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0 votes

Wave makes accounting so much easier than before! I used to carry around a giant folder full of old receipts. Now I just save them to my Wave app. They get categorized and stay organized for me to reference later on. Wave is such an amazingly easy, useful app and I appreciate the developers for making something so simple. It's even beginner friendly! So if you're new at accounting, Wave is a good option.

0 votes

I used to really love this app for receipt organization, but too often, bugs interfere with its usefulness. I get way too many error messages when trying to edit or add any receipts now. I used to use this all the time, now it is rendered useless on my behalf. I have closed the app, re-downloaded it, and reopened it with no success. Until the developers fix the bugs or perform an update, I can't use Wave.

0 votes

I attempted to use this free app to completely organize my small business. Ultimately, it didn't work out for me. I think for personal use, it would work just fine, but on a larger scale, it can't handle it. I wanted to upload and organize all of my business receipts, but there is no way to categorize them by filter. Generally, you need to keep everything organized when doing the accounting work for a business. Again, I think this would work on a personal level, but not for a small ... business. More Less

0 votes

Wave is a really good app but I wish they would add more to make it more versatile. I use it to manage my spending and keep track of my money by recording receipts. It would be nice if they added more options as to how you are paying. Not only do I want to track my spending, I would like to know which card I used to pay for it. Right now I just use the cash on hand option which is fine, I just want more to choose ... from. More Less

0 votes

Free accounting and personal finance software? I admit; I was skeptical. I figured that what I would actually get would either be stripped-down crippleware, buggy malware-infested bloatware or “free” software – except for all the hidden fees. Or maybe I would be signed up on a dozen marketing email lists and be SPAMMED to death. Nope, Wave is actually free. The only exceptions are stated up front, and the charges are clearly explained. And your information is not sold to third-party marketers.

Wave works strictly in the cloud, ... which may make you skittish if you like the idea of having your records stored on your own servers or (in my case, since I'm a solo practitioner) on your own computer hard drive. But of course, there is nothing stopping you from keeping those records in hard copy or digital form, although you still need to be connected to the Internet to actually use Wave. That's really the only drawback I can see. More Less

1 votes

I love Wave for its simplicity, low learning curve and solid features at free or low cost. I was happy I found this while I was freelancing and can use this for my startup Datelytics (www.datelytics.co). I would recommend those who are seeking a simple accounting program to try Wave.

0 votes

This app is fantastic for basic accounting needs. There are upgrades you can pay for (as with all apps) that are completely optional. I've been getting by on the free version and am very happy with it so far. I think the app needs wifi to work, which is different for a financial app, but it's not too bad. It just needs to adapt better to a weaker wifi area. But to keep track of what you need to, this app works great!

0 votes

I love how Wave manages to provide premium service for free (really free, not trial for a month free) and is designed specifically for micro-businesses (9 or less employees) like mine. They promise to stay free forever because their business model is a platform to sell you services targeted to your needs. I particularly like how you can file your expenses by just taking a picture and uploading your receipts and bills to the cloud. My only complaint is how painfully slow it is to process the receipt once you ... take the picture. More Less

2 votes

Wave core accounting and invoicing products are free and limitless. Small business owners who rely on Wave for basic invoicing and accounting services don't have to worry about going over their allotted number of transactions each month, which frequently happens with many competing accounting tools. Instead, they can quickly and easily send an unlimited number of invoices online.

0 votes

Sometimes this app does not ask me for a passcode when I initially open it up. This is a little unnerving since this is an accounting/financial managing type app. With all of the information this app stores, I wish it had more to offer in terms of security. That being said, I do think it is a good little app. It has so many useful tools that really help you manage everything you'd need to. If they fix the security issue, it would be awesome.

0 votes

This accounting app really helps you cut down on the clutter in your purse or wallet! I used to keep everything shoved in my purse until it became unbearably heavy. Now I just snap the receipts as I get them and into the garbage they go! It is great for busy small business owners or people on the go in general. No more paper trail, it's great! I have been using Wave on my laptop for a while, and the app is a great addition.

0 votes

For a free app, Wave offers a great deal of organization for the average guy. I own a little side business and use this to keep track of all the receipts. I used to just throw them in my truck dashboard and hope they were there when I needed manage them. Wave makes it so much more convenient because now I don't have a bunch of papers all over my truck. I would really recommend it because it is great for small businesses.

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