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0 votes

If you rely on this company for watching over your identity and protect it, forget about it. They are prehistoric in their ways of dealing with customers which makes me wonder how effective they can be about their main purpose. They do not have safe electronic ways to communicate, they do not have encrypted communication. They rely instead of secure faxes to be in touch with customers. That means to request additional expenses or buying machines that have no further usage these days. Very poor customer service.

0 votes

Clever name. I'm happy to have a watchdog watching over my credit. I also really like how they track anything that has occured with your medical benefits. I had a good friend who had someone use her medical benefits. They hit some of her thresholds for the year and it was a big mess.

0 votes

I signed up for this site for the wallet protection that tracks anything going on with your credit cards, medical benefits and even your driver's license. but since signing up I've found out that they offer a wide variety of services that are really cool. These include credit reports and scores if you have the platinum plan, which I do.

0 votes

This place seems to really know what they are doing. They look at all different methods of protecting your identity. It's more than just watching your credit report. Someone could be using your medical benefits and you wouldn't even know it, unless you have ID Watchdog watching out for you!

0 votes

I liked the name of this site, so I decided to sign up. Stupid reason, I know, but it's been great. They've alerted me when they've found things online, and when I lost my wallet things popped up right away, so I know that the system is working well! I would recommend it if you want to safeguard your identity.

0 votes

I am relieved now that I've signed up for this service. It is good to know that they are doing regular scans of databases looking for my social security number. I am so glad that they will detect fraud as soon as it happens.I can now breath easier about the fact that my identity is more secure.

0 votes

I'm not sure why more people don't know about this company. They have been around for awhile and they really do offer great service when it comes to identity protection. The services are much more thorough than other services I've used. I would recommend them to anyone who is really trying to protect his/her identity.

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