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Free Sample Websites: Best Places To Get Free Samples By Mail

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Audrey Henderson
Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? A free sample allows us to try a product with no investment and may introduce us to an amazing new product we might have missed. Many people shy away from online sites offering a free sample or product because of the hoops that many sites make you jump through. Other people don’t like getting tons of junk mail or spam email (actually, nobody likes that). What if you could receive free samples without new headaches. The sites listed below allow you to score freebies on items that people actually use—the free samples available range from free beauty products, health products, baby products, and personal care products to free media. The free media is not just magazines. One of the sites listed offers free movie tickets.
The best part is these are freebies you will use, and what good is a free sample of something you will never use. Many of the sites provide links to the manufacturers, which may give access to additional promo codes or coupons. Get free rewards that include free magazines, household goods, and even get free birthday presents! What’s not to love?

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If It Is Free, Why Do I Have to Register?

Many freebie websites require you to register – and you’ll need to provide your address to receive sample products and merchandise in the mail. Free product sites will want your email address to send new freebie offers directly to bargain shopper email boxes. Companies may follow up and ask for product reviews. The best opportunities exist with companies who want you to share your opinion about their product. Taking the time to fill out an online survey can lead to additional freebies or future savings on purchases. Keep reading for how to get your free stuff and avoid SPAM overload. You can provide the necessary information to take advantage of freebies without giving up too much of your privacy or being deluged by junk mail. Technology and a bit of fudging can do the trick. The sites included below, listed in no particular order, are among the best for scoring cool freebies.

Things to Know Before You Search for Free Online Deals

Manufacturers and retailers often have free samples available or promo codes available on their sites; you will see an example below. Other companies have established reward programs where the more you buy their product, the more free stuff you receive. Credit card companies frequently have some rewards point program or cashback incentive. Recently, mobile phone companies have begun rewards programs for their customers allowing for credit toward purchases. These are common platforms you may have overlooked for freebies. Try checking your favorite retailers’ sites to see what great offers they may have hiding in plain sight.
Several of the sites listed below are aggregate sites. These sites compile information on freebie offers from across the web to present in one location. Aggregate sites provide links to the various offers. Follow the link and complete the requirements to secure your freebies. The sites listed here are frequently updated, so new offers are available every day. Try different sites to determine which one is best for you. We are certain you will find more than one favorite on our list.

1. Gofobo

Do you love movies but don’t love paying full movie ticket prices. Get free movie tickets at Gofobo. You could see that upcoming movie that everyone is talking about on social media for free. Gofobo promotes free advance screenings of upcoming movies. You can search the website for screenings of upcoming movies or redeem promo codes for passes you download as PDF documents. Print your free tickets and take them with you to the theatres, it is that easy. These free advance screening passes are snapped up quickly, so you’ll need to be fast on the draw. A free ticket does not guarantee you a seat, so plan on arriving early to see your free movie. Joining Gofobo is totally free. With the Gofobo website, you’ll receive free tickets, and all it takes is a little time and your email address.

2. Target Sample Spot

The best part about free samples with Target is you are dealing with a company you know. Target is one of several retailers that offer free samples to customers or potential customers. Go to the website to see available samples. Be forewarned; samples don’t last long. If you see something you like, redeem the offer right away. On the other hand, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see available offers; the website is updated frequently. You have to keep checking back, and eventually, you’ll find great deals. Check out Target on social media to find company news, updates, and special deals.

3. I Love Free Things

Free stuff is not limited to getting free samples. Do you like to get free t-shirts, free magazines, free beauty products, grooming supplies, free food, and free stuff for your pet? If you answered yes, add the I Love Free Things website to your bookmarks. Browse the site or sign up to get the latest free offers sent directly by email; that way, you don’t miss the latest offers. Check out new free offers on the go with free apps compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

4. P&G Everyday

Proctor and Gamble are another household name that manufactures some of America’s favorite product brands that you use every day, including care products from Pantene, Bounty, Crest, Mr. Clean, Metamucil – you get the idea. Sign up with P & G Everyday, and you can receive free samples by mail or coupon offers to download and take to the store completely free.
The site also features product reviews and informative articles. When you’re looking for free offers, it is nice to learn more about the product you are trying. Find out about new products you’re looking for and share your experience with P&G about the products you use every day. Signing up with P&G Everyday is completely free, and you get samples from a brand you know and trust.

5. All Free Magazines

The cost of magazine subscriptions can really add up. With All Free Magazines, you can get free subscriptions to popular magazines like Us Weekly, GQ, Glamour, and Men’s Health. You may have to answer a short survey or complete a similar activity to get the magazine. The best part is that the surveys are nothing outrageous. There’s no signup required for All Free Magazines, but you will want to bookmark the site so you can visit often.

6. Visa Extras

Gift cards. Appliances and gadgets. Travel. Books. Clothing. All free with no strings attached. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s time to become familiar with the Visa Extras program. Sign up with your eligible Visa credit or debit card through the Visa Extras website, then begin racking up points by making everyday purchases with your card. If you are unable to sign up, it means that the financial institution issuing that particular card does not participate in the program, which only means that you’ll need to try (or find) a different Visa card. Typically, VISA Extras is not currently compatible with most pre-paid VISA cards.

7. Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff is an aggregator website. This aggregator site collects free offers and promo codes from across the web and presents them in a single centralized location. You can find freebies available in a broad range of categories, including books, product samples, pet care products, beauty products, baby products, and so much more. You can browse available freebies right on the website, including links for redeeming the offers you choose to take advantage of. This is another site that you will definitely want to bookmark. Just Free Stuff offers free things you will love. To find new free offers, check the website frequently.

8. Get It Free

Get It Free is like going to an online mall to shop for freebies. Get It Free offers free products on their website, including books and e-books, albums, product samples, yummy treats, and magazine subscriptions are just a sample of the categories of available merchandise accessible from the site. Redeem offers by clicking the Get It Free website’s links, which redirect you to the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website in another browser window. You can also sign up for the free newsletter to get the latest free offers delivered right to your email inbox. Get It Free is an aggregate site that collects free product offers to make it easier for you to find and get the freebies you want to receive. New free offers are added to the list all the time. If you want free items, check the list often, and you are sure to

9. Free Birthday Treats

Free Birthday Treats specializes in free offers available on or around your birthday, including free meals and desserts, free tickets, and other free products. Many offers are available for your entire birthday month, so you have plenty of time to benefit from several of them. No registration is required to check out the new freebies available on Free Birthday Treats, but you may be required to sign up directly with some merchants to take advantage of specific free offers. Make your friends happy and share this free product site on social media. After all, everyone likes free stuff on their birthday.

10. Free Sample Monkey

Getting free sample merchandise is great. Hunting down deals on the Internet? Not so much. Free Sample Monkey has your back. It’s an aggregator site that subscribes to really simple syndication (RSS) feeds to collect the best offers to get free sample products and present them in one easy-to-use website location.
When you see an offer you like, click on the link, which redirects you to the manufacturer or retailer site where you can complete the necessary steps to get your free items. Free samples include health and beauty products and household products, baby products, and pet supplies. Bookmark the Free Sample Monkey site and keep checking back – it’s updated every 15 minutes with additional free offers!

Don’t Miss Out on Reward Offers

Scoring free samples from these sites is a huge bonus, but make sure you are not missing free stuff already available to you. Like VISA, many credit cards come with reward programs where you earn points toward products or cashback. Using apps from popular restaurants like Chick-Fil-A, Subway, many others allow you to collect points for visits and product purchases, leading you to receive free food and products.
Movie theater apps often have clubs available to earn points toward free movie tickets. Read the fine print with movie theater freebies. Some theaters charge a nominal membership fee. You can always check out social media for freebies, but be careful of scams. We all want to avoid scams and spam. Keep reading to see how to protect yourself and still score your free things.

Get Free Stuff without SPAM

If you love to get free samples and like to try out new products, it may be time to establish a separate email address to use just for free stuff you receive. Free email accounts are available through Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Setting up a generic “offers only” email will help avoid unwanted emails in your primary email box. You may want to consider establishing a separate voice mail account to avoid giving out your home or mobile numbers. Google Talk and K7.Net both provide stand-alone phone numbers, and both are free. You’ll receive a free phone number that you can use for your freebie offers and an app that you may use to collect points towards free rewards. Once you get your freebie accounts set up, sign in to your email, and approve mail from the free sample site, so you receive new offers and don’t miss one going to SPAM.
If you plan to receive lots of samples or products through the mail, a post office box or commercial mailbox may be a worthwhile investment. You’ll receive products from various retailers, which could be attractive to a passerby who sees a mailbox filled with packages. A box of free products is attractive to others, so it is best to take a few precautions with the free product you receive.
Finally, an automatic form filler like RoboForm can save countless keystrokes on merchant sites. RoboForm is free for individual, single-device use. Although we recommend it for quickly filling out freebie offers, RoboForm offers other features that will make your web surfing experience more productive. If you’re looking to optimize your time spent on the web, even while doing your everyday tasks, go to the RoboForm site and get started today.

Protect Your Identity When You Find Your Free Stuff

We all know that while there are plenty of reputable sites providing free samples or providing aggregate listings of available free products, some sites are lying in wait to steal our information. To get free samples and free products, companies need your mailing address. This is another reason for considering a post office box; it helps keep your identity safe.
While some of the information you provide to cash in on free products – such as your mailing address – truly is necessary, a lot of data is collected strictly for marketing purposes. Opt-out of third party merchandising offers (translation, junk mail). Provide only a month and day for offers that ask for your date of birth; if you must include a year, use a date that makes you older than age 21. You may not like fibbing, but it’s really nobody’s business how old you are. Providing your true date of birth could potentially leave you vulnerable to identity thieves, who like free stuff for themselves at your expense.
Likewise, think twice about offers that require you to provide a credit card number; after all, these are free products and product samples you are hunting for. If you go ahead and provide a credit card, get a prepaid card that is not connected with your regular bank account. Following these safeguards can ensure that the free samples you receive truly are free and minimize your exposure to unwanted intrusions.

You Can Get Free Samples With No Strings Attached

Free stuff is available if you are willing to do the leg work and locate the deals. Get smart when searching for your bargains and take precautions to protect your identity. When you find incredible free offers from companies, share your experiences on social media so others can take advantage of all the free offers you find. Companies want to market their products and are willing to send you free stuff to help promote their new products, and sometimes when you share your experience with manufacturers, they will send you more offers to get freebies.
The deals are available if you are willing to seek them out, and be quick to snatch them up when you find them.

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