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Is JetBlue Mosaic Elite Status Worth the Investment? A Comprehensive Review

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JetBlue Mosaic elite status is about to get even better for travelers, thanks to an overhaul of its loyalty program, the new TrueBlue, which launches in the spring of 2023. Now even travelers that haven’t reached one of the Mosaic status levels can start to earn perks on flights as they move their way up to earn Mosaic status.
Historically, you had to earn Mosaic qualifying points to reach Mosaic elite status or spend a certain amount on a JetBlue credit card. But JetBlue’s update in 2023 now allows travelers to rack up tiles. The more tiles you earn, the higher your elite status, which has four tiers.
But in an effort to keep everyone happy, JetBlue‘s TrueBlue program will allow travelers of all kinds to earn perks and rewards whether they fly the friendly skies every week or just occasionally.
Read on to learn more about JetBlue’s TrueBlue Program, the kinds of perks you can unlock, and how to earn Mosaic status. But first, let’s see if JetBlue’s Mosaic elite status is really worth striving for.

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Is JetBlue mosaic elite status worth it?

Is any airline loyalty program worth it? Oftentimes, yes. After all, they’re free to join, and if you fly a lot anyway, it’s often to your advantage to try and stick with one or two airlines. That way you can rack up a bunch of points and get perks like free upgrades, free checked bags, and free travel.
One thing that’s unique about the JetBlue program is that milestones to unlock certain rewards are much lower than other airlines’ loyalty programs. For example, even if you only spend $1,000 in a calendar year on JetBlue travel (including related eligible purchases), you can still benefit from some nice perks.
On the other hand, JetBlue primarily serves the East Coast (although they have flights all over the country), so flying JetBlue on a regular basis may not be possible for many travelers. However, if you live in New York or Boston, for example, and travel quite a bit, the rewards can add up more quickly.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at the perks that come with accumulating tiles before and after reaching Mosaic elite status so you can decide for yourself.

The tile system to Mosaic status tiers

As mentioned, tiles are the new way to track your progress as you work your way up to Mosaic elite status and accumulate perks along the way. There are two ways to earn tiles, gain perks, and become Mosaic members.
  1. Earn one tile for every $100 spent on JetBlue flights, JetBlue Vacations, Paisly by JetBlue bookings, JetBlue fees, JetBlue add-ons, and American Airlines flights.
  2. Earn one tile for every $1,000 spent on any JetBlue credit card.
You can also now use a combination of credit card spending and qualified spends on JetBlue products and partners to reach Mosaic status, which now has four tiers of elite status.
However, if you’d prefer to rack up points or miles with a different airline, take a look at some of the airline credit cards below.

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“Perks You Pick”

JetBlue’s “Perks You Pick” program aims to follow the philosophy that “no two travelers are alike.” To that end, JetBlue gives you a variety of travel upgrades or associated perks to choose from so you can customize your travel experience by deciding which travel benefits are most valuable to you. And you can start earning benefits earlier than most loyalty programs, says a JetBlue spokesperson
“The new TrueBlue is particularly unique in that it gives our members personalized rewards even before they earn Mosaic 1 status,” JetBlue said. “Customers are now able to earn and use perks sooner than ever before. The more ways customers interact with JetBlue — from JetBlue Vacations packages and Paisly car rentals and activities, to JetBlue flight extras and purchases on all JetBlue credit cards — the more perks they can earn.”
Perks You Pick start at 10 tiles, which you can achieve by booking $1,000 worth of air travel through JetBlue or spending $10,000 on a JetBlue credit card in a calendar year. For each additional 10 tiles (at 20, 30, and 40), you’ll earn additional perks. At 50 tiles, you’ll reach Mosaic status.

TrueBlue Perks You Pick

These perks are for any TrueBlue members who haven’t yet achieved Mosaic status. Just pick the one you want and enjoy it all year long (though some restrictions apply).
Perks you earned and selected in a given year will be valid until the end of the next calendar year. However, perks earned in a given year that are not selected until the next year are valid until the end of the year it was selected.
  • Early boarding. If you’re the type who likes to stow your bag and find your seat before the rush, upgrade to Group B and get settled in early.
  • Priority security. Certain airports (“dozens,” according to JetBlue) will allow you to bypass the crowd in an expedited lane to security.
  • Free alcohol. Your first drink of any beer, wine, or liquor is free on each flight for those who are 21 or older.
  • JetBlue Vacations bonus. You can earn two times the TrueBlue points when you purchase a JetBlue Vacations package, but only one time.
  • 5,000-point bonus. Add to your TrueBlue points with a 5,000-point bonus.

Mosaic Perks You Pick

Once you’ve hit Mosaic status, you have an additional set of perks to choose from.
  • FoundersCard Blue membership. As a membership card (not a credit card), the FoundersCard will give you access to upgrades and preferred pricing on select flights, hotels, and car rentals, plus other deals.
  • Pet-fee waiver. If you like to travel with your pet (a cat or small dog), JetBlue will waive the $125 pet fee on all eligible flights.
  • Credit card statement credit. Opt to take a one-time, $99 statement credit on either your JetBlue Plus or Business credit card.
  • 20-tile bonus. You can receive a 20-tile bonus to help you reach the next Mosaic status or gift it to another TrueBlue member.
  • 15,000-point bonus. Add to your TrueBlue points with a 15,000-point bonus.
  • Mint Suite priority. Priority access to Mint Suite seats (JetBlue’s version of business class seating) on select flights. Mint Studio seats are excluded.

Mosaic Signature Perks

Mosaic Signature Perks are unlocked automatically once you reach a new JetBlue Mosaic status and can be used on JetBlue flights along with your TrueBlue and Mosaic Perks You Pick.

Mosaic level 1 (50 tiles)

  • First two checked bags free, including eligible travel companions
  • Complimentary alcoholic beverages on all flights
  • Seats with extra leg room — at check-in, if available
  • Free same-day flight changes — no paying the fare difference or cancellation fees
  • Mosaic boarding — priority boarding via a dedicated lane
  • Priority security access at certain airports
  • Dedicated customer service line at Mosaic desk
  • Dedicated support line to chat or talk to a JetBlue representative 24/7
  • Heathrow Express upgrade — When available, upgrade to Business First when traveling from Heathrow Airport to London via the Heathrow Express train.

Mosaic level 2 (100 tiles)

  • All of the Mosaic 1 perks
  • For no charge, you can reserve seats with extra legroom when you book a flight on JetBlue.

Mosaic level 3 (150 tiles)

  • All of the previous Mosaic signature perks
  • Four certificates that let you book a JetBlue flight and then move to Mint seats for no extra charge, pending availability.

Mosaic level 4 (250 tiles)

  • All of the previous Mosaic signature perks
  • Credits for four one-way BLADE airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and JFK Airport or Newark Airport (EWR).
Pro Tip
The JetBlue Perks You Pick program and Signature Perks are not available on American Airlines-operated flights. However, they do offer some reciprocal perks to Mosaic members such as up to two free checked bags, free same-day flight change, priority boarding, expedited security, and dedicated check-in on American-operated flights.

How to pick your perks

Whether you’re a JetBlue Mosaic member or still working on your JetBlue status, choosing your perks is easy.
  1. Login to your JetBlue account and you’ll see a notification if you’ve reached a tile milestone (you’ll also be notified by email). Starting at 10 tiles, you earn Perks You Pick.
  2. Depending on how many tiles you have, you’ll be prompted to choose a reward from either the Perks You Pick or Mosaic Perks You Pick options. (Signature Perks are automatically unlocked for Mosaic members, so you don’t need to choose.)
The more ways customers interact with JetBlue — from JetBlue Vacations packages and Paisly car rentals and activities, to JetBlue flight extras and purchases on all JetBlue credit cards — the more perks they can earn.” — JetBlue

What’s not changing

For those who are wondering, much of JetBlue’s frequent flyer program will remain the same.
  • Earn TrueBlue points on JetBlue, JetBlue Vacations, Paisly by JetBlue, JetBlue cards, American Airlines, and other partners.
  • Redeem TrueBlue points for any seat at any time on JetBlue-operated flights with no blackout dates.
  • Your TrueBlue points won’t expire.
  • Use a combination of cash and points to pay for JetBlue flights and JetBlue vacation packages.
  • Pool points with your family or friends.
  • Earn two times the points on or the JetBlue app.
  • Select reciprocal loyalty benefits for Mosaic members traveling on American Airlines.
IMPORTANT! If you’ve already reached Mosaic status in 2023, you’ll still be a Mosaic member once the revised program launches.

How to earn Mosaic status before new program launch

If you haven’t yet reached Mosaic elite status prior to the new TrueBlue program launch, here’s how to do it.
  1. Earn 15,000 Mosaic qualifying points before the program launches. (That’s three points per dollar spent on most JetBlue flights, except for Blue Basic fares. These earn one point per dollar spent.)
  2. Fly 30 segments on JetBlue airlines and earn 12,000 Mosaic qualifying points before the new program launch.
  3. Spend $50,000 on your JetBlue Plus Card or JetBlue Business Card.

Key Takeaways

  • JetBlue is in the midst of rolling out its new TrueBlue loyalty program (spring of 2023) with additional perks and different ways to earn Mosaic elite status.
  • TrueBlue and Mosaic members now earn “tiles” to achieve new status tiers by spending on JetBlue travel and other eligible purchases.
  • Travelers are now able to earn Mosaic status through a combination of qualified travel purchases and using their JetBlue credit card.
  • JetBlue Mosaic status will generally be more valuable to JetBlue frequent flyers who are located on the East Coast. This is because East Coast flyers will have more access to flights and some of the JetBlue Mosaic benefits, like BLADE airport transfers.

SuperMoney may receive compensation from some or all of the companies featured, and the order of results are influenced by advertising bids, with exception for mortgage and home lending related products. Learn more

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