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Terms Starting with "T"

Discover the definition of financial terms and phrases in this comprehensive financial dictionary.

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T 1 SettlementT ShareT-AccountT-Distribution In ProbabilityT-TestTMX GroupTSX Venture ExchangeTZeroTab FinanceTac DefinitionTactical Asset AllocationTactical TradingTag-Along RightsTaguchi MethodTail RiskTailgatingTailor MarketingTaipei ExchangeTaiwan Stock ExchangeTaiwan Weighted IndexTakafulTake A BathTake A FlierTake A ReportTake Home PayTake Or Pay ContractTake Out CommitmentTake Out FinancingTake Out MortgageTake Profit StrategyTakeover BidsTan CodesTandem PlanTangible Book ValueTangible Book ValueTangible Common EquityTangible Common EquityTangible CostTangible Net WorthTangible Personal PropertyTangle CryptoTankanTanzanian ShillingTap IssueTaper TantrumTaperingTarget Cash BalanceTarget CompanyTarget HashTarget InsuranceTarget MarketsTarget Pension PlansTarget RatesTarget Return PriceTarget RiskTarget-Date FundTargeted Accrual Redemption Note (TARN)Targeted Amortization ClassTariff WarTax AbatementTax AbatementTax AccountingTax AdvisorTax And Price IndexTax Anticipation NoteTax ArbitrageTax AssessmentTax AttributesTax AvoidanceTax BaseTax BenefitTax BreaksTax CheatTax CodeTax CourtTax Credit ApartmentTax Deductible FormTax DeductionsTax DeedTax DeedTax DragTax DutyTax EfficiencyTax Efficient Mutual FundsTax Equity And Fiscal Responsibility Act Of 1982Tax EvasionTax Exempt Commercial PaperTax Exempt InterestTax Exempt InvestorsTax Exempt SecuritiesTax ExpenseTax ExportingTax ForeclosureTax Form 4506Tax FraudTax FreeTax Free DividendsTax Free SpinoffTax Free SpinoffTax Freedom DayTax HavensTax HolidayTax HomeTax IncidenceTax IndexingTax LiabilityTax LienTax Loss Harvesting Robo AdvisorTax Loss SellingTax Lot AccountingTax PlanningTax RatesTax RatioTax Reform Act Of 1986Tax Reform Act Of 1993Tax ReliefTax ReturnTax RollTax SaleTax ScheduleTax Schedule DTax SeasonTax Service FeesTax ShelterTax Sheltered AnnuityTax ShieldTax TableTax UmbrellaTax WedgeTax-Advantaged AccountsTax-Deferred Savings PlanTax-Free Retirement Account (TFRA)Tax-equivalent YieldTax-planningTaxable BondsTaxable EstateTaxable EventsTaxable GainsTaxable IncomeTaxable Municipal BondsTaxationTaxpayerTaxpayer Advocate ServiceTaxpayer Relief ActTaylor RuleTeacher Retirement SystemTeachers Insurance And Annuity AssociationTear SheetTeaser RateTech BubbleTech Company Big BlueTech CorrectionTechnical AnalysisTechnical AnalysisTechnical AnalystTechnical DefaultTechnical IndicatorsTechnical Job SkillsTechnical Progress Function (TPF)Technical SkillsTechnocracyTechnology SectorTed EnglishTed SpreadTeenieTelecommunications Consumer Protection ActTelegraphic Transfer: A Fast And Secure Way To Transfer FundsTelemarketingTeletaxTemasek Sovereign Wealth FundTemporal EquilibriumTemporal MethodTemporary Checking AccountTemporary Expanded Public Service Loan ForgivenessTemporary Liquidity Guarantee ProgramTenancy By The Entirety:Tenancy In Common (TIC)Tenants By EntiretyTenbaggerTender In FinanceTenement HousingTerm AnnuitiesTerm Asset-Backed Securities Loan FacilityTerm Auction FacilityTerm BondTerm DepositsTerm Federal FundsTerm Life InsuranceTerm LoanTerm Of EmploymentTerm OutTerm Securities Lending FacilityTerm SheetsTerm To MaturityTerminal Capitalization RateTerminal ValueTerminal YearTerminally IllTermination ClausesTermination DateTermination EventTermination Of EmploymentTermination StatementTerms Beginning With 'A'Terms Of TradeTero TechnologyTertiary RecoveryTertiary SectorTestTestamentary TrustTestamentary WillTexas RatioTezosThb MeaningThe 1% RuleThe 10/20 Rule Of ThumbThe 5 RuleThe 5-Year RuleThe Accountant TicketsThe Assignment Method Is:The Bucket ShopThe Crown Jewels Defense Is Best Defined As:The Dodd-Frank ActThe End FeeThe Greatest GenerationThe Icarus FactorThe Internet Of Things (IoT)The Largest Deficit Unit Is (are)The Lisbon TreatyThe Morris PlanThe New-economyThe Placement RatioThe Prepaid Tuition Plan CoversThe Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)The Prudent ExpertThe Qstick Indicator: Definition, How It Works, And ExamplesThe Qualify MortgageThe RecessionistaThe Term On Margin MeansThe TuringTheodore SchultzTheoretical Ex-Rights PriceTheoretical ValueTheory Of PriceTheory Of ReflexivityTheory Of The FirmThere CeilingThin FileThin MarketsThinly TradedThird MarketThird Market MakerThird Party BeneficiaryThird Party EntitiesThird Party MortgageThird Party SalesThird-Party AdministratorsThird-Party Mortgage OriginatorThird-Party Verification (TPV)This Year Was WorthlessThomas ShellingThomson First CallThorstein VeblenThree Black CrowsThree Inside Up/DownThree Stars In The SouthThree Way AnovaThree White SoldiersThree-Year RuleThrift AssociationsThrift BankingThrift Savings Plan Loan (TSP Loan)Through Bill Of LadingThroughputThrowback MeaningThrowback RulesThrust CandleTibor RateTick SizeTicker TapeTicks TradingTied SellingTier 1 Capital RatioTier 1 Common Capital RatioTier 1 CreditTier 1 Leverage RatioTier 3 CapitalTier2 CapitalTiered RatesTiered-Rate Savings AccountTiger CubsTight Monetary PolicyTight SpreadTilaTimber Investment Management OrganizationTimberland InvestingTime ArbitrageTime CurrencyTime Deposit AccountsTime DraftTime End CapitalTime HorizonTime In ForceTime Segmented VolumeTime Value Of Call OptionTime Weighted ReturnTime-Barred DebtTime-Preference Theory Of InterestTimelinessTimer CharterTimes And SalesTimes Interest Earned RatioTimes-Revenue MethodTimeshareTiming RiskTina StockTip IncomeTips SpreadTit For Tat StrategyTitle BindersTitle DefectsTitle DocumentTo Be AnnouncedTobacco Tax/Cigarette TaxTobin TaxToday In EnergyToday's LowTodays HighToeholdTokenized StocksTokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM)Tokyo Stock ExchangeTombstoneTomorrow Next (Tom Next)TontinesToo Big To Fail BanksTop Down InvestmentTop Hat PlanTop HoldingToppy MeaningTopsTopsidesTor StandsToronto Stock ExchangeTorren SystemTort LawTortfeasorTotal Cost Of OwnershipTotal Debt Service RatioTotal Debt To Capital RatioTotal Enterprise ValueTotal Housing ExpenseTotal Income TaxTotal LiabilitiesTotal Loan CostTotal Quality ManagementTotal Return IndexTotal Return SwapTotal Return To ShareholdersTotal Revenue TestTotal UtilityTownhouseToxic AssetToxic DebtTrace DataTrack SharesTracking FundTrade AdjustmentTrade BreakTrade ConfirmsTrade CreditTrade Date AccountingTrade DeficitTrade EffectTrade Equity MeaningTrade FinanceTrade HeadTrade In ValueTrade It Or Fade ItTrade LiberalizationTrade MatchingTrade Price ResponseTrade PrintsTrade Readjustment Allowance MoneyTrade ReportingTrade RingsTrade SanctionTrade SecretsTrade ShreddingTrade SoftwareTrade SurplusTrade TradeTrade TriggerTrade Volume IndexTrade WarsTrade Weighted Us Dollar IndexTrade Working CapitalTraded Average Price Option (TAPO)Tradehill ExchangeTradelineTrademarkTraders DeskTraders OnlyTrading AccountTrading AheadTrading AssetTrading AxeTrading AxesTrading Below CashTrading BoardTrading BookTrading ChannelsTrading CircleTrading ConsolidationTrading CurbTrading Demo AccountTrading DollarsTrading FloorTrading HouseTrading MatrixTrading On MobileTrading Partner AgreementTrading PlanTrading PlatformTrading PsychologyTrading RangesTrading SessionTrading SidewaysTrading SidewaysTrading SignalsTrading StrategyTrading TicketTraditional IraTraditional Life InsuranceTraditional Theory Of Capital StructureTragedy Of The CommonsTrailer FeeTrailer Interchange AgreementTrailingTrailing EarningsTrailing P/eTranches Of DebtTrans-Pacific PartnershipTransaction AccountTransaction CostTransaction DateTransaction ExposureTransactional RiskTransactorTransatlantic Trade And Investment PartnershipTransfer AssetsTransfer For Value RuleTransfer Of MortgageTransfer PaymentTransfer ProcessTransfer RiskTransfer RtgsTransfer TaxTransferable CreditTransferorTransferring RiskTransit CheckTranslation ExposureTranslation RiskTransloadTransparencyTransparent PricingTransportation And Storage CostsTransportation ExpenseTransportation IndustryTransposition ErrorTrash And DashTraunchTravel AuditorTravel ExpensesTravel InsuranceTreasurer's CheckTreasury BillsTreasury General AccountTreasury IndexTreasury International Capital (TIC)Treasury Investment Growth Receipts (TIGRs)Treasury LocksTreasury OfferingTreasury ReceiptTreasury StockTreasury YieldsTreasuryDirectTreble DamagesTree Diagram StatisticsTrendTrend AnalysisTrend TradingTrending MarketTrendlineTreynor Black ModelTreynor IndexTreynor RatioTri-Star DefinitionTri-party AgreementTriageTrial BalanceTriangular ArbitrageTribal LoansTrickle Down EffectTrigger ChartTrigger EventTriggering TermTrilateral Commission HistoryTrilemmaTrillion Cubic FeetTrilliondollar CoinTrimmed MeanTrinidad CurrencyTriple Exponential Average (TRIX)Triple Exponential Moving AverageTriple Net LeaseTriple WitchingTriple-Tax-FreeTrouble Banks ListTroubled Asset Relief ProgramTroughTroy OunceTruck Tonnage IndexTrue Interest CostTrue LeaseTruecostTruncationTrust CertificateTrust FundTrust Fund PensionTrust IndentureTrust Indenture Act 1939Trust Preferred Securities (TruPS)Trust PropertyTrust ReceiptsTrust-Owned Life InsuranceTrusteeTrustorTruth In Savings ActTsx IndexTuck In AcquisitionsTugrik CurrencyTuition InsuranceTulip BubbleTunnelingTurkish New LiraTurkmenistan Manat (TMT)Turn Key BusinessesTurnaround In BusinessTurnkey Asset Management ProgramTurnkey PriceTurnover RatioTurnover StockTweezerTwenty Percent RuleTwitter PitchTwo Bin SystemTwo Dollar BrokerTwo Way AnovaTwo-Tailed TestTwo-Way QuoteTycoonType II ErrorType Of AgentTypes Of Adopters