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Best Tax Relief Companies with No Retainer Fees

March 2024

If you’re dealing with IRS tax problems, you can take care of it yourself or hire a tax relief company. This is our list of the best tax relief companies with no retainer fees.
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Tax relief firms can help you resolve tax debts, but they are not cheap. Some even charge a retainer before they will look at your case. We analyzed over 70 companies; and based on SuperMoney's algorithms and community feedback, here is our list of the best-rated tax relief companies that don't charge retainer fees.
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This list focuses on tax relief firms that don't charge retainer fees. However, retainer fees are not the only thing you should consider. The top tax relief companies offer competitive fees while ensuring only highly-experienced and certified tax professionals handle your case. This list of the most recommended tax relief companies with no retainer fees is based on SuperMoney's algorithms and the ratings of its community of users.
When vetting tax relief companies, it's important to look at various factors such as:
  • Starting range of fees
  • Minimum amount of tax debt required
  • Average fee amount
  • Eligible tax issues
  • Money back guarantees
  • Flexible payment options
  • Expertise of the staff
  • Service areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retainer fee?

A retainer is a fee you have to pay some professionals, such as attorneys and consultants, to secure their services. Some tax resolution firms charge an upfront payment or monthly fee -- also known as a retainer -- until the case is resolved.

Why do tax relief companies charge retainer fees?

Tax relief firms may require a retainer fee to compensate for the time invested in enrolling a new client and analyzing the particulars of the case. If the client were to leave without paying or before the case is resolved, the tax relief firm could use the retainer to cover the expenses required to do business.

How much do retainer fees typically cost?

Retainer fees vary significantly depending on the company. Some tax relief firms charge you a flat fee that can range from $200 to $4,000. Others base the retainer on a multiple of their tax professionals' hourly fee. If you're dealing with a tax attorneys firm, the hourly rate usually ranges form $350 to $550 per hour. If the tax relief firm spends the money in the retainer, you will need to continue paying for them to carry on with the case.

What is the best tax relief company?

A lot depends on how much you owe and your unique tax situation. Check our list above for the best-rated tax relief firms based on our algorithms and current community ratings. Right now judging by reviews Optima Tax Relief is strongly recommended by SuperMoney users with a score of +81, equating to 4.6 on a 5 point rating scale.

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