Ford Credit Overview

Ford Credit, officially known as Ford Motor Credit Company, is an automotive finance business that was founded in 1959. The company serves Ford customers by offering financing at over 5,000 dealers. Ford Credit is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, a global enterprise headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, with over $224 billion in assets.

How Do Ford Credit’s Auto Loans Work?

Ford Credit offers loans for financing a new, used or certified pre-owned purchase at a Ford dealer. Additionally, loans are available for leasing a new vehicle or purchasing your leased vehicle from a Ford dealer. Ford Credit also offers vehicle protection add-ons including GAP coverage and extended service plans.

What Are the Rates for Ford Credit’s Auto Loans?

Ford Credit offers low rates starting at 1.9% APR.

How Much Money Can I Borrow for Ford Credit Auto Loans?

The amount of money you can borrow depends on the vehicle and your creditworthiness.

What Is Ford Credit’s Application Process Like?

For a loan through Ford Credit, you can apply online, by phone or in person at a Ford dealer. When applying online, you’ll receive a decision within minutes. Then, you can use that information when you go to your local dealer. If you choose to work directly with a Ford dealer for financing, you may be eligible for additional benefits including reduced finance rates, vehicle incentives and even cash back.

How Are Ford Credit’s Auto Loans Better than Other Auto Loans?

- If you’re shopping at a Ford dealer, Ford Credit makes financing easy.

- Ford Credit offers loans for both new and used purchases as well as leases.

- Ford Credit is available at thousands of Ford dealerships around the world.

  • Payment Options
  • APR
    Starting at 1.9%
  • Max Loan Term (Months)
  • Credit Score Range
    650 - 850
  • Immigration Status Considered
    U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Military Status
    • Active Duty Military and Dependents
    • Non-Military
  • Minimum Age
  • Supported Income Types
  • Verification Documents Required?
    • Driver license (or other photo ID)
    • Proof of citizenship/residence
  • Institution Type
  • Approval Speed (Hours)
  • Deferred Payments
  • Joint Loans Available
  • Funding Time
    Same day
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
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0 votes

Hi, i am writing this review for others to be aware of how this company works and if anybody else is in the same situation to contact me, i am going public and planning on taking legal action( currently consulting with legal representation). My truck was a total loss with the flooding after the hurricane. Just received a letter from the GAP company that they are missing information from the lender( Ford credit), this information includes payment history and payoff amount for the vehicle. After calling the number they ... assigned to for the victims of the hurricane Harvey i was told by Preston ( representative over the phone) that the GAP claim was opened on the 20th, which gives them time to send information they have on file because my payment history and payoff amount Ford Credits was my lender and they have record of my payments. I was also told by the representative that if i called in with more information or to ask any question i would not be able to speak directly with a Total loss representative because they are NOT taking inbound calls. It sounds to me they are delaying the process therefore the clients are obligate to make more payments over vehicles that are total loss after the hurricane. I anyone else is in this same situation and would like to talk about it. More Less

0 votes

Was trying to get a vehicle at Fox Ford Chicago, the dealership was great however when it came to getting the vehicle financed lets just say that's where I received the worst customer service I have every gotten from a car company. I explained I was looking to do business financing as the vehicle was for my business and I was required to submit not only proof of all the credit lines and accounts that I had under my name but apparently having a monthly gross income that was 40% ... the value of the vehicle, enough credit to pay for the vehicle 2 times over, and being in business almost 5 years was not sufficient for Ford Motor's Credit. Even after the GM of the dealership reached out to try and push the information thru they still were asking for a personal guarantor which I refused to do because this wasn't a startup and I had more than proven my credit worthiness over the years. Strangely enough a colleague of mind with a business less than 18 months with less income and no established lines of credit was approved for a business loan with no PG the only difference him being white..guess the legacy of racism that Henry Ford started is still alive and well at Ford. More Less

0 votes

Ford financial does not honor the 10 day grace period that is in contracts. The customer service is not user friendly and are very rude. Ford financial is also the worst to work with if you have fallen into legitimate documentable hard times. Will not recommend anyone to finance vehicle through Ford Financial.

0 votes

Ford motor credit is the worst company ever. My husband lost his job and my hours were cut at work so we fell behind on paying our loan. They repo our car and now is threatening to send us to court for the remaining cost of the car. I will never do business with this company.

0 votes

Not a military friendly company. I called Ford Motor Credit because I needed an authorization from the lien holder in order to ship my vehicle back to the U.S. I have done this process about 3 times with USAA and I instantly got the letter. It has taken Ford more than a week and I still dont have the authorization. It took them 3 business day to upload an application to my account. I uploaded their requested documents right away. 2 days later, I had to call to ask about the ... status only to find out that they needed somethig else and had not informed me. This company needs a lot more experience when working with military. Requesting references and the new address from the place you are moving to is difficult since you won't really know your address until you get there. Also, no one really knows you. They are an extra headache when you are trying to conduct a move for military reasons. More Less

0 votes

Ford Credit was amazing to work with! First of all, they approved me after I'd just gone through divorce with financial issues. Then a few years into the loan, being a single mom, being furloughed (govt worker) resulting in pay cut, Ford was exceptional & extremely understanding when I was having difficulty making payments. They gave me options, even letting me skip a month when I didn't think I'd be able to buy my kids Christmas presents! I've often said I wouldn't go anywhere else & now that I'm looking ... for a car again, there's no question where I'll go. More Less

0 votes

I love my ford focus However I am so close to tradeing it in it is such an inconvenience you can't make your payment by phone or there site with credit card you have to go through another company and they charge 10.00 you would think ford would make it easier for their customers.

0 votes


0 votes

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I spoke with Ford 5 times. The first 2 times they were super nice and helpful. It was only when I had to call the next 3 times when things went bad. They never sent me my rewrite and I had to get them to send it to me twice. It was only the 3rd time that I called to receive it that they informed me that it takes 4 weeks before you get it. The guy Ulises that I spoke with was very very very ... rude to me. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, he told me that he doesn't have one and I would have to continue to speak with him. He then faxed me the information. Once I received it and read over the contract it was things on there that were questionable. I was told that certain items would be removed during the processing of the rewrite, only to find out that it would actually be completely removed. It makes sense once it was explained to me correctly. Im more upset that I went through this entire process and NO ONE knew what they were talking about and they were rude. Maybe if they had a supervisor and proper training, it would help More Less

0 votes

I have nothing but good things to say about ford credit. ..I have fell behind on my payments 3 times with in a year and they helped me out all 3 times and they was very understanding and very helpful.

0 votes

Ford Motor Credit is attempting to charge me a $100 fee for a "speeding ticket" on my vehicle. Ford notified me of the ticket and I proceeded to immediately contest the ticket. About 30 days afterwards, I find the fee of $100 on my account. I called Ford and notified them that it was my intention to contest the ticket and that by them having paid it, they are precluding me from being able to continue with the contestment. After waiting for over 8 days for a supervisor to contact ... me, I just spoke to Miguel Samianiego who was very disrespectful, called me a liar, and told me that he will not remove the fee. I told Mr. Samianiego that I will use this to end my lease and proceed to file in small claims court and that I would be mentioning him by name and he stated "Go ahead and do it, I'm writing it down." I have never been so disrespected when dealing with another company and I want the fee removed. I followed the instructions on the letter to call the jurisdiction to contest the ticket and Ford proceeded to pay the ticket and attempt to charge me for it. The letter contained a typo which confused me and even after having admitted to the mistake, Mr. Samieaniego refuses to eliminate the fee. I will not pay the ticket and I want it removed. I also want Samianiego held accountable for his disrespect and actions. More Less

0 votes

Worst customer care response. They simply answer with some vague responses every time you call them. For lease transfer the process is taking more than month till now and it is still not yet completed. They said that, for any mail processing, it will take 3-5 days for picking up the mail from their mail room. Shouldn't have been taken any lease from them.

0 votes

Rude and scams all they care is about them making tons of money.Don't ever use them. They also love to lie say they will call back after hours of being on the phone.

0 votes

I've had a bunch of loans with Ford Credit over the years. They send the bills in a timely manner. The bills are always clear and easy to understand. With the many loans I've had, I have only had to call once or twice, but each time I've called they were ultra-responsive and quickly answered my questions in a manner that I fully understood what they were talking about. Once the car is paid off, they also are good about sending the title in a timely manner. My most recent ... car was not a Ford and the experience of being billed did not go as well as Ford. More Less

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