from a plastic surgeon can go a long way. However, plastic surgery is not cheap. The national average cost for liposuction is $3,350, and a tummy tuck will cost around $6,050. Every year, Americans spend about $17 billion in plastic surgery and received more than 1.5 million cosmetic surgery procedures (source). If your medical insurance doesn't cover elective cosmetic procedures (most don't), you may have to find a way to finance your plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery loans are one way you can finance a cosmetic procedure. Loan amounts range from $600 to $100,000, and APRs start at 5.99% and go up to 35.99%. However, the best rates and larger loan amounts are reserved for high-income borrowers with excellent credit.  Here is our list of the best plastic surgery loans.