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Terms Starting with "L"

Discover the definition of financial terms and phrases in this comprehensive financial dictionary.

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L BondsL ExtensionL Share AnnuitiesL-Shaped RecoveryLIBOR-in-Arrears SwapLLCLabor DemandLabor ExtensiveLabor Force Participation RateLabor Market FlexibilityLabor ProductivityLabor Theory Of ValueLadder OptionLadder PatternLady Godiva Accounting Principles (LGAP)Laggard StockLagged ReservesLagging IndicatorsLakshmi MittalLambda ValuesLame Duck MeaningLancaster Business SchoolLanchester StrategyLand ContractLand FlippingLand In EconomicsLand Lease AgreementLand RehabilitationLand TrustLand ValueLand Value Tax (LVT)LandlockedLandlordsLandominiumLao Kip (LAK)Lapping In AccountingLapse InsuranceLarge AssetsLarge Cap Value StockLarge Trader IdLarge Value Transfer SystemLarry MontgomeryLast MilesLast Stock SaleLast Trading DayLast Twelve Months (LTM)Last Will And TestamentLate MajorityLate Payment FeesLate-Day TradingLatice ModelLatvia CurrencyLaw Of Diminishing Marginal ReturnsLaw Of One PriceLawful MoneyLawrence KleinLayered FeesLbp CurrencyLead MagnetLead ReinsurerLead UnderwriterLeadershipLeadership GridLeading Indicators ExamplesLeads And LagsLeague TablesLeakageLean EnterpriseLean StartupLearning CurveLease ExtensionLease Fair Market ValueLease Money FactorLease OptionLease PaymentLease RateLeasehold ImprovementsLeasing Bank GuaranteesLeast Preferred CoworkerLeast Squares CriterionLeeds Business SchoolsLeft Hand SideLeg OutLegacy AssetsLegacy CostsLegacy HedgeLegacy PlanningLegal Interest RateLegal Lending LimitLegal ListsLegal LoopholeLegal MonopolyLegal Order LTSLegal Recovery Set OffLegal SeparationLegal TenderLegend StockLegging InLegislative RiskLehman FormulaLemmingsLemonLemon LawsLemons ProblemLender Of Last ResortLendersLending FacilityLeones CurrencyLeprechaun LeadersLeptokurticLesotho CurrencyLess Developed CountryLet SystemLet Your Profits RunLetter My AccountantLetter Of ComfortLetter Of CreditLetter Of DeterminationLetter Of GuaranteeLetter Of IndemnityLetter Of Satisfaction Of DebtLetters PatentLevel 1 AssetsLevel 1 Vs Level 2 Market DataLevel 2 InvestmentsLevel 3 InvestmentsLevel 3 Market DataLevel Death BenefitLevel LoadLevel Of Risk DefinitionLevel PaymentLevel-Premium InsuranceLevels Of InsuranceLeverage In Real EstateLeverage InsuranceLeveraged BuyoutsLeveraged EsopLeveraged EtfLeveraged LeaseLeveraged LoanLeveraged LoansLeveraged RecapitalizationLeveraged TransactionsLevered Free Cash FlowLevy GreenLewes PoundLewis RanieriLfy MeaningLiabilities ManagementLiability Car InsuranceLiability Driven InvestmentLiability SwapsLiar LoansLiars PokerLibelLiberalization ClauseLiberty BondsLiberty ReserveLibor CurveLibor ScandalLibyan Investment AuthorityLibyas CurrencyLicensed For Reinsurance OnlyLicenseeLicensing FeeLicensing RevenueLien On BusinessLien PerfectionLien WaiversLife Cycle HypothesisLife ExpectancyLife Expectancy FactorLife Income FundLife Income OptionLife Insurance Free Look PeriodLife SettlementLifecycle FundsLifeincomeLifeline Checking AccountLifelong Learning PlanLifer MeaningLifestyle CreepLifestyle FundsLifestyle InflationLifetime CapLifetime CostsLifetime Learning CreditLifetime Reserve DaysLifo LiquidationLifo ReserveLight Asset DebtLightning NetworkLihtcLike For LikeLike Kind ExchangeLilly Ledbetter Fair Pay ActLimit Down S&pLimit MoveLimit Order BookLimit Up Limit DownLimit-on-Close (LOC)Limited Common ElementsLimited CompanyLimited ConvertibilityLimited PartnerLimited PartnershipLimited Purpose Flexible Spending Arrangement (LPFSA)Limited Purpose Trust CompanyLimited RecourseLimited RiskLimited TradingLinden DollarsLinder HypothesisLine ChartLine GraphLine Of CreditLinearly Weighted Moving AverageLinkages In BusinessLinked Bank AccountsLinked CurrencyLinked TransferLion EconomiesLipper IndexesLipper Leaders KeyLipstick EffectLiquefaction DefinitionLiquefied Natural GasLiquid AlternativesLiquid MarketLiquid Net WorthLiquid ValueLiquidated DamagesLiquidating DividendsLiquidating TradeLiquidation DealerLiquidation PreferenceLiquidatorsLiquidity Adjustment FacilityLiquidity Coverage RatioLiquidity CrisisLiquidity CushionLiquidity EventsLiquidity GapLiquidity Preference TheoryLiquidity Premium TheoryLiquidity ProviderLiquidity Quick RatioLiquidity RiskLiquidity TrapLis PendensList PriceListedListed OptionListed PropertyListing AgreementLite Coin HistoryLitigation RiskLittoral LandLiving WillLloyd's Of LondonLloyd's OrganizationsLoad Adjusted ReturnLoad ChargeLoad-waivedLoaded FundsLoan Application FeesLoan CommitmentLoan CommitteeLoan Consent AgreementLoan ConstantLoan Credit Default Swap (LCDS)Loan Credit Default Swap IndexLoan For BondLoan ForgivenessLoan GradesLoan IndicesLoan Life Cover RatioLoan LockLoan Loss ProvisioningLoan ModificationLoan NoteLoan OfficerLoan Participation NoteLoan PipelineLoan RunoffLoan SeasoningLoan Service FeeLoan SharkLoan SyndicationLoan TapeLoan TenorLoan To Cost RatioLoan To Deposit RatioLoan WorkoutLobbing GroupLobster TrapLocal CurrancyLocal TaxesLocal Volatility ModelLock In Interest RateLock In ProfitsLock Out PeriodLock UpLock Up AgreementLock Up OptionLockdownLockedLocked PriceLocked-In Retirement AccountLodging ExpensesLoft ApartmentLog Normal DistributionLog Price ScaleLogistics ContractLombards LoansLondon Business SchoolLondon Clearing HouseLondon International Financial Futures And Options ExchangeLondon Metal ExchangeLondon Stock ExchangeLong Duration AssetsLong HedgerLong LegLong Legged DojiLong Marginable ValueLong PositionLong Shore ActLong Short FundLong Short RatioLong SqueezeLong Straddle OptionLong Term AssetsLong Term Capital LossLong Term Capital ManagementLong Term Care InsuranceLong Term Crush SpreadLong Term DebtLong Term Debt To Capital RatioLong Term Investment ReturnsLong Term Liabilities ExamplesLong The BasisLong-Short EquityLong-Term Care OmbudsmanLong-Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS)Long-Term Growth (LTG)Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIPs)Long-Term InvestmentsLong-tail LiabilityLong-termLong-term Debt RatioLongest BondsLongevity DerivativesLongevity RiskLongitudinal DataLook Ahead BiasLook Alike LoanLook VcbackedLook-Through EarningsLookback OptionLoonieLoose CreditLorenz CurveLosing Your ShirtLoss Adjustment ExpenseLoss Adjustment ExpensesLoss Aversion ExampleLoss CarryforwardLoss Development FactorsLoss Given DefaultLoss LeaderLoss ManagementLoss MitigationLoss Payable ClauseLoss PayeeLoss Portfolio Transfer (LPT)Loss RecognitionLoss ReservesLoss Settlement AmountLost CostsLost DecadesLot FinanceLottery BondsLove MoneyLow Cost ProductionLow EconomicLow Exercise Price Options (LEPOs)Low Float StocksLow Interest RatesLow Volume PullbackLow/No Documentation LoanLowest Monthly PaymentLoyalty ProgramLpr In InsuranceLratcLsLucas WedgeLucrative InvestmentLudwig Von MisesLuhn AlgorithmLump Of Labor FallacyLumpsum DistributionLuxury Automobile LimitationsLuxury TaxLyonLyon And Turnbull