It’s a widely held belief that our personal credit ratings are an extension of who we are.  Having excellent credit not only empowers us to command better financing terms so that we can buy more house or car for our money, it also makes us more attractive as job candidates.  Of course, not everyone has excellent credit.  If this is true in your case, we have some good news for you; it’s okay!  Your credit profile is always a work in progress and having bad credit today in no way means that you can’t immediately begin planting the seeds for excellent credit tomorrow.  The Captain invites you to begin super-powering your credit profile today by using the tools available on our site.  If you don’t have a recent copy of your credit report, you can order one today for free!  You can also sign up to use our free credit monitoring tool which provides an excellent way to keep on top of what your creditors have to say about you while also giving you a way to spot potential fraud.

CAPTAIN’S TIP:  Most everyone that finds themselves up to their eyeballs in debt today at one time had excellent credit.  Since having excellent credit is what puts us right in the middle of the Debt Blob’s radar, we need to keep a watchful eye for all of his self-serving tricks and gimmicks.  As general rule, with the exception of an automobile or home purchase, one should never buy on credit what they cannot afford to buy with cash today.


The Debt Blobs Trap

Ways To Avoid Bad Situations

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