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Andrew Latham

Andrew is the Content Director for SuperMoney, a Certified Financial Planner®, and a Certified Personal Finance Counselor. He loves to geek out on financial data and translate it into actionable insights everyone can understand. His work is often cited by major publications and institutions, such as Forbes, U.S. News, Fox Business, SFGate, Realtor, Deloitte, and Business Insider.

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Asset Seizure – How Does It Work?

Published 02/14/2023 by Andrew Latham

If you owe back taxes and don’t arrange to pay, the IRS has the power to take your property as payment through a process called asset seizure.

What Are Back Taxes?

Published 02/13/2023 by Andrew Latham

You have heard the Benjamin Frankin quote about taxes and death. “The only thing for certain in life is death and taxes.” Like millions of working Americans, you try your best to pay your fair share and do so on time. Unfortunately, life can get complicated. In 2020 alone, the IRS counted 13.2 million delinquent taxpayer accounts and collected nearly $1.9 billion in back taxes.

Again, the three largest and best-known credit reporting bureaus are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. These companies track consumer information, including payment history, credit utilization, credit history length, public records, and inquiries. In addition to your name, address, Social Security number, and credit card or loan account numbers, your credit report contains information on whether or not you’ve ever been sued or arrested, filed for bankruptcy, or failed to pay your bills on time. In addition, it shows whether anyone else has viewed your credit reports, such as a bank or credit card company, and when.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Published 02/07/2023 by Andrew Latham

If you need money and you don’t want the risk of placing a valuable asset as collateral, you may want to consider an unsecured loan. Personal loans can be funded in 48 hours or less and you can use them for almost anything you want. You will need good credit to qualify for low rates and fees, but even borrowers with poor credit can qualify for a loan.

Contractor Fraud: What It Is and How To Avoid It

Published 02/01/2023 by Andrew Latham

Contractor fraud is when unscrupulous contractors or service providers intentionally or recklessly misrepresent themselves, their qualifications, or their services in order to secure work or payment from a client or business. Steps you can take to avoid being scammed by fraudulent contractors include conducting background research, asking for references, verifying a contractor’s license and permits, and keeping records of payments.

The Definitive Guide to Marketplace Lending

Published 01/11/2023 by Andrew Latham

Median annual return of the largest marketplace lending platform.

FHA Loans: Definitive Guide to FHA Lending

Published 01/11/2023 by Andrew Latham

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is the largest insurer of mortgages in the world, having insured over 47.5 million properties since its establishment in 1934. Could an FHA loan help make your dream of homeownership a reality? Read this complete guide to find out.

IRS Statute of Limitations: How Does It Work?

Published 01/11/2023 by Andrew Latham

All good things must come to an end — but luckily, some bad things end, too. Even the Internal Revenue Service has limits on how much time it can legally spend collecting on federal income taxes. This time period is called the IRS statute of limitations, and understanding these limits may save you money in the long run.

Funeral Loans and Financing: Help With Funeral Expenses

Published 01/11/2023 by Andrew Latham

Funerals…an event most of us don’t want to think or talk about, let alone pay for. But what if a loved one passes, and amidst dealing with the grieving process, you find you are responsible for costs? Funerals can range from $6,000 to $9,000, on average, and need to be arranged quickly. If you don’t have that amount on-hand, funeral financing loans may be your best option.

The Definitive Guide to Disability Loans and Grants

Published 01/11/2023 by Andrew Latham

Americans will be disabled before they retire.