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Penny App Review

Penny is a money management app that helps you control your spending and become a smarter consumer. It's like Mint, but simpler. The app learns about your spending patterns and expenses by analyzing your bank transaction histories. Penny then uses this information to help you make smart financial decisions. 

The app was developed by Friendly Finances in 2015 and is available on AppStore and Google Play. 

What Services Does Penny Offer?

- Penny looks through your banking details and explains your spending and income through friendly messages and beautiful graphics.

- Provides entertaining and useful facts about your spending habits, such as the time of day you are more likely to go shopping and how much you spend on Starbucks.

- Tracks your monthly spending so you can keep to a budget.

- Consolidates your transactions across accounts so you can keep track of them.

- Keep tabs on your balances over time.

- Automatically categorizes your purchases and expenses into buckets.

How Much Does Penny Cost?

Penny is free. It makes money when users follow its advice and sign up for products and services that help them save money.

How Does Penny Work?

Penny uses an interface we are all comfortable: texting. The software behaves as a friend called Penny that sends you text messages to warn you of an impending bill, give you money saving tips, and help you stick to a budget.

The first step is to link all your bank accounts and credit or debit cards. Penny has bank level security and cannot be used, even by you, to move or spend money.

How Is Penny Better Than Other Money Management Apps?

Penny is easy and fun to use. Setting up your account and connecting it to all your financial accounts will take a few minutes, but it's an excellent tool for managing your budget and control your spending. 

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