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After just a week at the wheel of my first BMW, I was hooked and could not imagine driving anything else. I admired, respected and believed in the brand. So much so that over the last 12 years I’ve spent over $750,000 on 7 new BMW’s.

The turning point in my love affair with the German car maker came 10 months into the lease of my latest purchase, an M series. It was December 2013 and I found myself in a dispute with a major insurance company. My legal counsel ... said there was no doubt the matter would settle in my favour but warned it could take months. In the meantime, it would cause a cashflow crisis.

So, I called BMW Finance to ask for short-term financial hardship assistance. My purchase history would qualify me as a highly-valued client in anyone’s language and you would think such loyalty would account for something. However, it did nothing of the sort. What I experienced at the hands of BMW Finance beggar’s belief and is now the subject to an industry led investigation.

Instead of the help I needed and asked for they worsened the situation, caused me to incur additional costs and added to the stress and anxiety I was suffering. The fact they lost the Contract was a sign of things to come. Next was the Hardship Application. Not for the faint hearted, it’s a document to rival ‘war and peace’ and before my ordeal was over they would make me complete and submit this on 3 separate occasions.

It would have been nice and even helpful to know what assistance I was applying for, but they kept this secret along with the outcome of the applications themselves. Well except for the third application that I was accused of not returning. It was rejecting on the grounds I failed to provide the support evidence which was in fact sent and received. To make matters worse, instead of a single point of contact I had to respond to 13 different people. I would reply to one with an update on my case and confirm I was unable to make payments until the settlement was agreed; only to receive an email from someone else asking for an update and another issuing a Repossession Notice.

With my case with the insurer was settled, I made a lump sum repayment to BMW Finance and implemented a plan to manage ongoing payments and clear the remaining $4K debt. Yet, regardless of my commitment and established pattern of repayments, BMW Finance sold my debt to a 3rd party collections agent who used false information to locate the car in the event of a repossession.

BMW Finance then denied this was done and claimed it was miscommunication but unable to explain the $440 charge for collection agency fees that I discovered on my Statement.

A few weeks later, came a written offer to save $7000 off my lease followed by a phone call to confirm it was received and to encourage me to act. I assumed this to be a goodwill gesture in light of the problems they had caused. I visited the dealership only to be told the offer had been withdrawn on instructions from BMW Finance. When I wrote to BMW Finance about this, they suggested that I read their fine print!

The final straw came in December 2015 when the Dealership put forward a proposal to change the car for new model with a new lease that offered a substantial saving.

Despite written assurances I received from BMW Finance that I had met my obligations along with an apology for the difficulties they caused – BMW Finance refused to approve the deal saying it was a commercial decision.

In trying to address these issues with BMW Finance, it takes up to 4 weeks for response, that’s of you get a reply at all.

I now own and drive a new Audi and I love it my only regret is that I should have changed my allegiance a long time ago.
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BMW continued to take monthly payments after settling the finance and they give excuses every time when I call the customer service. They are deliberately delaying the refund even after their standard processing time. And unfortunately their call waiting time is 30 minutes!! Very much disappointed.

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i am a new BMW customer. I was trying to pay my first payment online using the BMW Financial services page. I set up a pending payment and when I went to look to see if it had gone through, it showed no pending payments. I then set up another payment and then I saw that I had 2 pending payments. I called BMW to let them know what happened and 2 different representatives told me that they could do nothing to help me. They told me to call my ... bank. I called my bank and they could not see anything in my pending statement. They told me to call BMW back and let them know that it had not yet gone through and to adjust on their end. I did just that. I spoke to a "Senior Account Manager" at BMW and she told me she could do nothing. "We have too many customers to just try to research this incident." I asked her if she really just said they have too many customers to help out me out personally. She said, "Yes. I can't do anything to help you." I was so taken aback, I asked her again if that was really what she said. The answer again was that she could do nothing. I recently sold my Mercedes Benz and never once had a problem with MB Financial. if this is the kind of treatment I can expect to receive from BMW, I'll never do business again with them. More Less

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I must say I am beyond disappointed in regards to how BMW financial services treats its loyal customers. I am a person with great credit, great paying history and I experienced financial hardship over a year ago and when I asked BMW financial services if they can as a one time courtesy remove that negative mark on my credit history they said they cannot do that for me. I have leased and purchased numerous cars throughout my life and have always paid on time. It is unfortunate that they could ... not remove that mark because I don't plan on ever leasing or purchasing a vehicle from BMW again. Compared to When I spoke to Toyota Financial services in regards to my financial hardship they worked with me and were able to remove that negative mark on my credit history. They understood my situation and treated me kindly and removed that negative mark from my credit history. I will definitely keep leasing with Toyota. More Less

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After searching for the best options, I was approved for zero down for a motorcycle with BMW. I've been wanting one for years, and I couldn't pass up this great of an opportunity. I'd highly recommend BMW auto loans. See what kind of deals they can make you.. maybe you'll get zero down, too!

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After waiting a few months, the car I bought with BMW is finally showing up on my credit report. I made sure to get auto pay for my monthly bills in order to increase my credit score. Everything has been fine so far. It's been about five months, and I have no complaints. I'd recommend them.

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When you're really young it is so hard to find decent rates on auto loans! At only 19, BMW was the only place to give me an okay rate. All the other places wanted to charge me so much in interest. It's been almost two years and I'm happy to report I've never missed or been late on a payment.

0 votes

This company refuses to work with their customers. I made a very small error with my payment, and they have greatly penalized me for it. Even though I explained the mistake and have been the picturesque customer, they will not budge. It is now effecting my credit score. Thanks for nothing BMW!

0 votes

I bought my first ever car with BMW. Even though this was my first, they gave me a reasonable loan. It's great because I'm working on building credit history, and having this car loan has helped tremendously. I haven't had any issues yet, and I'd highly recommend BMW to first care buyers!

0 votes

I got the worst service from BMW. Their customer service is just horrible, and if you have any issues, good luck trying to get a resolution without talking with a manager. I went through so many people with simple questions. I would recommend that you find another company to do business with.

0 votes

My credit score was so-so when I applied for a loan with BMW Financial. I didn't expect much, but was approved anyway. With my credit being average, I was also expecting a higher rate than they gave me. I was pleasantly surprised and now I recommend them to anyone who has less than ideal credit.

0 votes

My husband and I both have loans out with BMW for our cars and couldn't be more satisfied with their service. We've always been treated with respect from all the employees at this company, and are updated regularly. We're happy with our rates and could recommend them.

0 votes

BMW Financial issued the incorrect title on a car I was trying to sell, and then made me find a solution to the problem! After numerous phone calls to customer service, they had no solution to offer me. You guys made the mistake, YOU should fix it. I'm so irritated with them. They just lost a customer.

0 votes

Please don't get an auto loan with BMW! They are as incompetent as can be. Initially, getting the loan wasn't too big of an issue. But afterwards, I needed to change a few simple things and they took MONTHS to do so. I mean, I needed to change my bank details. How difficult is that???

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