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Is Refinancing Your Car a Good or Bad Idea?

Published 06/27/2018 by Chonce Maddox

Is refinancing your car a good or bad idea? Remember. Refinancing an auto loan doesn’t always save money. Here´s how to determine whether a refinance is a good deal.

Easy Business Loans and Your Credit Score

Published 04/13/2018 by Chonce Maddox

Getting your business off the ground or expanding your current operations can be difficult when you don’t have the money.

How to Use a Mortgage Refinance to Get Out Of Debt

Published 02/13/2018 by Chonce Maddox

Drowning in debt? High interest rates could be the culprit. High-interest debts, like credit card and personal loan debt, can really eat away at your bank account. For many people, though, that’s just the beginning. Don’t forget about the interest rates on your biggest debt: your mortgage. How to use a mortgage refinance to get out of debt