Where does Uber do business?

Uber is a business based in San Francisco, CA. It was founded in 2009 and offers work to freelancers in 50 states (and Washington, DC).

Uber is an app-based car-hiring service that operates in 260 cities and 45 countries.
Uber is also a ride referral service. Unlike cab companies, Uber drivers use their personal cars and pay for their gas and expenses. The company is primarily a social network platform for passengers and drivers. Uber’s smartphone app connects riders with drivers using GPS technology.

Uber rides are usually considerably cheaper than a standard cab fare. Savings drop when you use the service during peak times when surge pricing is in effect. At such times, which include rush hour traffic hours, you can expect to pay much higher rates than usual.

Uber also features a unique rating system. After an Uber ride is complete, both the driver and passenger rate one another. Riders comment on aspects such as the promptness of the service and cleanliness of the vehicle. Drivers rate the behavior of the passengers. 

What compensation structure does it offer?

Uber compensates workers on a commission basis.

The company processes payments, which are made by passengers via the credit card they added to Uber’s platform at signup. Uber takes a cut from each fare and direct deposits the rest of the money into the driver’s account.

How much can you expect to earn working for Uber?

Rates vary widely by time and location. Uber workers can expect to earn anything from $7.50 and $27 an hour. There are no minimum or maximum number of hours for this side gig. You can work as much, or as little, as you want.

The current national median hourly income for Uber drivers is $14.26 per hour. Weekly median earnings equate to $570.27 per week based on a 40 hour work week. This median income varies greatly by geographic location from $7.50 - $27.00 per hour in different cities across the United States.

Other factors that affect hourly earning potential are time of day, hours driven, surge pricing, timeframe in which the amount was earned and the type of vehicle driven. 

What do you need to start working?

Side gigs can give you more flexibility than regular 9 to 5 jobs but there are still requirements to meet.  Here's a summary of the eligibility criteria to work for Uber:

  • Uber workers must have a clean criminal record.
  • You need a clean driving record.
  • Workers must have a valid driving license.
  • You will also need to purchase your own insurance.
  • Uber requires workers to own an eligible vehicle.
  • Own a smartphone.

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents can apply. The minimum age to work for Uber is 21.

Click here for a more detailed list of requirements.

How does Uber describe itself?

Want to make extra money in a way that works for you? Try driving with Uber—you use your own car to give people rides and you get paid immediately with Instant Pay. And it's super flexible—you can drive day or night, 24/7. You just hop in your car, turn on the app, and you'll get a pickup request from a rider.

  • Estimated Hourly Earnings
    $7.5 - $27
  • Immigration Status Considered
    • U.S. Citizen
    • U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Minimum Age
This opportunity is for an independent contractor. National average trip earnings of $570.27/week are based on a 40 hours of driving per week using the net median national earnings of partners from 02/01/2018. Median earnings in your specific location may be lower than the national figure. Actual earnings vary depending on number of rides accepted and taken, time of day, location and other factors.
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