Best Prepaid Credit Cards

15 Best Prepaid Credit Cards for 2019

Prepaid credit cards look just like regular credit cards and function much like regular credit cards. But don’t let looks deceive you. Prepaid credit cards are actually not credit cards at all. In many ways, prepaid credit cards are more like debit cards than regular unsecured or even secured credit cards. The most significant distinction […]


If your credit score is below 600, you’ll struggle to be approved for any type of credit. You’ll likely find it difficult to rent an apartment, or get a credit card, or take out a loan. The good news? Your credit score doesn’t have to stay low. If you make responsible decisions about your credit and […]

You may hesitate to get a credit card because you’ve heard the horror stories about people racking up thousands of dollars in debt. Or you may have already damaged your credit through less-than-responsible credit card use. You might just prefer to conduct all your business in cash. Whatever the reason, you don’t have a credit […]

Almost any time you open a checking account, the bank will issue a debit card to you. While you may think of this as the ATM card to draw money out of your account, it can be used for so much more. While utilizing this card is convenient, there are some things that you should […]

Ten Alternatives To Credit Cards

You may have a damaged credit profile and be unable to qualify for a regular credit card. Or you may simply wish to avoid taking on high interest credit card debt. In either case, you don’t have a credit card and won’t be obtaining one anytime soon.  Nonetheless, you still need access to some means […]

Top Personal Loans of 2016

Whether you’re seeking a loan for home improvements, a long-anticipated vacation or simply to pay down credit card debt, these top personal loans represent your best options. While banks offer personal loans, the process tends to be lengthy and sometimes frustrating, especially for borrowers with less than perfect credit. In such circumstances, a non-bank lender […]

You handle most of your financial transactions with cash, checks or your debit card. But occasionally you encounter unexpected expenses for which you don’t have sufficient cash on hand. Or perhaps you want to purchase a big ticket item without waiting months or years to pay for it in cash. In either case, you’re faced […]

Top 10 Ways to Consolidate Credit Cards

Whether you’re drowning in credit card debt or simply want to reduce the number and amount of payments you make each month, consolidating credit cards is a savvy financial move. However, all methods of consolidating credit cards are not created equal. The ten strategies below vary from extremely desirable to approaches that should be considered […]

10 Quick Financial Moves To Make Today

If you always work through lunch, maybe it’s time to rethink that strategy. You’ll benefit both mentally and physically from the break in your routine, which may make it easier to stay awake during late afternoon conference calls and meetings. But if you hate feeling unproductive at all during the workday, any of the 10 […]

You may know that FICO scores range from 300 to 850 and that higher scores are more desirable. If you’re buying a house, you may strive to boost your FICO score to qualify for the best conventional mortgage rates. If you’re applying for a car loan or credit cards, you also work to boost your […]