911 Tax Relief is a tax mediation and resolution outfit based in Studio City, California. It was launched in 2010 by Raffy Kopalian, who is still the owner and CEO. The company has around 60 employees and an A+ rating with the BBB. It claims to employ experienced licensed and enrolled agents. However, 911 Tax Relief does not have CPAs or tax attorneys on staff.

What Services does 911 Tax Relief Offer?

911 Tax Relief provides customers with tax mediation and resolution services to help them avoid tax liens, levies, and wage garnishments. However, it doesn't offer help preparing taxes or with legal representation.

How Does 911 Tax Relief Work?

Customers can contact 911 Tax Relief by phone, email or through its website's contact form. 911 Tax Relief offers a free initial consultation to determine whether a taxpayer qualifies for any of the programs or negotiation options the IRS has made available. Only people with a minimum of $10,000 in tax debt are considered. The first step is to have a conversation with one of its “tax experts” who will ask a bunch questions to determine eligibility.

What Negotiation Options Does 911 Tax Relief Explore?

911 Tax Relief focuses on three main tax negotiation avenues with the IRS: offers in compromise, penalty abatement, and installment agreements. It does not deal with “innocent spouse relief” and “currently not collectible” claims.

What is 911 Tax Relief's Fee Schedule?

As with most tax relief companies, fees depend on the debt amount and complexity of each case. For instance, one of our analysts was quoted $4,450 for assistance with a $50k tax debt. Fees can be spread over a three-month period, but 911 Tax Relief will not start to work on clients' cases until the fees are paid in full.

Which States is 911 Tax Relief Licensed to Operate In?

911 Tax Relief is licensed to operate in all 50 states.

How is 911 Tax Relief Better/Worse Than Other Tax Relief Companies?

911 Tax Relief has over 60 employees, which sets it apart from the army of small “tax experts” that troll the internet. It employs enrolled agents, who are tax experts licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS either because they passed a three-part comprehensive test or worked at the IRS for five years in a position that required them to regularly interpret the tax code. 911 Tax Relief also offers a free initial consultation to determine whether a client qualifies for assistance.

On the other hand, 911 Tax Relief does not offer tax preparation or legal representation in tax criminal cases. Its website is unprofessional and doesn't include a physical address. There is no refund policy and 911 Tax Relief does not claim to be accredited or affiliated with any the trade association or professional society.

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  • Flexible Payments
  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • Enrolled Agents On Staff
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0 votes

Although it would be nice, 911 is no panacea when it comes to taxes. Actually, no one is. You can do everything right and still have the government displeased with you and your taxes. I took advantage of everything 911 had to offer. I didn't need all of it, but it helped me to grow. I have gotten some of what I owe paid off and am working on the rest.

0 votes

The people at 911 Tax Relief took away a huge pressure and stress that has been hanging over my head for quite some now. Their staff was not only courteous and attentive to my needs, but I could tell they were extremely knowledgeable and professional with how they handled my case. They got me protected which was my biggest concern. Its hard to sleep at night knowing you owe the IRS and the constant worry of when they will start collections at any point of time was always in the back ... of my mind. No longer the case now thanks to the good people that work at 911. I highly recommend them if you want to steer clear from the grips of the IRS. God bless this company! More Less

0 votes

911 is the answer if you have a tax problem that just can't seem to get resolved. Yes, it will cost you money to get some help from them, but I can guarantee you from personal experience that you will lose much more by trying to fix things yourself. I did that and it just ended up in me owing much more in penalties. Take my advice and call!

1 votes

Initially the process seem easy and would be beneficial, the IRS and FTB were off my back...the tragedy came right about the same time I finished paying 911 Tax Relief the finally payment. I received notification from FTB that my NEW installment agreement was finalized and I my new agreement was for $250.00. I immediately called 911 Tax Relief and sent emails to request them to hold the last payment to 911 Tax Relief or allow me to make payments on the last installment (about $350) because what ... the FTB was going to charge and IRS would be more than what I had set up on my own. If they took the last payment to 911 Tax Relief, I would not be able to make the installment AND may get kicked out of the agreement with FTB. I was told "...don't worry, they usually do not take the first payment out for 2 months...." Well here we are 3 weeks after the finally payment was processed with 911 Tax Relief, FTB hit my account and I was overdrawn by $200.00 (Ironically the amount I told Tax Relief I would be)

Okay bottom line. Make sure your deal with them is satisfactory to your situation before you make that last payment. As with all other substandard companies preying on those who need expertise help...once they get their fees...you are closed out and left to defend yourself..

Unfortunately in this case I paid around $1000.00 to get a worst deal than I had done for myself.

PS one other thing, I told 911 Tax Relief that I had received a letter stating IRS was going to change my withholding at work, which would result in my discretionary income being lower. I was told by them (since "They represent me" that was something they did not cover), ...911 commented back.."usually they do not change those decision, but I could give it a try". So I did....got my withholdings changed to what I really could do.

So wow, I paid $1K to have an expertise, get me a worst deal than handling it myself.....you make the decision.
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