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Community Rating Strongly not recommended
Max Monthly Fee $39.90
Identity Theft Insurance? N/A
Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring? Yes
Number of Reviews 15

MyScore Review

What is MyScore?

MyScore is based in St. George, UT and was founded in 2016. Credit monitoring is the process of reviewing your credit reports for accuracy and changes that may be caused by fraudulent activity. You can monitor your credit by yourself or by using a credit monitoring service, such as MyScore.

How much is MyScore?

MyScore charges a monthly fee of of $39.90.

Does MyScore offer free credit monitoring services?

No, MyScore does not offer free credit monitoring.

Does MyScore offer a free trial?

No, MyScore does not offer a free trial.

How accurate is MyScore?

MyScore is as accurate as the information on your credit bureau reports. Only you can tell if the information is incorrect or incomplete.

MyScore offers access to all three credit reports, which is a huge benefit if you want to ensure all the information used by creditors is accurate.

Your credit reports can differ significantly depending on which credit bureau's data you use. So, it is a good practice to check all three credit reports.

MyScore offers access to the credit reports mentioned below.

Credit Bureau Reporting Options
  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Credit scores also vary depending on the model used, such as Vantage or FICO 8. MyScore does not give you access to your FICO score. Other score models, such as VantageScore, are useful but they don't show you the score most lenders are looking at.

    How often does MyScore update?

    MyScore allows you to check an updated version of your credit report anytime you want.

    What features does MyScore offer?

    There are many credit monitoring services, free and premium, to choose from. So, you can get picky when it comes to credit monitoring features. Here is a summary of the features MyScore offers.

    MyScore Features
    Credit Bureau Reporting N/A
    Credit Monitoring Features N/A
    Credit Report Frequency N/A
    Identity Protection N/A
    Free Trial Available? No

    Does MyScore offer identity protection?

    MyScore offers the following identity protection service.
    Identity Protection Options
    Supported Options Unsupported Options
  • Identity Theft Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Identity Restoration Support
  • Does MyScore help with fixing credit report errors?

    No, MyScore does not help with credit report error disputes.

    Does MyScore help you put a credit freeze on your credit report?

    No, MyScore does not help you put a freeze on your credit report. This article provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can do it yourself.

    How to contact MyScore?

    The easiest way to contact MyScore is visit their website and go to their help and support page. You can typically find a link on the footer of their homepage. click here.

    How to cancel MyScore?

    To cancel your MyScore account, log in as you usually do. Go to your profile or account page and request a membership cancellation.

    How can I join MyScore?

    1. Visit the MyScore website.
    2. Fill in the enrollment form. You will typically need to provide general financial information, such as your name, Social Security Number, address, annual income, and source of employment.
    3. Check the information is accurate and submit your application.

    How does MyScore compare to other credit monitoring companies?

    Pros & Cons of MyScore
    Pros Cons
  • Offers access to the data of multiple credit bureaus.
  • Experian's credit report.
  • TransUnion's credit report.
  • Equifax's credit report.
  • Free trial available.
  • Access to all three national credit bureau reports.
  • Access your updated credit report anytime you want.
  • Provides identity protection.
  • FICO Scores are not available.
  • Will not help with disputing errors on your credit report.
  • Will not help you with freezing your credit report.
  • No free credit monitoring.
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    • Headquarters
    •   169 W 2710 South Circle
      St. George, UT 84790
    •   Visit Site

    About MyScore

    Feature Breakdown

    Monthly Fee $39.90
    Max Monthly Fee $39.90
    Credit Bureau Reporting
    • Equifax
    • Experian
    • TransUnion
    Credit Monitoring Features
    • Free Trial Available
    • Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring
    Credit Report Frequency Anytime
    Free Trial Available  
    Identity Protection Identity Theft Monitoring
    Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring  

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