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What Is Delta Comfort Plus? Find All The Answers Before You Book

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Delta Comfort Plus is a premium economy flight deal that comes with expanded legroom, priority boarding, complimentary alcoholic beverages, and several other perks. It still has seats in the main cabin, but the seats are larger than basic economy seating.
Like most other members of the airline industry, Delta Air Lines offers upgrades available for purchase — upgrades that add a little extra to your flight experience. One of the more common upgrades is Delta Comfort Plus, a package add-on that features a slew of perks that make your flight better. But, what is Delta Comfort Plus, and is it actually worth the price tag? It’s time to take a look at this program and what you can get from it.

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What is Delta Comfort Plus?

Delta Comfort Plus is an upgraded flight experience package that is meant to enhance the flight experience by offering perks, such as extra legroom and better food options, while keeping things at a reasonable price.
This package comes with a lot of perks that make flying economy class easier and is available on most domestic flights for an extra fee. Some international flights also offer this feature for a larger fee as well.
You can sometimes qualify for Comfort Plus by using miles or earning elite status through Delta Airlines credit cards.

What does Delta Comfort Plus come with?

If you’re looking for a way to improve your flight experience, Delta’s upgrade to basic economy might be right for you. Here’s a highlight of what you get with Comfort Plus:
  • Extra legroom. You get a total of three extra inches in your Comfort Plus seat pitch compared to basic economy seating.
  • Dedicated overhead bin space. Tired of having to finagle your way around a seat with a bag? Worry no more.
  • Upgraded food options. Complimentary alcoholic beverages, Starbucks, and premium snacks are available for you.
  • Better entertainment. You get to enjoy complimentary entertainment packages from HBO, Hulu, and podcasts. You can even participate in certain Peloton classes if they’re available.
  • Amenity kits. If you have a longer flight, expect to get an amenity kit with things like headphones, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and other travel essentials.
  • Early boarding and deplaning. Want to get on and off your flight in a hurry? Delta Comfort includes priority boarding in your ticket, making it easy to board and depart your plane more quickly.

How much does Delta Comfort Plus cost?

Delta Comfort tickets tend to change in price depending on what flight you book. Of course, international flights will charge more than national flights for a Delta Comfort Plus upgrade. This costs more than basic economy tickets, so expect a bump in price.
For instance, if you’re looking to book a flight from Phoenix to Miami, a basic economy ticket will run you around $500. As you can see below, a first-class ticket is nearly triple that at $1,484. A Delta Comfort Plus ticket, on the other hand, will only cost $400 extra.
Price comparison showing economy, main, Comfort Plus, and first class prices

Delta Comfort Plus vs. Delta First Class vs. Delta One

Not sure which class seats are for your next trip? Take a look at our chart to compare the benefits you can receive by flying Delta Comfort Plus rather than Delta One or first class.
Delta Comfort PlusFirst ClassDelta One
3 extra inches of legroom Up to 8 extra inches of legroom Up to 8 extra inches of legroom
Up to 6 extra inches of reclining Up to 6 extra inches of reclining A fully flat bed
Amenity Kits on select flights Pre-set pillow TUMI brand kit with Westin bedding
Complimentary snacks and alcohol Complimentary snacks and alcohol Sommelier wine and top-shelf liquor, plus snacks
9-inch entertainment screen 11-inch entertainment screen Up to 15.4-inch entertainment screen
Free headsets on long-haul international flights Free headsets on long-haul international flights Free noise-canceling headsets on all flights
Available on all flights Available on domestic and select international Available on long-haul and select domestic
No SkyPriority baggage handling SkyPriority Expedited Baggage Handling & Security SkyPriority Expedited Baggage Handling & Security

How to get Delta Comfort Plus for free

It’s important to note that there is no surefire way to get Delta Comfort Plus for free. However, there are ways that you might be able to get a free upgrade to Comfort Plus if you are a frequent flyer or have a card with Delta’s card issuer. Here’s the scoop.
  1. Check to see if you are a Delta SkyMiles credit card owner. If you fly Delta Air Lines frequently, it may make sense to sign up for a card and start using it. But keep in mind that you’ll need to rack up a lot of points to reach Medallion status.
  2. If you have a SkyMiles card, check out whether you’ve made elite status. Any form of Medallion status on a SkyMiles (or Delta card) will mean you have elite status. Most people have to spend a fair amount of money in order to make any of the Medallion status ranks, so if you don’t use your card often, it may not make sense to even ask.
  3. If you do have Medallion status, contact the credit card issuer. Your card issuer can help you find out how you can upgrade your main cabin seat to Delta Comfort Plus. It’s worth noting that you can usually do this on the day of your flight.
  4. If there’s enough room, Delta will give you a free upgrade to Comfort Plus. Depending on how many seats are available, you may be able to upgrade just by asking. However, Delta has a hierarchy of groups that have priority for a free upgrade, so don’t consider this your most reliable option.

Pro Tip

Even if you don’t have elite status, you should definitely consider purchasing Delta flights if you have a SkyMiles card. There’s a reason why frequent flyers prefer airline point categories for perks and why most people don’t buy air tickets with a debit card.

What perks can you get from using a Delta credit card?

Like most other airline credit cards, Delta’s SkyMiles cards give you a couple of nice perks. This includes getting one free checked bag, potentially getting some money off flight tickets, and also getting main cabin priority boarding.
Fortunately, if Delta isn’t your preferred airline, you can choose from several other credit cards with airline perks. To ensure you choose the right card for your travel habits, take a look at some of the cards below and compare what perks these cards offer.

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Is Delta Comfort Plus worth it?

Between the overhead baggage space, the extra legroom seats, and the complimentary snacks, it’s easy to see why upgrading to Delta Comfort might be worth it. However, some flights are better deals than others. These signs suggest that you should try to get Delta Comfort Plus seats for your next trip.
  • You love the idea of flying in first class but can’t afford the seats. Though the extra comfort and in-flight meals are tempting, first-class cabin seats are too expensive for most flyers. Delta Comfort Plus, while still expensive, is much more attainable for some flyers.
  • You’re on a long-haul international flight or a particularly long domestic flight. Long-haul international flights are best done with an upgrade to your seat. A little extra legroom can go a long way. Otherwise, long-haul flights can leave you feeling cramped.
  • You have a love for premium snacks and alcohol and don’t mind the main cabin. Comfort Plus is a good way to get freebies without leaving the price range of a main cabin seat.
Whether Delta Comfort Plus is truly worth it will remain up to you and your budget. However, this upgrade option provides a lot of the perks flyers prefer without hurting your wallet as much as a first class ticket.


Is Delta Comfort Plus the same thing as First Class?

While both Delta Comfort Plus and first class have similar perks, the truth is that they are not the same thing. In fact, they don’t even sit in the same cabin area. Delta Comfort Plus sits behind first class on domestic flights and behind Delta premium select seats on international flights.

Is Delta Comfort Plus the same thing as Delta One?

No, Delta Comfort Plus is very different to Delta One. Delta One, for example, is in a different cabin section, includes a flat bed and higher-quality food and drinks. While these two flight deals share similarities, they are two completely different programs. It’s best to look at each option before you book a Delta flight.

Does Comfort Plus get a free bag?

If you were hoping to get a free checked bag, we have bad news for you. This upgrade generally does not come with free checked bags. However, if you have a Delta SkyMiles card, you may be able to get a complimentary checked bag by using your card’s perks.

What are Delta Comfort Plus seats like?

Delta Comfort seats are best described as “premium economy seats.” They are main cabin seats that have a little extra legroom. While you don’t get as much space as first-class passengers, they still offer a decent amount of comfort.

What kind of credit cards work with Delta?

American Express is the card company that most people associate with Delta Air Lines, though there are other credit card companies that have Delta cards too. A smart way to save money on flight deals is to use a Platinum American Express card or a Gold American Express card to get the benefits.
If the gold or platinum card is a SkyMiles card, then you might be able to snag complimentary upgrades, even if you bought standard economy seats. In some cases, travel cards from other companies can still get you perks.

Key Takeaways

  • Delta Comfort Plus is a flight deal that gives you better seating in the main cabin alongside multiple perks that make your flight experience better.
  • Perks that Comfort Plus passengers enjoy include priority boarding, more legroom in the main cabin, free drinks, and an amenity kit.
  • Delta First Class is not the same thing as Comfort Plus, though they are both confused for one another.
  • The most expensive flight upgrade is Delta One, which is best for long-haul international flights.
  • If you book your Delta flight with the right credit card, you may be able to get Comfort Plus for free if you request it.
  • Comfort Plus does not come with free checked bags.

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