Best Renters Insurance in Florida | July 2022

Landlords often require tenants to carry renters insurance for their own protection. This article will explain what to look for in a policy, and offers a list of the best renters insurance in Florida.

Many renters in Florida face the possibility of flood and heavy winds. This makes renters insurance a smart option, whether your landlord requires it or not.

A misconception among many renters is that the owner's insurance protects them. The fact is that the owner's insurance protects the structure of the building. Your renter's insurance protects you. For example, if a hurricane hits, you could lose all your possessions. Renters insurance can reimburse the value of your loss and help with another place to stay if needed. Let's say you start a fire while cooking. Rental insurance can keep the landlord coming after your personal bank account. For these reasons and more, all renters should consider rental insurance.

Here is a list of the best renters insurance carriers in Florida.

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