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Audrey Henderson

Audrey Henderson is a Chicagoland-based writer and researcher. She holds advanced degrees in sociology and law from Northwestern University. Her writing specialties are sustainable development in the built environment, policy related to arts and popular culture, socially and ecologically responsible travel, civic tech and personal finance.

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10 Things That All Financially Successful People Do

Published 04/07/2016 by Audrey Henderson

Do you think that “Dow Jones” must be some hip new clothing line? Does the term “CD” make you wonder when the next album from Adele is scheduled to drop? You don’t have to be an active player in the stock market, but you should have a basic understanding of how money works. Financially successful people are financially literate. They can differentiate margin calls from a call from that certain someone and know precisely when selling short is in their financial interest. 

Working A Second Job To Make Ends Meet

Published 04/05/2016 by Audrey Henderson

Working a second job puts more money in your pocket, but depending on your circumstance, those additional earnings may come at a high cost. Many employers frown on their employees holding down multiple jobs. Others have outright banned the practice.

Do Personal Loans Build Credit?

Published 03/31/2016 by Audrey Henderson

In brief, personal loans can be an effective way to build credit. The catch is you only can qualify for reasonable rates when you already have good credit. If you have poor credit or no credit at all, you will probably only qualify for loans with high rates and expensive fees. Here is a list of the best personal loans currently available. In such a case, you should probably consider other credit building methods. This article will explain how personal loans can help and what alternatives you should also consider.

Glossary of Lending Terms

Published 03/29/2016 by Audrey Henderson

If you’ve ever filled out a loan application, you might have wondered if it was written in a foreign language. Many of the individual phrases look like English, but the document as a whole is about as easy to understand as a Swahili auctioneer. Even words you thought you knew have an entirely new meaning.

Buying a Car: Paying Cash vs. Auto Loan

Published 03/09/2016 by Audrey Henderson

When The Ides of March sang, “I’m your vehicle; I’ll take you anywhere you want to go,” they were definitely not referring to YOUR car, which really doesn’t take you much of anywhere anymore. All indications point to the urgent need for a replacement set of wheels so that you can put your old clunker – that spends more time in the shop than it spends on the road – out of its misery. Sound familiar?

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Financial Well-Being

Published 12/31/2015 by Audrey Henderson

The end of the year is such a hectic time, with holiday shopping, family get-togethers, parties and other festive occasions. Thinking about money hardly seems in tune with the season. But the end of the year is precisely the right time to map out financial strategies for the coming year.  Following these 10 tips can help make 2016 your most prosperous year ever. Now that’s really something to celebrate!

Top 10 Things You Need to Get Done Before Year End

Published 12/18/2015 by Audrey Henderson

You may be preoccupied with getting the right gifts for everyone on your holiday gift list or what to wear to that big holiday party – but you should also be thinking about how to tune up your finances. And although April 15 may be months away, there are strategies you should be executing now to reduce your tax bite when you file your return. Yes, now. If you wait until the new year, many of these strategies will no longer be available to you – at least until the end of next year.

Best “Member Only” Discount Deals

Published 11/05/2015 by Audrey Henderson

Saving money on the things you really want is incredible. One of the best ways to score significant discounts is through so-called member-only shopping merchants and warehouse clubs. But determining which organization(s) to join varies by several factors, not least of which is the type of merchandise you usually buy. These 10 member-only outlets can help you rack up significant savings on stuff you were planning to buy anyway.

Top 10 Areas Booming in the Real Estate Market Currently

Published 10/20/2015 by Audrey Henderson

Are you itching to purchase your own home? You could do far worse than any of the 10 booming metro areas listed (in no particular order) below. Whether you aspire to be a movie star, love country music, are avid about outdoor winter sports or simply crave year-round sunshine and warm temps, there is at least one city on this list that should appeal to you. Many of these hot real estate markets are also fueled by rapid job growth, improving your odds of being able to make a living in your new surroundings.

How You Know When It Is The Right Time To Refinance

Published 10/20/2015 by Audrey Henderson

Back in the day, you may vaguely remember your parents throwing a mortgage-burning party to celebrate finally owning their home free and clear. Now you’re a homeowner, but you’re a long way from burning your mortgage. You’re considering refinancing your mortgage, but you’re wondering if this is the right time to do so.

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