Kabbage is a financial lender for small businesses. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has provided over $3 billion to more than 100,000 businesses since it was launched in 2009. All Kabbage business loans are made by Celtic Bank, a Utah-chartered industrial bank.

How Does Kabbage Work?

Kabbage provides businesses with a line of credit they can access if and when needed. Companies are only charged for the money they withdrawal not the entire line of credit.

To apply borrowers must create an online account and complete a short application form. Kabbage bases approval and the amount of money it provides for a line of credit on real life financial data, not just on personal credit scores. Therefore, applicants must grant access to their business checking accounts or other payment platforms, such as PayPal, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

What Are The Interest Rates?

Instead of interest rates, Kabbbage loans charge a monthly fee for every month you have a balance. Fees range from 1.5% to 10% of the loan amount. That's the equivalent of 20% to 99% APR. To illustrate, a $10,000 loan with a six-month term would cost the average borrower $1,200 in fees. This is the equivalent of 40 percent APR. A $100k loan with a one-month repayment term could cost $4,000 in fees, the equivalent of a 48% APR. There are no prepayment penalties so you can save money by paying early.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

Lines of credit range from $2,000 to $150,000.

Which States Does Kabbage Operate In?

Kabbage operates in all 50 states.

What Is the Application Process Like?

Kabbage's application process is as fast and straightforward to complete. The entire transaction, from filling the loan application to receiving the funds can take as little as 10 minutes. Kabbage determines eligibility and how much cash a business can qualify for based on factors such as their seller rating, time in business, the number of transactions, and revenue.

How Is Kabbage Better than Other Lenders?

Kabbage is faster than most other business loan providers. While traditional banks can take weeks or months to process a loan, Kabbage reviews the data through their automated online application to quickly approve small businesses for flexible lines of credit of up to $150,000. Kabbage's typical fees are the equivalent of 40 percent APR, which may seem expensive when compared to traditional bank loans, but is competitive when you look at the rates charged by alternative sources of credit for small businesses.

  • Loan Amount
    $2000 - $150000
  • APR
    20% - 99%
  • Max Loan Term (Months)
  • Credit Score Range
    300 - 850
  • Military Status
  • Verification Documents Required?
  • Minimum Revenue
  • Minimum Years in Business
  • No Origination Fee
  • Business Loan Type
    Line Of Credit
  • Intended Use of Funds
    • Business Debt Refinance
    • Equipment Purchase
    • Lease Improvements
    • New Location
    • Product or Service Expansion
    • Working Capital
  • Institution Type
    Direct Lender
  • Funding Time
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
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0 votes

I am a business owner in Clearwater Florida and I have been without power and internet for days. And for some time, cell service; due to hurricane Irma. It is Friday and I am still without power and internet. Luckily a family member got power and took me in.

About mid week, when I was able to load emails - I was touched by the many emails from our vendors, creditors, and banks - offering support, but not Kabbage; here is what I received from them. "Based on the most ... recent review of your account, your line of credit has been adjusted to $1,000. This decision was made for the following reason(s): Unknown financial impact of your business being based in an area potentially impacted by a natural disaster"

I had a $38,000 credit line.

I own a Tree Care Company - I have received over 125 calls since Monday. I am now booked out for the next 2 months, and my business has "flawless" credit.

I understand a business needs to protect themselves, but the way this was done was just wrong! I called Kabbage to ask what happens now. The rep was cold, robotic, and did not offer anything, other than - "yep, this is the way it is, and they will be reviewing accounts again in a couple months. I told him to just close the account and he did - with no hesitation, no compassion, no effort, nothing; like we simply didn't matter.

Just plain bad business! They solicit me regularly to lend me money. I had this credit line in place, for emergency purposes. While I do not need the money - it's the point.

You learn a lot about the people and the companies you deal with when something like this happens.
More Less

0 votes

Kabbage provided me with the money I needed to keep my business going strong without costing me high rates and horrible interest charges like other lenders.

0 votes

I've been using Kabbage for quite some time now, and have been happy. They provide quick loans and prompt funding, exactly when you need it. The customer service department is great. The only issue is that I wish they had some sort of repeat customer benefits program. My loan amount has only been slightly raised, and I've been a reliable customer for a few years now. I wish they'd put something in place, to show their appreciation to those who pay on time.

0 votes

Kabbage really helped my business! I run an online shop that's been going strong for a few years now. I use Kabbage to buy raw materials to make the products I sell. Whenever I find a great deal on materials, I order in bulk in order to save money. I get out loans to help with this. Kabbage is always quick when giving me a loan, which is great because online sales for materials don't last forever! I'd definitely recommend them!

0 votes

Because my small business is only a few years old, my credit history as a business owner is pretty short. Due to this fact, it has been nearly impossible to get funding from traditional banking institutions and other small business lenders. Kabbage was able to provide me with a loan, but their interest rates can be pretty high. I'm pretty sure it's because my credit history with my business is only a few years old, but the higher payments can be a little tough. Luckily, I've been able to turn ... my loan into a profitable advertising campaign and have been making enough to easily cover the payments. More Less

0 votes

I can't take the high interest rates that Kabbage offers. My small business was fairly new when I was looking for a loan, and most other lenders turned me away because I wasn't established enough. I went to Kabbage and they stated that they cater to businesses that are newer, or will be denied for loans at other lenders. But the way they offer loans to small businesses is at a pricy rate. If you are a small business owner with a newer business, you will have to sell your ... soul to make the monthly payments. More Less

0 votes

I like how this company looks at your business data much more than your credit score. Yes, credit score is important when it comes to paying off a loan, but it isn't the end all and be all. You can have a so-so credit score and be running a successful and profitable company. Kabbage acknowledges that and rewards you by granting you a loan.

0 votes

I've seen reviews about Kabbage's high interest rates, but honestly, they are better than online loans I've received before. I've gotten loans, cash advances, etc. for my online business, and I've regretted it too many times. It was time for a switch, and Kabbage helped me out with lower rates. They may be higher than other lenders, but hey, you have to appreciate what you can get. They're also very online-business friendly, which is awesome.

0 votes

I run a successful little business where I make and sell items on various internet platforms and at craft fairs. I look more toward the craft fairs, simply because you pay one fee to be there. With online shops, you're constantly paying fees, dues, etc. just to post your items. I took out a loan with Kabbage, and the interest is insanely high. I've had to cut back on my online selling simply because I can barely pay the dues for the online retailers. I've had to greatly change my ... business structure because of the high monthly payments I need to make to Kabbage every month. If you can get business loans elsewhere, I would. More Less

0 votes

I am very happy with these guys. I use the loans to pay for Pay per click advertising on the internet and I know I will pay at the end of the month before the first month expires, so it works like a charm for me. I can use the cash to buy more and more ads as I know my formula works and for every $1000 bucks you get the "interest" is very low or at least reasonable. I used this loan as my "working capital". My only advice ... is don't use it like a credit card advance. More Less

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