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What Is IRS Notice 1444?

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If you received Notice 1444 from the IRS, it means you previously received an Economic Impact Payment, also known as a stimulus check. The letter notifies you of the amount of the payment and how it was sent to you, as well as what to do if you didn’t receive the correct payment you were owed.
If you received Notice 1444 from the IRS, that’s good news. It means you are meant to have received a stimulus payment from the government! If you’ve received the correct payment, you also don’t have to do anything. Simply file the notice away with your tax records.
Here’s what to know about IRS Notice 1444, including what to do if you haven’t received a letter in the mail or didn’t receive the correct amount of your stimulus payment.

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Why is Notice 1444 important?

Notice 1444 is important because you will need the document when you file your taxes. The letter was sent out to each stimulus recipient within 15 days of the IRS issuing their stimulus payment. The notice was sent by mail for security reasons and would have been sent to the recipient’s last known address.
Note that in all cases of stimulus payments from the government, you should be wary of people trying to reach you over other means of communication, such as by phone or email, as this is a scam. Once you receive them, it is generally advised that you hold on to your tax documents for at least three years.

What does Notice 1444 look like?

The notice should look like the image below and includes the following pieces of information:
  1. The payment amount
  2. A phone number to call in case you have questions
  3. Where you can find more information about the payment
  4. How the payment was made — e.g., direct deposit, check, debit card
  5. A reminder to keep the notice with your taxpayer records
Notice of 2020 Economic Impact Payment from the IRS

What to do if you didn’t receive the correct amount

If you qualified for a stimulus payment but didn’t receive the total amount, Notice 1444 can help you claim the remaining amount that you’re owed. Simply use this notice when filing your taxes in order to get the rest of your payment. In this case, you’ll be claiming your stimulus payment as a tax credit, which is known as the Recovery Rebate Credit.

Pro Tip

Claiming the Recovery Rebate Credit when you’re not eligible can get you in trouble with the IRS. If you intentionally disregard the rules, the IRS could ban you from claiming any rebates for two years. If fraudulent claims are made, this ban can be extended to ten years.

What are the different types of Notice 1444?

Because there are multiple types of stimulus checks, there are also multiple types of Notice 1444 that can be received. Here are the different types of Notice 1444 and what they mean:

Notice 1444: Your Economic Impact Payment

This would have been mailed to you 15 days after the first stimulus payment was issued in 2020. In some cases, you may have received another Notice 1444 if the IRS had to correct an issue or distribute more than one payment in the first round.
If you received a Notice 1444 but did not receive your first payment, you should review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the IRS website.

Notice 1444-A: You might need to act to claim your payment

The IRS mailed Notice 1444-A to individuals who don’t typically file federal income tax returns but who may have been eligible for the first Economic Impact Payment. If you received the incorrect amount of this payment, you must file a 2020 tax return in order to be eligible to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit.

Notice 1444-B: Your second Economic Impact Payment

The law that authorized the second round of Economic Impact Payments allowed the IRS to take more time to mail Notice 1444-B after these second payments were issued. This means you likely received your second stimulus payment several weeks before Notice 1444-B arrived.
If you received Notice 1444-B but did not receive the second payment, then you should refer to the IRS’s FAQ about what to do if the payment was lost, stolen, destroyed, or otherwise never arrived. In most cases, the IRS will initiate a payment trace, which will help them determine if the check has been cashed.

Notice 1444-C: Your 2021 Economic Impact Payment

The IRS mailed this letter to you if you received a third Economic Impact Payment. You should keep this letter with your tax records for the year 2021. Again, if you have questions, refer to the IRS’s FAQ on the Recovery Rebate Credit for the 2021 tax season.


How do I get my Notice 1444?

For security reasons, you’ll receive your Notice 1444 exclusively in the mail, at your last known mailing address. If someone claiming to be an IRS agent attempts to contact you by any other means, it’s a scam.

What does Notice 1444 from the IRS mean?

Notice 1444 simply means that you have received an Economic Impact Payment. If the amount you’ve received doesn’t line up with the amount on your Notice 1444, then you will need to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 tax return.

What happens if I don’t have my Notice 1444?

Even if the payment itself was received, the IRS is unable to issue a copy of the notice if it is lost or never received. Taxpayers who don’t have their notices can view the amounts of the first and second Economic Impact Payments through their online accounts.

How do I know if I received a Notice 1444-C?

You’ll know you’ve received a Notice 1444-C if the letter from the IRS has “Notice number: 1444-C” printed in the top right corner, below the notice date.

Can I look up my Notice 1444-C online?

Yes, you can view the information present on your Notice 1444-C online by signing in to your IRS online account. Here, you can view your balance, make and view payments, and access tax records. The IRS online account home page has a record section that links to notices and letters, where you will find your Notice 1444-C.

Do I need Notice 1444 to file my taxes?

You should hold on to all documents you receive from the IRS for at least three years after receiving them. In the case of Notice 1444, you’ll need to have this document if you intend to apply for a Recovery Rebate Credit. If you did not receive your full stimulus payment when they were originally distributed, the Recovery Rebate Credit will allow you to receive the correct amount via your tax return.

Key Takeaways

  • Notice 1444 is a letter sent by the IRS following an economic stimulus payment. The purpose of Notice 1444 is to inform you of the amount of your payment and how it was made.
  • If you did not receive a stimulus payment, or if you received less than the full amount you were owed, you can use Notice 1444 when filing your taxes in order to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit.
  • Because there are multiple different economic stimulus payments, there are also different types of Notice 1444 you can receive.
  • If you lost or never received your Notice 1444 in the mail, you can view the letter online via your IRS online account.
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